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Adam Lambert.. Diplomacy is not my Specialty!

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Adam Lambert:''Diplomacy is not really my specialty''

The American pop phenomenon Adam Lambert was visiting a few days ago in Paris. He has reserved a slot CitéGAY his precious time for an interview. Portraits exclusive signed Franck Glenisson! (Adam lambert, American Idol, Gay, Lady Gaga)

Here I am en route to another interview scheduled in a big Parisian hotel in the Champs Elysees. The first flakes of snow began to appear and I fail to break my face on the ice when I realize I'm a bit late. On the way I say it's still strange to have waited more than a year on the promotion of this new artist in France, I was thinking to see land here much earlier. Within minutes I found myself on the floor of the hotel, with other reporters jammed into the small lobby of the private room where the interviews take place. Wait a few minutes and it beckons me it's my turn. The singer (and actor) Adam Lambert is installed, smiling, on a large sofa that faces a large bed on which are arranged in several magazines range (I recognize some gay magazines). When he gets up to shake my hand I am impressed by its size. This guy needs to smoky eyes easily approach two meters! Known for his outspokenness, his sense of provocation but also to the power of his voice and his extraordinary talents showman, Adam Lambert , was revealed by American Idol, the U.S. version of New Star, but not has not won. That did not prevent him from quickly become the phenomenon that everyone is talking about, especially acclaimed by Brian May of Queen. The artist has finally see us to talk about his album "For Your Entertainment" released a year ago in the United States, and another album, acoustic this time, which was published on December 13.

Tof: Hello Adam, thank you for having me for this interview. Tell me how is it that your album comes out in France now, so it's been a year since he delights the ears of Americans?

Adam Lambert: It should apply to the Sony ... I really have no idea! It was not my decision you know ... [Laughter]

Tof: This album has been written entirely by you which is the production of "American Idol" who brought you proposed? How hard was it conceived?

Adam Lambert: In fact the people who organize "American Idol" are also the owners of a management company. When the show is over they take the two finalists under their wings ... They are also partners with a major label. In my case it was RCA. So now, we met with the creative part of the label and we wondered what we wanted. That's when I said what style interested me particularly. I had my ideas, and they in turn offered me theirs. We created the first demos for songs that were already written. I also had the opportunity to work and write with producers. Ultimately, the finished project includes 5 songs written by me and the rest by others. Of course I had to choose everything that would appear on the disc! You know I think there is a misunderstanding around "American Idol" . It seems that people think that when you participate in this kind of show, you're guaranteed to become a puppet then. I want to say that this is absolutely not my situation! I have strong ideas and a strong will to make them happen, and I am fortunate to work with a management team and a label that are very attentive to that. So it's really me and me alone who always take the final decisions!

Photo Credit: Franck Glenisson ( )

Tof: Ok ... And so what were your criteria for choosing producers?

Adam Lambert: The label gave me suggestions: "Would you work with so and so ... Doe?" and I often replied "Ho, yes yes yes ...", but I could also say what I really wanted people to work. Franco and I went there so I talked about Lady Gaga , Lynda Perry, Dr. Luke, Sam Sparrow and of course P! nk! Max Martin, Rob Cavallo, Greg Wells have been proposed by the label ...

Tof: When did you start to write and where do you find your influences?

Adam Lambert: Hmmm, this would be when I was 15 ... I had a group at the time! It was the first time I was composing, and I learned a lot at that time because to be honest it really was not good at all! [Laughter] If you want to talk about my influences, well I love classic rock, but I also like pop. Automatically all this music has really communicated to me. The album talks about things in the domain of privacy, what I fear to be but what I want to be ... The fact represent something for others, and encourage people to let go. I also say it should be in full possession of his body, his work, his style, what we are and be proud. On my album you will also find songs that deal with the need to try and be honest with ourselves, with the world. I also have a text about the "Psychedelic Mind Fuck" [Laughs] Yes, yes I am serious! [Laughs] It's about someone who is the "victim" of a voodoo spell, because someone else gave him a breath of life, something wonderful, that little something special which you can access when you have some hope ... These are the things I write! [Laughter]

Tof: With this album you have announced a return of Glam Rock. Then light up your taste for the media were quick to nickname you "Glambert. Where does this taste for glam?

