Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Morning After

Thanks to @bani_ from Tokyo #1



My wordpress blog is back up and working but I havent decided whether I want to go back to it.  Still havent heard anything about why that all happened!

So, stay tuned and check my twitter feed for the latest blogs.


Playlist for Tokyo #2

Playlist for Tokyo #3

Thanks to @itsjoooory for these


Thanks to all of you for your support, comments and questions about where the heck  my blog  has gone!  I do believe it is a mistake that Wordpress deactivated my account but it will probably take till next week to find out for sure.  The reasons they do this all seem to have to do with click through links, advertising, etc and since I've never had any of that on my blog, it should be ok. 

On the other hand, I'm not that thrilled with the Wordpress site and if I get used to this one, I may decide to stay put.  After one night of using it, there seem to be some advantages. 

There is a way to move all the posts and pages here so nothing will be lost... I hope!

Subscribers, you wont be getting emails so please check my tweets for the latest links! And don't forget to RT  so that more people will see where I am... thanks for your help!


If you did not see my post from last night, check it out... lots of good stuff  including two amaZing Gifs from the final day in Tokyo!


Adam Arriving in Manila thanks to David Halili

Oct.9 2010 Narita Airport. Team Glamberts!! on Twitpic

@adamlambert Thank you for coming to Japan.We spent very wond... on Twitpic

'American Idol': Adam Lambert leaves Japan following string of shows

On Saturday 9th October 2010, @Lovelikeudo said:

Okay so i won this contest by sony and i got to tweet with adam this morning.

I already got to meet him on april 28 in the @3FM studios ( this is where the duckies came from, thanks @michielveenstra), where he did an acoustic performance for me, @ohmymarinka, @mxssi, @CeeJayEff, @idm1605, @msxwalker, @carlientwit, @JennavdBerg, @slagroomsoesjes and @vivadam.

A few months later, my friend @mxssi posted something that said RT this with an original text line and win a tweetmeet with adam, so i did (can't remeber nor find what i tweeted).

4 days ago i got a tweet from sonymusicNL saying i had won. i was kinda shocked but they explained everything to me.

I was supposed to be tweeting with adam and you were supposed to be able to follow it on

However yesterday i got a call and they said the management didn't really understand the concept and now they wanted me to dm with him (honestly, i didnt care XD) and as compensation i could send something to them and they would get it signed for me!!!!!

that's the story and here is what was said!!

adamlambert: Hello!! Congrats!!! How are u?!

Lovelikeudo: hai thank you im fine, it's a bit early over here 8.44 AM and i had a late night. how are you, you're in the philippenes now right?

Lovelikeudo: i have one big wuestion that i know europe wants to know, who will be opening for you in europe?

adamlambert: I had a late night too! Hah! I don't know who's opening for me yet... It's not my choice actually--- record label and promoters choice.

Lovelikeudo: aah to bad. next one, your outfits, you wear m a lot, how are the kept clean and what hapens after a malfunciton

adamlambert: There are two sets of every costume. If there's a malfunction- a seamstress is asked to do repairs.

Lovelikeudo: that makes sense!! i live in holland, and i'll be at the show in amsterdam on nov 20. i saw you are "off"on the 21st will u b clubbing there??

adamlambert: I hope to have some time to party in Amsterdam. I love holland! So beautiful. :)

--twitter failing XD--

adamlambert: I hope to have some time to party in Amsterdam. I love holland! So beautiful. :)

Lovelikeudo: twitter is failing again i see! can we do one more question? which one word would you use to describe yourself that might surprise us?

-- to bad i didnt get another answer but hey did you see my inbox :)--

Lovelikeudo: guess this was it ? thanks for taking the time and hope to see you after/before the show in amsterdam. we will be bringing our rubberduckies

Lovelikeudo: and you'll find us front row! just see if u can spot them (and maybe then you can do a tonguedive with my friend @mxssi lol just joking)

Lovelikeudo: have a nice day and thanks again for your time.


LOVE is magical, I LOVE it... on Twitpic

LOVE is magical, I LOVE it...

Thanks to  Suzanne T for emailing these beauties!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy at Narita Airport today!


Thanks to @bani_ from Tokyo #1


Gemsphire: The tickets for Adam Lambert concert that is RM193 and RM203 is officially SOLD OUT!!


Good Quality Encore from Tokyo #2


Adam and Malaysia


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