Friday, 24 December 2010

Adam..Quit Playing Games with my Heart!

Merry Xmas to fans on the other half of the world!

Hope this holiday season finds you healthy, happy and inspired by the awesomeness that we
experience every single day....


Adam... Quit Playing Games with My Heart!

Your fans love you!

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and regarding MSNBC this morning.... no Adam!

Letter of Complaint from Vermin on AO (link included)


MSNBC Producers,
It's the morning of Christmas Eve and I set my alarm to just before 4 A.M. here in California so that I could crawl out of bed and watch your special, "Top 25 Most Influential People of the Twenty-First Century... So Far."
I am an MSNBC watcher and I frequently tune in to Morning Joe a bit later, but this 4 A.M. awakening is not something I ordinarily do. But my favorite music artist was featured in the promos for this show. Wow, exciting stuff!

I would therefore love, really love, to know why many of the people who were used in the promos were not used on the show. Not just not on the list, but not used in the show at all save for the momentary glimpses shown in the ad.
I'd also be very curious to know why the advertised Top 25 was in fact only a list of the Top 10.
I'll admit even his fans were a little shocked when Adam Lambert came up in the ads for this special, but we also know that he's the first openly gay American signed to a major music deal, as well as the first male openly gay American artist to achieve broad commercial success. Many believed that MSNBC, being known for its progressive point of view, had chosen to somehow acknowledge Mr. Lambert for these ground-breaking achievements. It was surprising, but we were delighted.
I am a regular viewer and I am not happy. MSNBC has recently disappointed me several times, but I've continued to watch. I am so disillusioned. How many people did you advertise who had nothing to do with this special and why did the list suddenly shorten so drastically?
Quite simply, I believe you advertised falsely. There's competition in the news industry and I'm going to think twice before I tune in to MSNBC again. This experience was absurd.


From Adam last night:


More detailed view here:

More here:

Thanks to @alikat1323

Taken by PetsPrettyKitty, enhanced by Aquariussue7



Taken by PetsPrettyKitty, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Taken by PetsPrettyKitty, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Taken by PetsPrettyKitty, enhanced by Aquariussue7



Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7


Thanks to (@LightLoveAdam.... favorite picture that she has taken of Adam)

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Slow Motion Vids

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7

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  1. Did someone REALLY just send that letter of complaint to MSNBC? *facepalm* Come on, people. Let's not get worked up about this. I'm sure Adam will be on TV spots soon enough. There is no need blackmail new stations, radio shows, blogs, etc when Adam is not shown/is criticized. He can handle it and he probably won't give it a second thought or see it. Sorry to say, I can't even take that email seriously as polite as it sounds...

  2. Just let MSNBC know that would have loved to see him - nothing wrong with that - short and simple. Spreadin' the word as SUZ has said. Great blog today - love the vids and those pics! Wow - that guy is just so damn photogenic - whatta face - interesting as well as beautiful. Thanks a bunch - Lee

  3. thank you Gloris for another job well done


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