Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Denver's Looking Good!

Thanks to @HeniGlambert   Beautiful Hungarian Glamberts!

Adam just won a Hungarian Grammy! Congratulations and thanks to all the wonderful Hungarian Fans too!

The year abroad modern pop-rock album

ADAM LAMBERT - For Your Entertainment (Sony Music)

Finland Rocks!

Sleepwalker and Aftermath both in the top 10!


Adam's in Denver

J_SKINS in the studio with Ryan Tedder and @adamlambert writing some lil dittys. And they've Never Been Better!  (8PM PST)

Great Story posted yesterday!  (picture below)

@lasoks story:

My sister was flying from L.A. to Denver Sunday night and Adam was sitting across the aisle from her. She knows who he is and actually was the one who called me to watch him when he was on Idol but does not follow him now. She does of course know about my obsession. I was waiting at the airport for her and who should come up to the terminal and walk by but Adam.

He was looking Rock star gorgeous in a beautiful green coat. He walked by and at first I just stood their and then I thought I have to talk to him or I will never forgive myself. I turned and said Adam he looked and I said "What are you doing here, are you here to work on your album. Well we started talking and I told him I had seen him in Denver and had flown to L.A. for the last concert of the tour. He did notice my Eye of Horus necklace which I happen to have on. We continued to talk for about 5 minutes.

I then said it was so nice meeting him and he said the same. We shook hands and I asked for a hug and a picture. Which being the wonderful person he is he obliged. I can only tell you the reason I was able to call his name or talk to him is knowing what a warm, kind, sweet person he is. He gave me the strength to do that. I don't think I could have done that in the past. I hope you all can have that experience some day.

P.S. I would have asked him if he needed a ride but I didn't want him to think I was stalking him. lol

Tweeted at 4AM PST:

adamlambert Ok caught up on idol: Jacob Lusk-- Werk it the fuck out sister! I'm so excited to hear u sing every week!!

 adamlambert Durbin sounded badass tonight! Lot more control! And while we both have a rock scream I think we're pretty different stylistically.


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Airplay and Idol Discussion

Enhanced by AQS7 in Denver Whole Foods

Enhanced by AQS7 in Denver Airport with @lasoks


Adam on Born this Way


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Adam Dollar Bills!

A MUST for every Adam Lambert Fan!!


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Another View of Adam/Alisan Aftermath


Quotable Adam! Thanks to @ellenkateCT

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  1. So happy to see Adam in Denver beginning work on a new album - and looking really good, too! Love that trailer for the GNT - get a wonderful feeling of excitement and expectation. Have ordered pre-download on iTunes and hard copy as well. Watched AI last night and the boys weren't quite as good overall as I expected with notable exceptions such as Jacob Lusk - fantastic voice. Was fun watching Durbin open his performance with his back to the audience and arm raised in Adam's iconic picture. He made other moves reminiscent of Adam as well. I take it as a compliment from James who's doing much better than his earlier performances. Casey and Paul are very good, too. See that Scotty was way ahead on DialIdol last night and is "safe." Believe Scotty will make it really big in his country niche. Nice kid. Adam must be having fun watching this again (particularly with Tyler on). But, must say, it was Randy with the best critiques last night - kept it real. Looking forward to tonight. Hope Adam tweets about it! Luv, Lee

  2. so happy to hear Adam is working on new albun can't wait to hear it and loving the excitement surrounding the DVD release oh what memories. as always my dear a great job hugs


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