Monday, 28 February 2011

Where Are You Adam Lambert?

Evening's second biggest star was our new international super boyfriend Sauli Koskinen...


Fan Tribute to It Gets Better!


Adam in InTouch Magazine!

                                            Who cares about his makeup in this picture?


                       Adam tweeted last night:

Blown up picture thanks to @izz82828

At the airport! Where ya going Adam?

He did tweet several hours later so don't think he went too far!

adamlambert I'm so anxious to see Gaga's Born This Way video 2m!!


Adam Wins Otto Award in Russia


Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Photographer


Sony NZ tweets yesterday... interesting!

Hello twitter peeps. NZ Adam Lambert fans / #NZGlitterTribe - you'll be needing your GLAM creative thinking caps very soon...

Yes this will be NZ only @kiwinatasja . Creative thinking caps. Glam. Sleep on it #NZGlitterTribe! 'Til tomorrow... *throws glitter*


The Record Business and Singles... Why Wait for a whole Album Adam?


Tommy Joe Ratliff

Thanks to @crazy4glambert1

Trent Reznor won an Academy Award last night... he should have won for this song


Monte's Party!


A MUST for every Adam Lambert Fan!!

Sold by @Immafun1


Updated Voting Links Adam needs help!

Who is your favorite celebrity? (Adam leads)

Must join Adam's Youtube !
Have you done this yet? Do it right now!

Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Quotable Adam! Thanks to @ellenkateCT

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  1. "Who cares about his makeup in this picture?" Well, "InTouch," it's not his makeup (if he has any on - how do you know?) that I'm lookin' at. He looks like SuperHero in that photo - lordy, the man is gorgeous. Nice award from Russia - world domination! And the WSJ article is interesting - guess we'll all be in the Cloud eventually. But, with Adam, I'd want the entire album - even if one song might not be one of my absolute favs, I'd still want to hear his voice. Luv, Lee

  2. love the pic of Tommy too cute. thank you baby you rock. hugs

  3. Hi Lee.

    I want the whole album too but it would be fun to get one song every few weeks until the fall! Love to savour each one like we did with TFM and FYE!


  4. Who would be looking at Adam's makeup in that jetskiing picture? I know what I'm glaring at - that mighty fine, toned, strong, and sexy body of his!! - get a load of those magnificent arms, that humongous chest, and those gorgeous, manly legs!! It is downright criminal to look this incredibly sexy!!!

    Ooooohhhhhhh...... getting one single at a time might not be such a bad idea, but for me it doesn't matter; the moment that album is released I am buying it!!!

    Does anyone know where Adam went from the airport? One report had him going to Sweden to work on the album with Max Martin - is this true?

  5. Love your description, DeeDee, of Adam in that picture. Beautifully built man - toned, but not that revolting overly muscular type that appears in love with his body. Sexiest guy in town.


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