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Forgiveness & Adam Lambert: Divine!


Adam Lambert in all-black and sporting a goatee at the ASCAP Awards

How Adorble is this?

Adorable picture of Tommy Joe Ratliff hugging a child while Monte Pittman talks with youngsters at a Little Kids Rock event
2011 ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

Tonight in LA... LOL!

Adam is presenting award to Max Martin

Thanks to Shirley Halpern

Adam Lambert and Ke$ha on the red carpet at the ASCAP Awards


Tommy and Monte in WA (is that Washington?) for Little Kids Rock!

Thanks to @crazycraz09

Monte Pittman and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform in Washington for Little Kids Rock 

Picture from RuPaul's Drag Race
Thanks to @jjkeyes  Did Adam get a tip?

                                            From Adam's below

tommyjoeratliff  : ) RT @Artistsupporter: Hey guys. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgiveness is divine. Love heals.

(BTW, if you are criticizing or bullying or pointing the finger at someone, please be sure take a good look at yourself!)



Adam Asked for Suggestions for song ideas and this is the real answer!

susebobs @adamlambert hell Adam you could sing 'how much is that doggie in the window' we'd buy just hear YOU sing crazy vocals


Latest Is_Tutka Blog Translation

Thanks to @Glittery_Viki


If you missed yesterday's updates or didn't read the story of inspiration by 15 year old Moony, check it out now!


Adam Lambert with a look of intense concentration!
                              Thinking!  Thanks to ?

Adam Lambert Has Writing Session For New Album With Fans Via Twitter

Just a feeling but maybeAdam was on a plane last night. Back in LA? 

adamlambert And goodnight ;)


Classic picture of Adam Lambert lying back and listening to his I-pod


F*ck Yeah! Adam Lambert Tumblr Wins MTV O Award
By Michelle Collins

Here's the link:


From the Ten Commandments

Kelly Clarkson & Adam Lambert Rooting for Haley Reinhart


Photos! Adam Lambert, Kelly Osbourne & Queens Galore at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Finale Party


RockStar Weekly Magazine Contest!

Five Prizes! (thanks to @adamgasmic for arranging this)

Scroll down to the bottom to read today's story by . Thanks to all who have already submitted! 

Based on these tweets...

MakiMarieSolis@adamlambert how does it feel to have inspired thousands, millions, of teens/adults to just be themselves?

adamlambert @MakiMarieSolis that's one of the BEST parts of all of this.

and the fact that I love hearing stories of Adam inspiration, we have decided to award the gifts based on a random draw. All fans who send me a story of how Adam Lambert has affected their life will be entered in the contest.

Draw will be made on Sunday May 8, (end of my day) so you have two weeks to email me your story.  All entries will be included and  can be a few sentences or an entire book.  With your permission, I would like to post some of the stories on my daily blog so please let me know if that is OK!

Send all entries to 

Please put ADAM in the Subject Line and include your twitter name. 

I will confirm with you when I receive so if you haven't heard within a day, please send it again! (I have confirmed all stories I have received so far BTW)


Mostly Adam!


Adam Lambert at the 2010 Much Music Awards 

adamlambert For those of you who don't already have it, the Aftermath Billboard Remix is finally featured on iTunes!!!

mindchnger @adamlambert so @terra_zephead figured out the repeating part in the remix: DAY WAN from "so don't look back on yesterDAY WANna scream out"

mydangdang @adamlambert Glam Nation DVD Blu Ray pre order on Amazon $20.99

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff getting set up for Little Kids Rock in Washington 

                     Tommy and Monte in WA today  thanks to @crazycraz09via @tjrpics

(must be losing my mind... that choked me up a bit! Haha!)

Thanks to @WshUpnAStar


Story of Adam Inspiration

Update from yesterday's story by Moony: She is 15 years old and her twitter name is @MoonyGoesRawr if you want to send her a personal message!

JadenLambert from twitter here

So, mine isn't any big story and probably won't make it to the top of the list, haha. But i feel the need to say how he's changed me.

