Sunday, 27 February 2011

Adam You're so Beautiful!!! :)

Blow up of Adam's Tweeted picture... he's definitely at the airport!

Thanks to @ izz82828


yellowsister OMG! ADAM! RT @kiwiglambert ZM Radio Quake fundraiser photos at the station - look what's on the wall!!!



Great Picture Gif!

Adam was in the studio with Cam and Alison
adamlambert "before you break you have to shed your armor. Take a trip and fall into the glitter."
Heard final mix of new Aftermath today! Get ready!!! It's nuts. Will drop sometime near 2nd week of march!!!
And then: 


adamlambert As flattering as it is, I don't understand why so many of you use a photo of me as your avatar. I want you to celebrate YOU!
   I don't entertain for my ego- my mission is to try and inspire yours!!! So take a glamorous photo and be proud of your face!!
(plus- when I'm lurking... I wanna put a face w the tweet!)
   Yeah!! That's it!! You're all so beautiful!!! :)

And before:
   @negativeneil where in the world is Neil Jacob Lambert?
negativeneil @adamlambert oh god you just told the internet my middle name. A closely guarded secret of TWO years. #wellplayed
negativeneil @adamlambert calling the tabloids to unleash my revenge in 3...2...1...
@negativeneil hahah

Sauli Rooting For Adam at the EMMA Awards

Adam didn't win this time!


One Year Ago Yesterday!

Playlist of Fantasy Spring Enhanced videos via @lambosessed


GlamOver Winners Selected


Jim Cantiello (@jambajim) wrote regarding Season 10 AI finalists:

"I'll spare readers (and James) the lecture because we all know he struggles with a disorder that I imagine clouds self-awareness. (I truly think he intended his Lambert comparison to be a shout-out to one of his inspirations and not an arrogant dismissal of Adam's otherworldly vocal chops.) Instead, I'll simply urge Durbin to hone in on his own musical identity, and might suggest he avoid any future songs (or musical notes) that might end up with him being compared to a singer so far out of his league."




Sleepwalker Video  and article


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Please check back later for pictures and updates!


A MUST for every Adam Lambert Fan!!

Sold by @Immafun1


Updated Voting Links Adam needs help!

Who is your favorite celebrity? (Adam leads)

Must join Adam's Youtube !
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Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Quotable Adam! Thanks to @ellenkateCT

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  1. Adam you are so right,I see alot of your pics as avartars.Yes we all love you.I guess in thier minds your like a god to them,but in reality everyone is special and should be proud to show off them-selves.I"m your #1 fan,and I consider myself part of the"Glamily".I use my own pic as my avartar,and I want people to see that I"m not ashamed of the things I write about,or who I love.

  2. Gorgeous pic on top - like a Greek god. Love what Cantiello said - very true. And nice to see a man admit his happiness at seeing Adam's performances - Adam does have that unique quality of making one joyful to see him. Beautiful man.
    Thanks, Lee

  3. Great post! what happened to the Twitter counter?

  4. i love that Adam wants people to use their own photos on twitter but as much as i love and adore him i still can't bring myself to put up i photo of me. Sorry Adam don't want to scare you at 3am when you're lurking or scare any of my other followers with my ugly mug so he and everyone else will have to settle for my purple cotton ball with eyes. Thanks Again Gloria for a job well done.Hugs.


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