Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy Golden Birthday Adam!

29 Hot Pics In Honour of Adam's 29th!


(click on picture for gif... thanks to ?)

Adam: May your day be filled with joy, laughter and
all the love you deserve!

And a healthy godson born today too!!

Riff Maxwell Cherry... born at 11:15 PST weighing 6.2 lbs
Happy Birthday Adam from Indonesian Fans!  Thanks to @scratchbook

Happy Birthday Dang, Dang!

Sony Press Release re GNT DVD


The Birthday Videos Keep Pouring In!

From Hungarian Glamberts!

If you missed pictures of Adam Shopping posted yesterday evening, check them out here!

Adam on the cover of magazine in Singapore thanks to @ Shah Indera

Today for Charity: Water! 

We are more than halfway to Adam's goal of $290,000!

For a donation of $100 today, you will receive an autographed picture of Adam. Three  pictures will be given away for any donation through a draw

Celebrate Adam's Birthday With Charity! .In honor of Adam Lambert's birthday this weekend, Anyone who donates $100 or more to charity:water on Saturday January 29th, gets a signed exclusive photo. Knowing not everyone can afford this amount, 3 others will be picked (at random) and sent a photo that donate less than $100.00. All donations have to be done on the 29th in order to qualify. Happy Birthday Adam!

danzr4ever I do currently have a painting of Adam for auction for charity:water on hooplamagnet.


This article has a list of all the parties going on  (check the last page)


Japanese Cake Thanks to @AdaMonAmour

Many people, mostly in the RW, ask me why I continue to put this blog together each and every day.. here are a few DM responses from new followers... I get these types of messages every day and they keep me smiling and working!

How could anyone NOT enjoy hearing about that glamtastic man! I can't get enough of him. Your blog is awesome too. Happy 2B following u. :)

I am! Never been like this about ANY artist EVER! Truly an amazing man. Not to mention smokin' hot! Eye candy, ear candy, heart of gold.

i am a huge adam fan- i saw him last summer in june at foxwoods casino- he was fabulous! have a great day :) jen

Dear "Adam Lambert News" thank you for the e-mail address ,good and fun pictures thank love this page :D :) Al:)❤

hi , you welcome! and thanks for follow back ! yes , i loooooooooove adam and his music xDD thx for the link :D

i love adam lambert he is amazing he needs to be seen alot more his voice is unreal i wish he would tour really soon x

You're welcome! I can't get enough of Adam Unfbert. I love your blog.

Your welcome i love Adam lambert my bff gay bud intrudised me to him through sleep walker

omg on your home page the pic of adam that says love boys who sparkle i have a shirt that says the exact same thing"i love boys who sparkle"

Stunning picture by @tuke18  Thanks to Sheila for sending to me!




Dont forget to check out this post when you need a trip down memory lane!


  1. Thank you for putting this together each & every day. It's the first thing I read in the morning when having my coffee. I don't know what I would do without you!!

  2. You always start my day with a smile and a bit of glitter.

  3. your post is the first thing on my list of "to dos" each day... it is the one site I will NOT miss. Thank you for spreading the love, and always keeping us up to date on Adam news and happenings. Love your post!!! Thank you sooo much.

  4. ABSOLUTELY AGREE.. I love your blog and it is MY first thing I do every morning too- Open up the e-mail and click on your blog.. I can't wait to see what goodies you have for us every day !!! Your blog is MUCH appreciated !!! Light & Love Always ~ Powderpuffnails

  5. I, too, love reading your posts everyday. They are the best. Always have the latest news, etc. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments.
    They are greatly appreciated!! XO

  7. thank you for all the work you put into your blog. I always check my email to see your blog before starting work. I so appreciate you and your efforts....thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. I'm in love with this blog...
    I feel kinda sorry for my friends since they don't like Adam and today I filled my facebook with random Adam stuff

  9. Even if we don't comment every day, be sure that we love you and are so dependent upon what you give us. You are so all-inclusive and we would be lost without you. We can't repay you for what you do, but please know you are appreciated beyond belief.

  10. Gloria, Many, many thanks for this labour of love ❤❤❤.
    You give us all our daily AFL fix, you keep us informed and up to date on all the news, plus you find the BEST photos, you supersleuth !

    Happy Day to you and Happy Golden Birthday Adam !!!!!!

  11. Love love love this blog. You do an amazing job and when I get my daily email alert that their is a new post I drop everything to look as soon as possible!

  12. Gloria,
    Glad you posted the picture. It's A-OK with the photographer!

    Isn't he gorgeous in that picture!

  13. Beautiful job as always, Gloria. I'm so excited about all the celebrations planned for Our Sweet Adam's 29th B'Day!! I had to cancel my plans and it sucks because I really wanted to meet the person who has done everything to keep me up on all the goings on in the last year. YOU!!! I know you will be at the Toronto Bash and I was coming before it all fell apart.

    But, I wanted to thank you once again, even tho I can't do it in person for all that you've done for me and all the other poor obsessed souls!!! You do a wonderful service for all of us and I only wish I were savvy enough to contribute. I promise, I'll keep trying~


  14. Gloria, thank you again for ALL the hard work you do on this blog. It is the first thing I check for every morning.....even before my first cup of coffee...need my ADAM fix!! Thank you for our DAILY DOSE of ADAM!!!!


    LuvAdam476 aka @Gloria476

  15. Don't ever stop. You are my first stop every morning while drinking my first cup of coffee. As always, Adam brings joy to my life and your daily blog just spreads it all over my toast. ;) Thanks a bunch. @eryn4adam


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