Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Adam loves Raja!

Adam Sets the Rules Straight!

Fans: little strange when you walk up to say hi and you have a video cam on and ur trying to hide it. Who are u- paps? #imapersonnotathing

Or just taking a flash shot when I'm not lookin. Hah. C'mon it's so tacky tourist. Have common courtesy and just ask. #idontbite


But thank you to all the sweet, polite folks who are cool about it. I love meeting you guys out and about and it's a plus when you "get it"

Oh and also- please don't touch my face. #boundaries

My new mission is to keep it as real as possible at all times. No more pageant-style p.c. smile and wave, smoke blowin, fake BS. #Realness

@adamlambert ...haven't you always kept it real?

@whimsicalspirit totally but I find myself biting my tongue in order to not rock the boat all too often.

Haha but it's sorta a damned if you, damned if you don't thing-- now some folks will think I'm an arrogant diva. Lol

When in reality- I'm human and just trying to do my best. Day by day. Just like you :) love you Glamily.

Thanks Adam for making it all so clear!


Adam Lambert at the party for Raja at Ru Paul's Drag Race 



Adam Lambert is made up by Sutan (Raja)


Raja Talks About Adam


@sutanamrul, @misterlouieg   and Adam at RuPaul's Drag Race last night thanks to @misterlouieg

Congratulations to RAJA for winning the Drag Queen Race!

Adam took this picture of Raja!



Tweets from Last Night!

JohnathanHoo: Adam Lambert is at the table next to us at @stantonsocial. He has what socially...can only be considered "Eating gloves" on.

JonathanHoo: I still don't know who Adam Lambert is OR does cept he's the guy WEARING GLOVES while eating. Also has a sweet #mustache.

(9:20 PST)

Cecimara The beard looks hot in person, lol
No really, he looks amazing! All in black, hair up, eye makeup.

_Duffey_ @adamlambert is at the next table rocking some facial hair.
 RespectTheGB @_Duffey_ - What is Adam wearing?

_Duffey_ @RespectTheGB motorcycle gloves?


 (9 PM EST)

The great @wakingdream43 translated those Spanish tweets. She's fluent.

"He was more beautiful than ever, the beard looks good on him. He arrived on a taxi with Sauli and other people, don't know who they were."

"He looked at me, smiled and said Hello. I couldn't take pictures with him because he didn't stop, just said Hi."

XavierLePopStar: MissKellyO adamlambert looking tres sexy at the #RuPaulsDragRace Finale party in NYC. Fun night. Met Manila.

"I've got pictures (of him with Sauli) but I can't upload them right now, I'm at a hotel only with my iPad."

adubs323 Adam Lambert = much taller than you think...#logo #rupaulsdragrace


The owner of the Sauli pictues from last night asked me to take them down.  Sorry!


Picture from ?  via adam-pics.com


This will happen right around the time Adam performs in Russia!



@adamlambert in Peruvian Magazine "Zona Joven" April 21, 2011. Article about GNLive DVD and others.
Thanks to @MariMim

MaPetiteAmore DWTS is using FEVER in their promos. Hey RCA, how bout releasing that as a single in the US now?

RockStar Weekly Magazine Contest!


Five Prizes!

Scroll down to the bottom to read the story by Moony. Thanks to all who have already submitted! 

Based on these tweets...

MakiMarieSolis@adamlambert how does it feel to have inspired thousands, millions, of teens/adults to just be themselves?

adamlambert @MakiMarieSolis that's one of the BEST parts of all of this.

and the fact that I love hearing stories of Adam inspiration, we have decided to award the gifts based on a random draw. All fans who send me a story of how Adam Lambert has affected their life will be entered in the contest.

Draw will be made on Sunday May 8, (end of my day) so you have two weeks to email me your story.  All entries will be included and  can be a few sentences or an entire book.  With your permission, I would like to post some of the stories on my daily blog so please let me know if that is OK!

Send all entries to adamquotedaily@hotmail.com 

Please put ADAM in the Subject Line and include your twitter name. 

I will confirm with you when I receive so if you haven't heard within a day, please send it again!


Andy Grammar and Adam Lambert’s Fuck Yeah Tumblr win first two MTV O Music Awards

The Boys thanks to @TheRudeBunny

The Four Musketeers: Isaac Carpenter, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, and Monte Pittman

Always nice to hear again!

pollyness @siamusic hi! how was it writing with Adam Lambert?

siamusic @pollyness really nice. he's nice, no ego


Fan Tribute Video to Adam and Sauli!

IS_Tutka Roadshow

Translation:  http://rinnuninnu.livejournal.com/1192065.html

Translation of blog:  http://rinnuninnu.livejournal.com/1191753.html


Picture via adam-pics.com

adamlambert For those of you who don't already have it, the Aftermath Billboard Remix is finally featured on iTunes!!!

mindchnger @adamlambert so @terra_zephead figured out the repeating part in the remix: DAY WAN from "so don't look back on yesterDAY WANna scream out"

mydangdang @adamlambert Glam Nation DVD Blu Ray pre order on Amazon $20.99 http://bit.ly/gwqsi2

Vote for Adam

The new Ultimate Idol Contest is  Adam vs. Jordin


http://www.omusicawards.com/vote/fan-army-ftw/  (last two days)

You can vote 10 times/day each way so do it!


alreference The Flea (New Zealand): Adam Lambert hour with Liam McEwan (audio files). Pt 1: http://bit.ly/giweRi Pt 2: http://bit.ly/hoEpsU

FiveGreat Pictures of Adam Here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/radkokelemanphotography/with/5003221375/


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

tommyjoeratliff I love my life partner @sutanamrull :) 

Thanks to @ExoticBeat

Thanks to tjrpics.tumblr.com



Adam Lambert Inspires

Moony wrote:

"Most Adam Lambert fans will say that they loved him from the moment they saw him on American Idol. Most Adam Lambert fans will say that they saw the Glamnation Tour. Most Adam Lambert fans will say that seeing him up on stage performing live was the best night of his or her life.

