Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Eve Pictures Appear!

All have been color enhanced
Posted by @Jana_pe and @@el3c7ra and thanks to @virg1877

Tommy in the front row.... Terrance in the back row... Sutan in back row with glasses...who else?

Tommy with Roxy and dog

1. Glamming Up the World: Adam Lambert

(Adam on the Cover)

Born: January 29, 1982

You don’t need the Glamberts to tell that 2010 was a HUGE year for Adam Lambert – his list of accomplishments pretty much speaks for itself! From the Glam Nation World Tour to the release of his acoustic live EP to multiple hit singles off his current For Your Entertaiment album, to his countless awards and nominations to setting fashion trends and being the 7th most Googled celeb of 2010 – told you it speaks for itself! Phew!

What’s Next: 2011 will be the time to follow up the success of For Your Entertainment and start working on his follow up album. But if 2010, was anything to go by, the world is Adam’s oyster and anything is possible!

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Adam at the Society Club Pre-idol?
Taken by Kitty Baroque, enhanced by Aquariussue7


Adam is Top of the List

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Seeinstereo, enhanced by Aquariussue7


Michelle Collins displays Sex Dolls!

(you can order these)

Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Always Loved this one... just found it again!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Taken by Seeinstereo, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Taken by Seeinstereo, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Lifting Latches
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Taken by Starbright31, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Atticus and Beatrice


Updated Voting Links

Must join Adam's Youtube now!
(Lane requested this on the ALFS)

Adam's Grammy page
Register , read the comments and leave your own!
(Voting for the Grammys is done by the members, not the fans... but this is a vote for fun)

MuchMusic's Top 10 videos of 2010: (IIHY #18 in the top 50)

Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Calender of Future Events

Mid January/ 11 Concert DVD to be released.

Feb 13/2011 Grammy Award Presentation ( possible performance!!)

Spring/Summer 2011 Adam's second album released


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. the one with brooke and the one right below that one!!!!!!!!! .........ILHSFM!

  2. Adam looks hot with his mustache and gotee. Yumm.

  3. Can you tell me when the pic of Adam at the Society Club was taken? thx....

  4. About the society club picture... not sure when exactly but its a new old picture of adam. Pre-idol for sure

  5. I don't think Terrance is the one holding the frame. You can see the same guy in the pic with Adam & Carmit and it's not Terrance. Terrance is near the back in the framed group photo.

  6. Society club pic beautiful. He looks younger and sans earrings, only one ring. So must be pre-idol.

  7. I love the mustache and gotee!!! Very SEXY!!!!!!

  8. Interesting pictures. Why no smile ?

    Like the stash and gotee

  9. now the pirate-look has a very, very new definition. Who can ever compete now ??

  10. Adam & goatee & moutache = MUCHO MUCHO SEXY!!!!!!

    The man can do whatever he wants to himself - he is just plain effin' gorgeous!!!

    That's all I have to say on the matter; let me swoon to my heart's content!!!


  11. Hello Glamily! Thanks for all the Photos, Videos, News, Links, and Recaps! Sir/King Adam Lambert in a Gotee and Moustache . . . is sooooooo Shakespear, Robin Hood, Castles, Swords, Shields, and Dragons! Don't you just want to bite him? Did someone say he is edible? Love the Babies! Sugar and Spice! I have missed a lot of time with you all, but this is because my Dad passed away on September 20th. and we are still trying to right side up our lives! One day at a time! One week at a time! One month at a time! I have been busy getting an Insurance Career up and running, while trying to work on things that Dad use to take care of! I'm so jazzed to see Lambert nominated for a Grammy! He's got to win! I've had so much fun hanging with you guys and wished I could have done more traveling! Maybe the next Tour will be more adventurous for me! I love my 2011 Adam Lambert Wall Calendar by LEE CHERRY and my PennyRoyal Silver Signature Collection Necklace is beautiful and money well spent! Hey . . . I have to go to Las Vegas at the end of January for a 3 or 4 Day Training Seminar and we will be staying at the Rio and our International Convention is having a Gala Knight on one of the nights . . . since I never got to see Mr. Lambert at any of the Meet and Greets . . . do you think I could convince him to crash the Dance Party? I'm wearing a Pyramid Collection Royal Blue Velvet Gown! Very Shakespear, Robin Hood, Castles, Swords, Shields, and Dragons! It's just an idea! I'm sure he would be very entertaining! Well I gotta go! I have an Annuities Exam to take, pass, and mail overnight tomorrow! Parting is such sweet sorrow!

  12. Adam's pics of NYE don't even look like him.....those babies laughing is good medicine for what ails ya!! They just make you smile!!
    Thanks Gloria for all the goodies!!

  13. OMG! I loooove Jesse! Last year we were standing in line to see Adam at Much Music (it was really cold) and Jesse came by to say hello :) He was so warm and friendly and made a real connection with the fans! I have such a warm feeling about Jesse!

    xoxox Priscilla


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