Wednesday, 3 November 2010

GlamNation Europe Starts Now!

Monterrific I'm on my way to Munich. Since I'm the first one traveling, I officially declare that the beginning of Glamnation Europe starts now!!!  (approx 11PM EST last night)

Rollando did we tell you how much we missed YOU?? Honolulu 10/25/2010
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These ladies are priceless!

Check out 2:55 thanks to @virg1877 for sending this to me


@adamlambert Traver dressed up like me! I wanted to suck MY blood. Hope everyone had a great Halloween (Traver Rains)
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Message from RCA on Adam Official regarding GlamNation Video CD

 Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 19:05RCA Ed:

Re: RCA ED: GlamNation Video CD

You all have been wonderful, thanks for showing your enthusiasm. Something's coming - everything we can get approved, cleared, built, rebuilt, and packaged in time for the holidays. Sorry I can't reveal more yet, but Adam's been very particular (as well he should be) with live video approvals and we're doing our best to get everything done. We're working hard to wow you all. .


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Sleepwalker in Canada Update


Soon Very SOON! enhanced by Aquariussue7

3/4 Million Man!

Rollando You Rock!! Honolulu 10/25/2010
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Taken and enhanced Aquariussue7, Louisville

Toronto GlamNation

Adam Has His Own Impersonater in Las Vegas...

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

New tattoo posted by @tommyjoeratliff

OHhhh...Rollando at work in Honolulu 10/25/2010 enhanced by Aquariussue7

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.Rollando at work in Honolulu 10/25/2010 enhanced by Aquariussue7

Tommy... lost your head? 


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German Best Male Singer


Check out these amazing videos:


Inspirational! The Power of Music by a 106 year old survivor..

Some Scenes from Priscilla... saw it last night!  Next best thing to an Adam Lambert concert!

Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting many of the pictures today!

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BTW... anyone have any thoughts about the Ricky Martin interview on Oprah yesterday?

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  1. Loved Ricky Martin's interview on Oprah! The pain of his conflict between his faith and sexuality should give us all insight into the pain of the suicide victims. Thank God for the ones who had the love and support of an accepting family to save them from a similar fate. Without that, people like Adam and Ricky may have never lived to share their incredible talent with us all.The importance of a non-judgmental father is so essential to a growing child-Adam's and Ricky's father should be commended.
    Loved your last 2 vids especially. True diversity! glamgran58

  2. another great post and well done. plus i must say if all vampires looked like adam ppl would be lining to be bitten :)

  3. thanks for another great daily. I look forward to them.

  4. license plate again in the vid at 0:37!!! love your fav daily read!

  5. Watches "We will Go the Distance with You" quite a while back, and this never fails to bring tears to my eyes. All the accomplishments that Adam has made this year - he can be really proud of all of them & of himself as well! I cannot wait to see what Adam & 2011 will bring to all of us - I'm sure he has a lot more surprising tricks up his sleeve!!!



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