Monday, 3 January 2011

Adam and the Grammy Album!

Adam is on the 2011 Grammy Compilation Album! So far it's available for preorder through Amazon US, Japan, UK and Germany


Michelle Collins Sex Dolls!

Thanks to @peacefrogdesign


Thanks to MamaH (From AO)

ETalk Top 40 for 2010!

CHUM FM just played ETalk Top 40 for 2010!!!!!!!!!!! ETalk countdown is HUGE here! ETalk is on CTV and it's like Entertainment Tonight in the US!

WWFM............... #2 ...............on the TOP 40!!!

Adam came on and talked a little about the making of Fever with Lady Gaga - so it looks like SHE is #1 for the year for Bad Romance.

BUT #2 is just PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
WWFM stayed at the TOP #1 spot for FOUR weeks!

Lady Gaga stayed in the #1 spot for NINE weeks ... so Adam did EXTEMELY WELL!

Lee Cherry and Adam... still can order calenders!

New Year's greeting from RCA mod on Adam Official on Dec 31 at 10:35 PM

Happy new year Glamberts! I'm writing you from 2011 already (well, Brazil, to be exact) and the new year is looking pretty great for Adam alreday - LOL. In all seriusness, here's to all of you and everything you brought to AO in 2010. I can't wait to see what you'll bring in 2011


Thanks to @lightloveadam

Sasha's Video from Back Stage

Adommy in the National Enquirer

thanks to @loveuadambmine


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Three pictures by @catcherofdreamz via @tjrpics  at  Molly Malones


Updated Voting Links

Must join Adam's Youtube now!
(Lane requested this on the ALFS)

Adam's Grammy page
Register , read the comments and leave your own!
(Voting for the Grammys is done by the members, not the fans... but this is a vote for fun)

MuchMusic's Top 10 videos of 2010: (IIHY #18 in the top 50)

Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Calender of Future Events

Mid January/ 11 Concert DVD to be released.

Feb 13/2011 Grammy Award Presentation ( possible performance!!)

Spring/Summer 2011 Adam's second album released


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. Wow - that's some hot Enquirer pic. Like to see comments on that one! Thanks, Lee

  2. Good News- if Adam is on the album, then it goes to follow that he will be performing, right !!!!!!!

  3. He might be performing but sometimes they don't even show his category during the Grammys .. So I wouldn't count on it.. but we can hope! Gloria

  4. Kate Sis,

    I did a little chair-dance because I'm so happy! Our boy is on the Grammys Album! His name looks beautiful there.
    I bet Adam did a big dance! Would've loved to see that.

  5. I did my happy dance also after reading this on the blog. Adam on the Grammy Album, no one deserves it more!! Love you Adam!!


  6. Guess I've never paid attention to the grammies before now - they have a CD with nominated artists - woohoo!

    Loved Sasha's video - she saved so many pics that were included in the 2nd half of the vid that I had never seen before.

    We are in for one heck of a year, 2011 - bring it on!

  7. No comments on the Michelle Collins Sex Dolls yet...lmao. #3 somewhat resembles @GoCheeksGo, too!

    On another happy for Adam! He deserves this Grammy CD so much!


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