Thursday, 28 April 2011

Adam Presents Song Writer of the Year

Russian Concert Information Here:

Adam Lambert gazes heavenward in this goatee pic from the ASCAP Awards


MTV Interview

Adam at 1:04 and 2:41

New Picture from RuPaul's Drag Race thanks to @manilaluzon

Have a sense of humour, please!

"And yes, Adam Lambert's goatee was there. It wasn't exactly on par with Lady Gaga showing up in an egg, but hey, it'll have to do."

MetromixGville Yes, Adam Lambert's facial hair just upstaged an entire awards show - 2011 ASCAP Pop Music Awards

As much as Adam thinks his appearance is not newsworthy, I must say I'm really enjoying a Male star getting all this kind of attention!

Open Post: Hosted By Glamberace's Perfectly Manicured Goatee 
Five Possible Explanations For ... This

The Surreal World of ASCAP's Pop Awards: Where Adam Lambert and Ke$ha Honor the Guys Who Made Them Famous

Adam Lambert and his hair arrive at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards.,1


    Adam Lambert Has a Hairy Situation at 28th ASCAP Pop Music Awards (PHOTOS)

    How Adam Feels About the AI Contestants

    mindchnger LOL Adam namedropped in Idols Live Tour press release :P

    Adam Lambert owns the red carpet in black and his mysterious goatee at the ASCAP Awards

    Yesterday was Allison's 19th Birthday!


                                                     Two pictures enhanced by @aquariussue7

    More pictures here:

    and here:


    ASCAP Here's Ke$ha and Adam Lambert presenting Dr. Luke and Max Martin with their Songwriter of the Year Awards.

    More here:

    Adam Lambert: ASCAP Pop Music Awards Presenter!


    Adam's Boots!

    Ke$ha and Adam Lambert compare boots on the red carpet at the ASCAP Awards

    Adam Lambert's "medges" at the ASCAP Awards

    "Recommendation:   Only Adam Lambert could wear these 1800 USD boots."
    Interview: Adam Lambert talks new album, 'Idol' and Adele



    Belieber: The 11 Greatest Superfan Communities

    Rolling Stone Magazine Rates the Fans!

    For my little sister downunder! Miss seeing this avi!

    RockStar Weekly Magazine Contest!

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    Adamquotedaily LOL Michael Douglas is playing Liberace with Matt Damon as his lover in a new movie... they are gearing up for the kissing scenes TY AL!

    adamlambert For those of you who don't already have it, the Aftermath Billboard Remix is finally featured on iTunes!!!

    mindchnger @adamlambert so @terra_zephead figured out the repeating part in the remix: DAY WAN from "so don't look back on yesterDAY WANna scream out"

    mydangdang @adamlambert Glam Nation DVD Blu Ray pre order on Amazon $20.99

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    The new Ultimate Idol Contest is  Adam vs. Jordin


    Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

    Posted by @tommyjoeratliff

    Tommy Joe Ratliff and Monte Pittman with children for a Little Kids Rock event
                                                                     Thanks to @crazycraz09

    More  that were posted yesterday Here:


    RockStar Weekly Story by Lisa

    Adam Lambert = Inspiration

    Before Adam Lambert I was a wife, mom of 3 boys, working part-time at a hospital, with no fun hobbies to do in my in-between time. I probably watched too much TV, did not get enough exercise and fought with my oldest son (20) too much. Looking back (pre-Adam) I think I was a pretty boring person with a boring life.

    Enter American Idol-Season 8-Adam Lambert

    By the time April rolled around, I had already purchased, my 1st time ever, fusion IPOD and immediately had my youngest son start putting all of Adam's tunes on there from Idol and pre-Idol (Upright Cabaret, Citizen Vein). I bought 2 concert tickets for the Idol tour that summer (1st concerts I attended in a LONG time)

    I went shopping again. I mean SHOPPING for earrings (that I stopped wearing for years), nail polish, cool, funky clothes and accessories....jewlery. My hair got styled, cut and colored. I was talking to my neice about bands, singers, music. This was new.

    It was new too that from the past 2 years, I have traveled (concerts!!!), danced (like never before), lost 30lbs, have NOT fought with my oldest son as much (learned to accept the path he has chosen for himself-however rocky it might be for himself) but, most of all, my happiness is 100x noticeable then before.

    It radiates! People see that. I smile more! I like myself ALOT more! I am a happier, funner person, ready and waiting for the next life experience.

    Adam Lambert's voice inspires me...

    Adam Lambert's music inspires me...

    Adam Lambert being Adam Lambert inspires me.....

    (yes, you can blog this)

    (Thanks so much Lisa!  I'm am sure there are so many (including me) who can relate to your experience!)

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    Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

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    1. Great post Gloria~I am home from work today with a migraine and this was the cure!!!

    2. Adam !!! YOUR HAIR belongs in the Mile High Club- lol- I love you ! Another great Glambert story... Thanks Gloria xoxo

    3. So many pics! I'm exhausted looking at them all - lol. Well - Adam looks spectacular - it's not everyone's favorite look - and I can sympathize - but, let's say, he stands out in a crowd. Can also sympathize with those who miss the "old" - more boyish - Adam. Was looking at the tribute vid of Allison's 19th birthday and having pangs about that wonderful AI tour - already almost two years ago. But, my theory - such as it is - is that Adam is graduating to a world star and his look is changing with it. I'm sure the goatee with go eventually, but still, he's a man now and no longer a boy. (And those boots are sure making the media rounds - only Glambert could rock those.) Did Kesha remove her high heels and put on lower ones for the presentation? If so, wonder why. Wonderful seeing Monte and TJ together - what great guys. Enjoying the inspiration articles so very much - Adam definitely affects his fans in a good way - as I can attest. Thanks again, Gloria, for your outstanding work here and keeping us all happy every day - you're a sweetheart - Luv, Lee

    4. beautiful pics today and love the oe of tommy and the little girl yoo cute.thank you

    5. Back again - sometimes news pops up at the end of the day. Well, Adam's hair is definitely making the rounds - media have really highlighted it (pun?)- his pic and gorgeous mane are all over the place making waves (oh, god, not another pun). Boots are getting mentions, too - like how many guys could rock those. Anyhow - all good - keeps him out there till the single drops. And the ASCAP vid with Ke$ha - hilarious - was she looped? Think she's pretty much always that way. But Adam - mmmm - elegant and classy - very nice. Tweets saying how sweet and nice he is - no wonder people like working with him. Dr. Luke and Max M seem to really like him - and how could they not! He's got music "in the can" apparently - must be hard to choose for the album. So hard to wait. 'night, G - luv, lee

    6. Helló! Nézz be hozzám!Pusz


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