 I can't say any of those things. I've never seen Adam live let alone on the Glamnation tour. I don't watch American Idol and so I didn't even know that Adam even existed until November 23, 2009. The day before the release of For Your Entertainment and the day before my best friend Celena Maloney committed suicide.

These events may seem to be completely unattached. How could the death of your best friend be correlated at all to the lovely King of Glam?

Well, as you may recall Adam's racy AMA performance was just one day prior to my very last conversation to Celena and one of our main topics of discussion was that performance. Earlier that evening I had walked by the living room while ET or Extra or one of those trashy celebrity shows was playing. As I walked by I heard the host lady say something to the effects of "When we come back more on Adam Lambert's raunchy guy on guy kiss" for some odd reason these words stuck with me. That night while I was busy chatting via Email with Celena I looked up Adam's AMA performance, finding nothing but blurry video with lame audio I moved on to looking up him music. This attracted my attention and after hearing For Your Entertainment I asked Celena if she knew about him.

Some of my last comments to that beautiful star girl were about glitter and guy-liner.
As though this isn't enough of a connection I found out about Celena having committed suicide while preparing to go to Target to purchase For Your Entertainment and after a completely draining crying fit managed to pull myself together to make the trip before heading over to my other best friend's house to morn our loss. We listened to Adam's CD and watched his AMA performance which my friend had recorded.

It's amazing how music can heal a person. Adam's lyrics were the words that pulled me out of the darkness after Celena's death. I was healed by knowing that everything would be OK in the aftermath. Looking back I realize that none of the lyrics were about dealing with what I was but they healed me so that's alright. Think about how healing it can be to hear someone saying in such a melodic tone that it's OK to be broken open and that someone understands you. Even sleepwalker helped me heal because I could relate to lines like "I can't turn this around I keep running into walls that I can't break down I said I just wander around with my eyes wide shut because of you I'm a sleepwalker.

I have a connection to Adam that I don't feel with any other person because when I was so broken and lost, when I felt that no one could understand me I would turn on his music and I would write. He made me feel whole, he was there for me when no other was and it's kind of funny that he doesn't even know my name but he saved me from this darkness that was so close to consuming me.

I owe the fact that I'm now a whole person, that I'm not completely messed up, that I can sit here now and write this without breaking down, I owe all of that and so much more to Adam. Adam saved my life in a sense. He has changed my life forever with his message of love and understanding, hope and equality. He's opened me up to a whole new level of art and inspired me to follow my dreams because they do come true.

Anyway, that's my Adam story. If you decide you want to post it I give you full permission and I just want to say thank you for giving me my daily Adam fix and helping to spread his message of love. You're a wonderful person for it. "
~Moony (*


Information/Resource Pages

New Page- Check it out! Adam's Pre-Idol Music


Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)

and leave me a comment to let me know what you think

Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Monte’s wife Lisa called this post “Awesome! and Monte Retweeted

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. It was both so sad and a joy, to read Mooney's account of how Adam inspired him. Of the entire blog today, that is my favorite segment. Wish Mooney all the best.
    Thanks Gloria

  2. woah that Mooney's Story made me Cry..Im so happy that Adam is Helping each one of us to shine!! ♥♥

  3. I have received several stories already and each one is touching. Will post one a day until the contest ends.


  4. I've started this comment several times and keep deleting it..Reading Moony's story gave me such shivers- nearly cried here at work. Adam sure does hold a special place in your heart- he was there for you when you were at your lowest. I know what it's like to be at your lowest and then turning to music to heal your soul. It really does work! Forever you will look at your FYE CD and think of your dear friend. One day I hope you will get to see Adam live and on that day your friend will be looking down at you from heaven and smiling. Light & Love to you. Andrea - Powderpuffnails -
    Thank you Gloria for such a great idea sending in our stories...can't wait to read more!

  5. Even though I couldn't understand a word, the video of Sauli at about 11:00 shows the cutest giggle and smile ! What a sweetie pie. Can just picture him giggling with AFL.
    Very sweet.

  6. Wonderful blog today! love the pics--especially of Sauli posing with fans. Looks like he is as sweet and loving as our Adam! Mooney's story really touched my heart as well... Looking forward to reading more of these. And a big KUDOS to Adam for laying down some ground rules! He is so patient, but honest. That's part of the reason we love him so much!!! @Fairsluvfords

  7. thank you Gloria for this post i really needed this today. It's beena rough day and opening my email and finding this post from you made my day. thank you.

  8. Even though I see things thruout the day, I rely on your blog for a complete Adam recap & look forward to coming here & having it all in one convenient place! I appreciate and thank you for your dedication and all the effort that goes into this on a daily basis, and to those who help out with pictures, etc. I'm loving seeing the Roadshow videos - how cute are they?! Also love the Four Musketeers pic, lol! Not to mention all the delish pics of Adam found here regularly! :) Moony's story was very touching and I look forward to reading more stories.

    Also glad to see what @terra_zephead figured out! When I had listened closely to the song trying to figure out what Adam was singing, I remember thinking that it sounded like "Day One" over and over. Even tho I figured it was pieces of words, I interpreted it to mean like day one of the aftermath and starting over fresh in your life, ie, this is the first day of your new better/improved/honest life in the aftermath. So, thank you @terra_zephead!
    Peace, love & glitter! xo <333 @KumulusKloud


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