Adam Lambert : Ouii! I have always loved makeup. I think it's really cool to stand out from others and impose its look ...

Tof: Do you think it's more a way to hide behind a partition to shell, or otherwise to better show as it is?

Adam Lambert: I think it started a few years ago when I discovered for the first time makeup. At that time I felt rather as a means of hiding. Today I honestly think this is a form of expression: "You see now that I'm a bit older and I feel better about myself I think it's anything but a shell. Any fashion, makeup, hairdo, jewelry, all this is an expression of my personality!

Tof: But you could still play on stage without any of these tricks?

Adam Lambert: Yes of course ... This agrees with my style I like a lot but does not stop me from being more sober times. You know when I participated in " American Idol, " the theme song changed every week until week the famous "Motown" " At this time I picked "Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson, just sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar ... I did it without makeup, with ease. You see this is not a question of dual personality! It just felt like decorating my eyes ... For me it is exactly the same thing as putting a ring or necklace when out in the evening ...

Tof: Is what you've seen the movie "Velvet Godmine" Todd Haynes (released in 1998 Editor's note)?

Adam Lambert: Ouii is one of my favorites! I love it!

Tof: In this film there is a character who says "Rock and Roll Is A Prostitute" (The Rock and Roll is a whore) ...

Adam Lambert: ... It Should Be tarted up! [He finally summons the film: ... It should be pampered!] Yes yes! It's a bitch! [Laughs] Everything is in the show, in fact to show to be seen by more people, and listened ... to have fun! Of course, it's an expression, you know what I mean ...

Tof: You yourself have a mind very provocative ... When you kiss the boys at every opportunity, for example ... This is something that is almost a natural or political action?

Adam Lambert: Well at the very beginning, when I kissed a musician onstage, it really came quite spontaneously, just a craving that I had at that time. Then when I saw all the reactions it has aroused, I started to redo systematically, as an affirmation to each concert. I said "Ok I must continue". It became a kind of additional effect, which I find also very Rock and Roll, and then it meant that I did not particularly accepted whatsoever misconduct. Instead I had to show that I was proud and so I had no excuse to make. You know I'm a little stubborn, and also pretty dominant ... There is another part of me that does not make people happy and say all the time "please". Diplomacy is not really my specialty ...

Tof: Yes I guess that's also what happens when you smoke marijuana on stage recently in Amsterdam? [Laughter]

Adam Lambert [who exults] There may be a bit of that yes, once again it is an assertion! [Laughs] I do not know ... In my opinion subsersif be part of the fun of being a pop artist ... If you do not make people think, or if you do not make them talk, it's bound to be something that will be missed ... It's part of the job! The Rock and Roll has always been a land more dangerous and risky for that ... The secret is that you must not please everyone, you should not always be easy to classify, and of course that you should offend at times!

Photo Credit: Franck Glenisson ( )

Tof: Can you explain what happens in the video for "Whataya want from me? It speaks a bit of schizophrenia is not it? Seeing you duplicate one wonders if this is not a dialogue between the ego and the alter ego ...

Adam Lambert: Not at all I truly believe that the purpose of this video was to show emotions, so a little "graphic." Basically we wanted to show that when you're in show business, or that such you evolve on a red carpet, you must present a certain face to the camera ... You constantly repeating "Ho I'm very happy, it's fantastic so good." But there is a downside: all this time you can certainly feel bad, and not at all happy, you feel alone ... In this video I wanted to show that there is a share that exists for everyone, which is in the public eye, and secondly this relationship can cause unexpected damage.

Tof: In your album, you talk of conflict, redemption, and human relations. Do you turn virtual internet and has complicated relations between people?

Adam Lambert: It's true that everything that is social networking, avatars etc., is not trivial. The risk of confusion between real life and virtual life is obvious. In fact it is both a real aid to communication and both a danger because it may deter people from reality. It's easy to hide behind a picture photoshoped example. I remember when I created my MySpace site at the time was still popular, I must have 22 years. I loved spending time on it, and I had taken particular care in choosing the photo illustration. She must be cool, it represents what I like so ... Now in retrospect I realize that I was wrong completely. It was not me but rather a depiction of my ego on the web. And the worst part is that when I communicated via this page, I really felt it was me ... You know it's hard to imagine with just a few pictures ... It's obviously a fraud from the outset. All this leads us away from the quality of a real conversation, and we blocked behind computers! Be very careful ...