Before, i was majorly shy. I care too much about what people think, i used to cringe at the thought of dancing, for example. And that also had a lot to do with me being comfortable with my body as well as my sexuality (not orientation-wise, just how i feel about that subject and myself). I'm over weight and that's caused me to be self-conscious. Very much so. And I kept my mind closed off to sexuality, because i felt like it was wrong for me to ever consider anything about it. Like it was bad of me to even think about it.

And i've always been easily angered. So easily.
And i never understood fully the struggles some (GLBTQ's) go through. I never judged-no, my parents raised me better. But i never fully understood.

But Adam's taught me that i shouldn't care what people think of me. Only care about how i feel, and how those i love feel. Because that's the only people who matters. And for those who judge me or what i love or care about? Excuse my French, but, the attitude i got from him on the subjects of haters is "Who gives a shit"??? I'm still learning, but i'm also growing, and proud to be finally. I'm a bit more out going in how i act and what I wanna do. Heck, on my 21 birthday, I'm celebrating at a gay bar, haha!

And about sexuality and how i feel about it? I know now that it's just a natural human thing. My parents have kept telling me that and that helped, but Adam showed me that its alright to feel sexy, be sexy and like sexy. There isn't anything wrong with that. (And about Orientation? Hell, all i have to say is no one can control who they love. That's all i have to say!)

About being angered easily. I still am, but i'm learning to keep it under control and not take everything so seriously, like haters and stuff like that. Because it doesn't matter. They're spreading hate and anger, why should i join them? All i will continue doing is trying to find a polite why to tell them they're wrong, haha.

And about different and struggling orientations. I know now how hard is for others they grow and learn that "...I'm attracted tot he same sex..." and i hate that they have to be treated like shit for it. But like i said above, you can't help you fall in love with, no more easily than you can help the rain from falling the next day. And I know that I will not stand by and let these people be beaten down or treated wrongly just because who they're attracted too.

And one more thing. Adam has shown me that i should give it my all in what i love. I have yet to do so, but i will. He tries so hard, using his talents to take us away into his entertaining and beautiful world, so open and amazing. I want to be able to do that, with the few skills i have.

Well, i think that that's probably all, haha.
That's my little story about how Adam broke me out of my shell and helped me feel just a little more happier with my life.

From Jordan,
to adamquotedaily
Lots of love to Adam, love you glam-dad!


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  1. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the owner of this blog for sharing my Adam writings with your readers, and especially for doing so in a way that shows respect to me and my work by not copying and pasting it in its entirety. Many do not show that respect to me or other fans that write about Adam, and given that this particular article is about respect, I wanted to thank you for showing that respect to me.
    Your fellow Adam obsessor,

    KatieJ Sheridan

  2. cornelia dottavio27 April 2011 at 14:06

    Hi, ref. pointing out a finger to someone / first to watch yourself: yes, this is quite right. Here in Germany we say if you point so someone with one finger (the forefinger), three other fingers point to yourself ....xoxo to u and thanks for all you do for us ....

  3. Thanks Cornelia. We have the same saying here in North America and I do my best to keep that in mind whenever I think I'm right! Appreciate your comments.



  4. Hi KatieJ.

    Thanks for your comment and for pointing out how you feel about this. I hope this explains why I post articles the way I do.


  5. beautiful story again today and of course as alway you did an amazing job. BTW put a little something in the mail today for you let me know when you get it. hugs bb

  6. Once again I'll give it a shot...don't know why my comments never get published. Had to tell you that I enjoyed your blog even more than usual...which is saying alot...because of all the bee-u-ti-ful pre-facial hair pix!!! I feel like I've lost my beloved. The man in the goatee is not "MY" Adam!!! I'm sure that if they were honest, a lot of people would agree w/me.
    Thanx for all your great work!

  7. Facial hair, clean shaven, long hair, short hair, blond,black: NO MATTER WHAT>>>He will aways be MY ADAM!! (his soul never changes!!!)

    Thanks Gloria...xo


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