Wednesday, 26 January 2011

We Love You More Now!

Photoshop by @scorpios4adam from Heatworld Magazine

At the Golden Globes Gifting suite thanks to @Cecycat1


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 Adam on the Grammy CD

More pictures here:

Beautiful Birthday Tribute!


Today's News


adamlambert "oh we lovED you. You WERE so great! We voted!" Thank you fellow grocery patrons, although I'm STILL (cont)  (9PM PST)

Adam Lambert This is a Stunning Look for YOU! It commands attention!

BTW we lovED you on American Idol, BUT


All Photos Enhanced by Aquariussue7 From X-factor Finland


Vote for Adam as Out Most Eligible Bachelor... He is the second picture



Adam Featured in

worth clicking!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy with @warnwillis thans to @etharei via @tjrpics

Another RuPaul Drag Race Interview with Adam


Birthday Parties


Calling ALL Glamberts to attend the Music City Celebrates! HaPpY biRtHDaY AdaM LaMbErT GlitterFest...we need your participation...photographers, videographers, bloggers and streamers...dancers, flailers and blu-glo stick waivers!!!!!

Tennessee is a long skinny state that borders 8 others....Join me HERE if you wanna celebrate Adam's 29th in "Music City" in the Glittery G-GLAM-orous style we have all come to know and love... Your don' t have to be from the "Divine 9" (Tennessee & the 8 border states)....ANY GLAMS bent on celebrating Adam's 29th BirThDaY are encouraged to glitter up all roads flailing their way to Music City.... Here' what's happening!

Holiday Inn is providing our Glitterfest with a spacious room for Saturday night, which will have all the techology we need to watch videos, play music, dance, flail and glitter... We will eat, drink & party there on Saturday evening. We even have the promise of a big birthday cake... yummmm Thanks to Nay (aka @fairywings2) And what is birthday cake without ICE CREAM? We will serve Adam's Favorite Flavor Mint Chocolate Chip...and French Silk too--another favorite!

We plan a special BLU GLO birthday video tribute...cuz he's "doing it perfectly"... With the FABULOUS NEWS of a Grammy nomination still glowing...this tribute is even more important! I have ordered extra gorgeous 6-inch Blue Glow sticks but please bring more so the room will be bathed in the glow for the video we will make for Adam!

Plus....a "FEVER" Mob tribute... with a special party souvenir !

Best of all we are having a Silent Auction & raffle benefitting DonorsChoose, Operation Platinum and charity:water !!! We have many Glamtastic items already donated for the auction :-D

Get ready for a Glamtastic Party!!!!! Get out your Blue GlowSticks, Pictures, Vids, glitter & glam drag... DonorsChoose ideas and donations ....

Let's Celebrate for Adam!




Hotel Front Desk: 1-615-3274707 Hotel Fax: 1-615-3278034


Support via Adam Lambert Dollar Bills!!


                                             A MUST for every Adam Lambert Fan!!

                                                      Sold by Twitter ID Immafun1


Updated Voting Links

Fuse TV Grammy Poll

(Please vote... MJ is making an advance!)

Who is your favorite celebrity? (Adam leads)

Must join Adam's Youtube ! Have you done this yet? Do it right now!

Adam's Grammy page
Register , read the comments and leave your own!
(Voting for the Grammys is done by the members, not the fans... but this is a vote for fun)

Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. Love today's pictures -- thank you!! Great look on Adam.

  2. Love everything about your Adam blog. So much beauty on one page!

  3. Love all the Xfactor pics! those brought back great memories from last May!<3

  4. Love all those pics of Adam, wasn't that at X-Factor Finland? He looks so gorgeous in that outfit and I also love Tommy in that white shirt with the skinny black tie. Number8gurl

  5. OMG ! Those are the most beautiful pictures ! Have we seen these before ?

    Wow, talk about eye candy, thanks for the sweet indulgence today. YUM !

  6. THe pictures of Adam and Tommy above are from X-Factor Finland from last May. Gorgeous!

  7. Hi Gloria,
    The birthday youtube and the DuPaul youtube didn't load and lots of pics were blank :((((( I'll check later and keep my fingers crossed. Hugs, Kathy A

  8. Adam has perfect features. His profile is to die for. And that smile - is there anything better? A wonderful guy. Thanks, Lee

  9. what a gorgeous color tie adam is wearing love it


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