Photo Credit: Franck Glenisson ( )

Tof: You participate in the campaign "It Gets Better" , in reaction to the suicides of young gay America. Are not you surprised to be talking about this problem only now when it has been around?

Adam Lambert: Sure, it's an old problem and there is nothing new ... People have always had problems from the time they were different, especially when were gay ... It's interesting that in talking about now, with videos posted on the net, and that it fights. I think it's important and it was time that happens! What difference does it make whether someone is gay or not? We do not care who you are, how you live ... What I meant in my own video is that "it will work out OK (It Gets Better; Editor's note) but it's also only up to you to ensure that it gets better ... You 're the only person who can change the situation ... It's not something that can be ignored as we turn a CD ... You have to choose whether or not you should pay attention to the ignorance and everything is said negatively, or if you prefer to play ostrich and concentrate on everything that is positive and feel good even if there is suffering around you. " I also wanted to show that anything can go very well, which can be a pop star, selling records and tour, but that does not do something against this ignorance.

Tof: I understand that yourself, when you were a teen, you have had problems to accept your own homosexuality, and it led in particular to weight problems ... ?

Adam Lambert: Not really. In fact I mostly had a period a little difficult because I took time to trust what I am. You know I made my coming out at 18 when I was at school and it was really exciting, because I felt around me a lot of people had questions. Being free myself from that, it was really cool. By cons I lacked confidence in relation to my appearance. I did not have much experience, no romance going. Slowly but surely I finally feel better about myself ...

Tof: Do you remember the artist or event made you realize that you really wanted to make music?

Adam Lambert: I am indebted to Michael Jackson ... I remember literally grew up watching his videos ... It was so amazing to see how he was good at everything he did ... He sang, he danced, he told stories ... I was just mad for what he did was really cool ... There was also Madonna of course!

Tof: No David Bowie?

Adam Lambert: Well, David Bowie I discovered a bit late. I became interested in artists of the 70s when I was older ... With television, Madonna and Michael Jackson that I really grew up you know ... A little later I discovered, Queen, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, all the classic rock of the 70s, and androgyny that went with it! The first time I've seen "Velvet Goldmine" was probably also a click ...

Tof: When your album is released in the U.S., its very visual and very kitsch eighties was the source of some controversy ... One chosen for France is different but still pretty special. You wanted something to "Camp"?

Adam Lambert: I like a lot the two illustrations. For France it was decided that where I put my hand in front of the face, simply because more people prefer it. After releasing the album in the United States was told "It would be good to use a different image to the international," and I just said "Ok!"

Tof: You think the next album already?

Adam Lambert: I have not yet started but I have ideas. If you want I think this album ( "For Your Entertainment ; Editor's note) from a little in every sense. The next will be more focused on a particular topic. With the first I wanted to write something that gives the public an opportunity to know me overall as a kind of presentation. Now I wish that each disc has a more specific topic. You know what I mean? What is with "For Your Entertainment" is that it gave me several options to take directions, and it made me aware of what was possible. The result will always rock but also electronica and pop. In fact it'll probably be in the vein of "Whataya want from me?"

Tof: An acoustic EP of 5 tracks just released ... This is something very fashionable at the moment ...

Adam Lambert: Maybe, but I have not done this because ... "For Your Entertainment" is a very hard product. What I wanted to show with a few acoustic versions is that most of the songs could be stripped and simplified, and they remain terribly effective. I just wanted you hear the sound of the song and nothing else around, show a different color ... On this album you can find "Whataya Want From Me?" , "Music Again" , "Aftermath" , "Soaked" , and there is also a cover that I played during American Idol called "Mad World"

Tof: You have already gained the reputation of being a showman ... Is there something special you do before a concert?

Adam Lambert: Noooooo! I prepare my voice and I dress, no ritual to Madonna! [Laughter] And you know, be ready, put on a costume, makeup and hair done, it's already a ritual in itself! It's more a kind of conditioning, I look in the mirror to give me confidence for example ...

Adam thank you for this interview very nice. We hope to see you soon in France for a new concert series (Le Bataclan was explosive), and then of course very curious to hear the songs from the new album that you'll soon begin to prepare. In the meantime, we enjoy with the acoustic album!



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