Friday, 28 January 2011

My Heart is Full!

(Or Today depending on where you live!)


                        Let's trend  #HappyBirthdayAdam starting tonight!

From Hungarian Glamberts!

Adam Having a Great Time in DisneyLand with his Friend Sauli (Finnish Big Brother Winner)

Adam... seeing that smile on your face fills our hearts!


GLAMBERTS!  Best Fan Group Name by People Magazine

Thanks to @spreckles


Let's Take Another Look at Some Great Birthday Videos for Adam from 2010
 Time for Miracles from Vietnamese fans (sob) Teromei
 Happy Bday from the Chamberts (Chinese Adam fans)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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  1. The Birthday videos this year are absolutely fantastic. I sure hope Adam sees them. Especially New Zealand and Hungary.

    They are all GREAT THOUGH!! Adam will feel so much love from these videos.

  2. Oh my, wouldn't you just die if Adam looked at you the way he looked a Sauli ?

    Looks like he brought Sauli in as a present to himself.
    I hope he has a wonderful loving birthday. He certainly deserves it.

  3. I was so excited about Adam's birthday (love all things ADAM) that I started wishing him HB on 29 DEC...OMG, how embarrassing, or maybe not. All you Glamberts out there probably can identify. In the Universe of Adam time blurs as our minds carry us away to moments we've spent "with" Adam since AI...which brought him into our homes. Then came GNT which brought him up close and oh, so personal...can't you still feel the hot energy and sweaty love his concert brought you? For now we have his cosmic music (what a blessing) and the occasional red carpet sighting/interview to keep us sustained until the next time we meet our Rock God and fall into the glitter of his peace, love and rock & roll. Happy Birthday Dearest Adam. May all your dreams come true (and I hope they include us).

  4. Wonderful that Adam has found such a pretty, sweet, funny boy to spend some time with. For him that must be one of the best birthday presents of all. Love the pics and vids. Luv, Lee

  5. Seeing Adam look so happy and relaxed in those Disneyland pictures warms my heart. He deserves only the best!

  6. thank you Gloria for another job well done and love the pictures from Disney so great to see Adam so happy and relaxed. Hope he has a wonderful birthday weekend.

  7. While i am so excited about ADAM's birthday (tomorrow), i would like to thank to Gloria and ALL the people who has contributed to this blog every single day !! There is NOT A DAY without ADam's info or anything to entertain us eventhough some times we have not heard about our BB at all, this blog always has somethings for us to enjoy....Big Thanks and Big hugs to everyone before dreaming of big hug to our ADAM ! Without this blog, my life would be very very boring ! Love to all

  8. Libraglamb,
    You are so right-Hail to Gloria!



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