Thursday, 27 January 2011

Adam: The World Has a Message for You!

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Photoshop by @scorpios4adam

@Scorpios4adam says she has 1400 other great ones here:



Read the entire press release at the link below. This company protects the royalties from songs that artists write themselves. Adam has not left 19Entertainment or RCA Music


FYE album is #25 on Amazon's Movers and Shakers... amazing after all this time!

You can buy it for $9.99 there

Adam at the Elton John AFER benefit



Donate $100 or more to Water on January 29 and receive a special autographed picture!

Let's All Continue to Donate

Total today is over $117,000

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Birthday Card you can sign!

Happy Birthday from Chinese Fans

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7


Adam on the Cover of School Stuff Malaysia

Thanks to @Glammerati

Out Magazine Top Ten Bachelors

Adam is the second picture and he was #2 yesterday behind Chris Colfer....

Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7

Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7

Great Pictures in this Fan Tribute Video


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @SeattleSuzieQ via @tjrpics

Thanks to @seattlesuzieq

Thanks to @etharei via @tjrpics

More pictures from The Mint here:

Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7
Taken by Catcherofdreamz, enhanced by AQS7

Updated Voting Links

Fuse TV Grammy Poll

(Please vote... MJ is making an advance!)

Who is your favorite celebrity? (Adam leads)

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Adam's Grammy page
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Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:

Monte Tweeted some Songs from The Mint

Monterrific "Burn Down the Garden" Monte Pittman The Mint 1/24/11.m4v
via @youtube

Monterrific "Colours Wash Away" Monte Pittman The Mint 1/24/11.m4v
via @youtube


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. So happy about Kobalt - what a great press release - global superstar - love it! Lee

  2. That first photo of Adam is to die for!

  3. beautiful you always do a great job..hugs

  4. OMG, the pictures are breathtaking!! Especially the first two. The photos fan tribute video in unfreaking believable....5:58 of the most BEAUTIFUL photos of the most BEAUTIFUL man in the world!!!
    Gloria please keep this tribute video on the blog everyday for awhile. It literally made me cry. Adam is such a BEAUTIFUL being! Thank you to whomever made the video and I would love to know the name of the song and who performs it.
    The video is....just incredible!!!!
    BTW signing with KOBALT is a very smart move on Adams' part.
    Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476

  5. Just voted for Out Magazine's 10 Ten Bachelors and Adam is now #1! Just where he should be. Love today's tributes of our GLOBAL SUPERSTAR!


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