Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sweet! Sweaty !

Adam was in Denver on Sunday working on his album... Is that when he tweeted from the airport?

@lasoks story:

My sister was flying from L.A. to Denver Sunday night and Adam was sitting across the aisle from her. She knows who he is and actually was the one who called me to watch him when he was on Idol but does not follow him now. She does of course know about my obsession. I was waiting at the airport for her and who should come up to the terminal and walk by but Adam.

He was looking Rock star gorgeous in a beautiful green coat. He walked by and at first I just stood their and then I thought I have to talk to him or I will never forgive myself. I turned and said Adam he looked and I said "What are you doing here, are you here to work on your album. Well we started talking and I told him I had seen him in Denver and had flown to L.A. for the last concert of the tour. He did notice my Eye of Horus necklace which I happen to have on. We continued to talk for about 5 minutes.

I then said it was so nice meeting him and he said the same. We shook hands and I asked for a hug and a picture. Which being the wonderful person he is he obliged. I can only tell you the reason I was able to call his name or talk to him is knowing what a warm, kind, sweet person he is. He gave me the strength to do that. I don't think I could have done that in the past. I hope you all can have that experience some day.

P.S. I would have asked him if he needed a ride but I didn't want him to think I was stalking him. lol

Adam Today in Whole Foods!

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New Glam Nation Clip and Interview



GlamNation DVD now available on Itunes!

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Some Beautiful Pictures of Adam cause we haven't seen him for awhile!

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Evening's second biggest star was our new international super boyfriend Sauli Koskinen...



Adam inspires Justin and Charity:Water Wins!



Hollywood Yearbook Features Adam!

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Voodoo was on my mind this morning!


If you want to understand what it takes to sing like Adam Lambert read this:


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Adam Dollar Bills!

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Quotable Adam! Thanks to @ellenkateCT

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  1. big glittery hug. as always you amaze me love the videos and why oh why must we visit yearbook pictures the horror..lol..at least he took a great picture even back then mine is horrible anyways thank you for my daily fix of both adam and tommy.


  2. Love the "sweaty" Adam pic - another thing I've noticed - he has a beautifully shaped head. Very much enjoyed (and got a lot of info out of) the Blog post on the necessary factors that go into great singing. After 100+ concerts on the GNT, it was evident that Adam's voice remained strong throughout - in fact, I believe his legato line was improved and strengthened. Would like more info on upkeep of voice - daily training? - how often rest is needed - range improved through practice (like Domingo) - technical questions as well as best ways to prepare for performances. As an opera lover with a hundred-plus of CD operas from Gluck to Glass, there is NO instrument more wonderful than the human voice. This mantra I hear so much that singers are not "musicians" is ludicrous. A guitar string can always be replaced, but a great singer's vocal chords never. And Lambert is a very great singer. Love that the DigitalDreamDoor website has now named him as the Most Technically Skilled Rock Vocalist. He's a treasure. Lee

  3. Message to commenter: If you aren't interested in Tommy videos, feel free to skip over them. There are many who enjoy them. BTW, they were never real!

  4. Gloria, love your posts as always! Do you know if there is a translation of the french article you posted here?
    Would love to know what they are saying about Adam.
    Always love your blog, first thing I read in the morning!


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