Sunday, 30 January 2011

Party Time!

Epic Adommy... Feel the Love!!

Adam looking amazing - killer smile- shorter hair? Larger gages- red ears!

TommyJoeRatliff  @adamlambert Happy Birthday, Babyboy!! Love ya, man! :)

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S'OWL'iiii on the left?  Thanks to @Gretta Phillips

Beautiful Band

More Here:

Photobooth picture of Adam, Alisan and Brit Woodward

Tommy, Issac and David Immerman
Thanks to @lissariffic for these two gems!

Lots of pictures from Photobooth here:

Last night posted by @isaacthecarp!


Saturday night was one to remember as we celebrated the very fabulous birthday of Adam Lambert!

We took the equally fabulous Kat Graham as our date to the soiree, held at H-Wood in Hollywood.

It was quite an eclectic mix of music folk and gays. Lots and lots of gays!


Happy birthday, Adam!

We heart you!!!!

UhHuhHerMusic S-Owl-Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

(Thanks for the proper pronunciation, Cam!)


Paula Tweeted Adam yesterday!

@adamlambert ...i wish you abundant success today & every day my sweetheart! xoxoP

 @adamlambert hey birthday star! have an awesome day today! life just keeps getting better...


Adam's Fan Parties!

Ottawa thanks to @alreference

Two From Dallas thanks to @chica63

Nashville party raised $530 for Charity: Water thanks to @noskerdykat

Thanks to Tawnia Bates

Philly Party thanks to @virg1877

Close to $249,000 Donated by this Morning

Charity:Water announced that the signed picture of Adam will be available for donations made on January 30 so there is still time to get one.  You need to donated $100 or more and there is a draw for three pictures for donations of any amount

Just a few of the beautiful comments left for Adam!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the anonymous donation of $1000 and this comment:

In honour of Gloria @adamquotedaily for keeping me in love with you and in honour of your love for your Godson ~ the waterbearer

☆ º ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥.. (¯`♥´¯) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! (¯`♥´¯) ..♥•*¨`*•.♥•´*.¸.•´♥ I wish you great health and success in every area of your life; your career, personal life, dreams and aspirations. Most of all I wish you lasting happiness and love. As you have inspired so many people around the world by your kindness, may you in return receive all that you so freely give. Giving brings happiness, and the little I'm giving here has truly made me happy, thank you. Please continue being the beautiful soul that you are, continue giving and helping others without expectation of reward, then you initiate the cycle of goodness in the world that we so sorely need. Afterall, when we die as all of us will, we can't take money, possessions, partner, friends or children to the grave with us, but we can leave a legacy of goodness that continues to inspire and benefit long after we have gone. I love you Adam!

Happy Birthday Adam, Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and inspiring so much change with your words. You truly are an amazing human being.

You give so much joy to others and spread so much love how could I not give again to such a great charity and for an amazing man. May your heart always know the Love that comes your way today. Have a wonderful Golden Birthday and a beautiful life that you are so deserving of. Much Love <3 <3

Happy 29th Birthday ADAM!!!! Thanks for giving my 2 girls (wife and 9 year old daughter) so much love and joy by them getting to see you perform and listening to you daily. I think your GREAT as well !!!! My wish for you is a very long, successful, lucrative and enjoyable career that you deserve!!!


Pictures from January 28- Adam and Sauli attend Cirque Berzek
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer

Presenting Riff Maxwell Cherry and Proud Daddy

Photo by Alisan Porter, enhanced by AQS7

Dang Dang (Chinese nickname for Adam) watched over Baby Cherry (his godson) on twitter trends Yesterday!

Thanks to @lambertluva4eva

Another Amazing Drawling from Topaz Holly.....unreal!


Another Picture from Disneyland by unknown photographer

New Picture of Adam from David Spector

Photo by Alikat1323, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7


Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7



Allison's N0H8 Photo


Remember this one?

And Don't Forget to Share this one!

Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting many of the pictures today!


  1. Hey Gloria! you're killing me here with all of the Adamazing pics! but what a way to die! thanks! xo carter

  2. Marvelous pictures,love them all.Big Shout Out,to Adam,Happy B-lated B-Day.YOU ROCK!!!!luv yah.Muah.

  3. Gloria, thanks so much for all you do with news & wonderful pics & videos! You're a great gal!
    @Callie17 on twitter ;)

  4. That first pic is incredible - no glitz - just sheer male beauty. Wonderful day for Adam - and no one deserves it more. Luv, Lee

  5. This is a fantastic page!

  6. Gloria...thanks so very much for all the epic pictures...I knew I could count on you to have the 411 on Adam's birthday celebrations.

  7. Great Pictures ! Did you ever think you'd see the day when Tommy was wearing more makeup than Adam ????

  8. Once again you have done a beautiful job,Gloria. You have certainly enriched our lives and we are grateful;well done.

  9. The pictures of adam are some of the most beautiful that I have seen lately. Love the hair, the subtle makeup, the suit. OMG the man is georgeous! LOVE HIM!!!! Jennifer


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