Monday, 31 January 2011

Enhanced Party Pics! Thanks @aquariussue7!

Donors Choose has uploaded a bunch of Adam videos


Happy Birthday from American Idol


Adam's Spokesman Speaks:

milestougeaux Wow. Once again the Glamworld is impressive:raising over a qtr million $ for a truly humanitarian cause. Good people one and all. Cheers.

We raised over $261,000 for charity: water....$39,000 to go with 69 days remaining... Let's get it done!

           Wallpapers thanks to @esselsari

We're Getting a Remix of Aftermath!

bani_ Remix Aftermath - "its the total opposite of any other version you've heard..." "the version u dance around naked" WOW! (via @elythecreep )

Adam took to the mic last night to thank all of his friends and family on how blessed he felt for a wonderful year. He then introduce a new version of his song Aftermath that he co-wrote with Ferras, Alisan Porter, Ely Rise. Adam went on to say a portion of the remixed tune would go to The Trevor Project. A charity that deals with gay teens that are having trouble with their sexual orentaion and may be having thoughts of suicide. Adam has been a vocal supporter of this charity that speaks out against gay bullying.

" He also was said to perform a new version of "Aftermath," with this source going as far to say that it will be released in some form to benefit The Trevor Project."

Birthday Pictures!

Please take another peek at yesterday's post.  Lot's new stuff was added all day long!  Thanks for making it the most visited Adamquotedaily blog in any one day ever!

Happy Birthday from Peru!

GlamNation from New Zealand via @merrie_liny


Adam... is this Prophetic? (Last line...thanks to Lily on AO)\

Why do these pictures choke me up?  Beautiful family !! 
    Bring on the GodParents!!!

More here:!/album.php?fbid=10150397400000370&id=667880369&aid=613636


Of Course Adam Won this one!


Pictures from New York City Party thanks to @merrie_liny


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoeRatliff Thanks! Im doing a church tour!!! RT @SashaMallory: @TommyJoeRatliff I love this song you wrote


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Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. Izzat man beautiful or what! What marvelous pics - and what a great party that must have been. Really enjoyed looking at them all. Thanks, Lee

  2. I love photo booth pictures, awesome expressions.

    .... is Taylor Green the oddest looking man ? Didn't some reviewer say he looked like a cross between Golum from Lord of the Rings and something ?

    Looks like everyone had a blast.

  3. Adam is down 12 points on the Fuse poll - keep the voting page open on your computer and vote repeatedly.

    Thanks Gloria for all the great pics and links.

  4. Thanks for all the great pictures and information....oh how would my Adam obsession survive without all of your hard work....


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