Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Adam Lambert- Halloween Continues!

Thanks to @bani_ for some of these!


Danielle, Adam, Leila

                                               Thanks to @skerdypants for sharing this one with me!

Don't know who did this but you're Good! Thanks to @esselsari

Drake LaBry at Adam's Party

                                                                   Terrance and Friend

Enhanced by Aquaruissue7

Pictures from yesterday's post here:  http://adamquotedaily.blogspot.com/2010/11/its-november-already.html

Thanks to @foxvegas in Honolulu


Taken by Dibaby1 At San Diego show 2, enhanced by Aquaruissue7
Taken by Dibaby1 in Honolulu, enhanced by Aquariussue7


Merrie_LINY http://twitvid.com/13PDM - @merrieliny @Adamquotedaily here it is when I walked in him singing If I had You

(Merrie_LINY @Adamquotedaily When I went to see Neontrees friday at the PCRichard Theartre on Friday, I♥Radio, When I walked in there it was! )

Allison Had her tonsils removed last week, Taken by Aquarriussue7 Indy

Taken by Dibaby1 at San Diego, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Taken by Dibaby1 Honolulu Enhanced by Aquariussue7

US Most Recommended Tweeps

Picture by @nataliag24

TommyJoe Teaser for possible upcoming merchandise line


Voting Links

Rock in Rio

Logo TV Vote for WWFM


German Best Male Singer http://wanjk.de/index.php/cma/cma-way-votenow


More from thefilmqueenHawaii #1

Check out these amazing videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/thefilmqueen#p/u/22/6_9lPbIAr5I


Muse singing their song Starlight in NYC http://www.twitvid.com/SQDMK
(bouncing video alert!)

Thanks to @merrie_liny


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting many of the pictures today!

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  1. Can we please discuss Vampire!Tommy? UNF

  2. You made my day !!!! Bradam !

    The cutest little wood nymph, adorable, love their hug !!!

    Thanks Gloria, Oh, and Leila ? Va-va-va-voom !

  3. Whoops! Didn't post properly. Anyhow, what I said was I didn't recognize Adam immediately and maybe he should use that outfit as a disguise - lol. Just great stuff and pics today. Love, Lee

  4. How cool are the Halloween pics
    1 Adam old school, "Interview with the Vampire", how hot is mom as Elvira, and Terrance as Lafayette in True Blood!

  5. Thanks everyone!!! There was a lot going on this week!
    Love you Gloria and Merrie!!!

  6. Great pics!!! What a LOT of pretty at that party.....they must have had a blast!!!!

  7. Hi Gloria...wonderful party pix...just like being there. HE looks exhausted! I knew you were kidding...no problem...okay?
    I thought I was the only one having trouble here.

  8. Hi Cybergranny... Thanks. Please, do not ever think you are the only one for anything!

  9. Hi!
    Thanks for the compliment! That "The Glampires" wallpaper is made by me :)

  10. Halloween is my favorite "Holiday". This party had to rock. All their costumes were incredible. I feel lucky to have been shared with the pics. Thank you.


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