Saturday, 16 April 2011

Adam's Concerned!

Seriously amazing pictures thanks to @negativeneil!

Does he know Mercury is retrograde and what does that mean in reference to riding an elephant?

Negative Neil (Neil Lambert) riding an elephant 

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Here's the Canyons singing The Truth and WWFM !


Aww Adam!  Don't worry!

Don't Sweat It!
Thanks to @MetalEmpress for posting

 Don't Snarl at the Universe!

Don't Be Angry!

Taken from AdamOfficial

and please don't cry!

Adam Lambert concludes an Idol performance with a tearful look
                                                    Screencap from Fox

 adamlambert Arg mercury is heavy duty retrograde.


and the first thing that came to my mind was "I wonder what Dadbert will say?"

milestougeaux @adamlambert To make matters worse Uranus is in Aries which actually sounds painful. Venus is still in furs though.

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Did you listen to the UK Radio Show yet?  I'm sharing this with all my friends, especially those who don't get this Adam thing!


Watch it on youtube here:

(four parts plus about one second on the fifth!)


Places to Vote Today!

Me too! HannaBec I thought Adam & Allison's duet was much better than Casey & Haley's.

xwhatfunx Only 2 days left to vote Adam Lambert in this category, at #3 now! (@adamlambert)



Article in Broken Record Magazine
                            Click to enlarge...   Thanks to @adamlamberthelp

Three Pictures by @LeeCherry

Adam Lambert faces his audience in this photograph by Lee Cherry

Adam Lambert is regal as he is surrounded by his dancers. Photo by Lee Cherry. 

A crowd awaits the arrival of Adam Lambert. 

Can't wait for Glam Nation #2!


Adam at 1:38


Not sure where this is from
Thanks to our Finnish tranlator @Riinukka from Katri! and all of us!
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Thanks to Is_Tutka  photographer

Posted yesterday too...



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @catcherofdreamz

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Adam Lambert 101:  An introduction

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Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

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  1. Our boy is almost there!! Adam is our one in a million!!!
    Thanks foranother great post Gloria!!!

  2. Thank you for the great posts - all of them!

  3. Toivon Adam tekisi kesäkiertueensa!

  4. I love to see your blogs on my feed everyday. It makes me so happy to see all the news that is going on. You do such amazing work, so thank you for everything.

    Amazing post today. Love that you add Sauli and Katri news also! Just simply beautiful!


  5. Kim's Finnish comment translates to I wish Adam would make the summer tour!

  6. I hope Ad is OK...that tweet concerned me :( Can't bear the thought of him being troubled. I love that first pic of Lee's. Adam bathed in the blue light...his arms are to D.I.E. for. Sauli & Katri look cute in those costumes. Love the new drawing of Tommy. That is gorgeous! Thanks for the great post. I'm going to check out the pre-Idol page later on today :)

  7. i wonder why i wasn't following u already O.o love ur blog xD

  8. At this time the planet Mercury represents our mind, the ability to communicate, how we think, the space or inhabited environments, the everyday and the brothers is in a Retrograde position. This retrograde Mercury is transiting the sign of Aquarius and its symbolism refers to the scientific, technological, liberty, equality, fraternity, intellectual, human, modern. Well represent the institutions or organizations that handle a high technological component, for whom the creative and expressive freedom is a requirement and a necessity in the example we would have radio communication media like TV.

  9. I find Adam so fascinating I can't imagine I ever looked at life any other way. I'm in love not only with him but his adamazing MIND! And thank goodness Gloria we have your site to fill our heart, senses & to drool. Thxs a adamillionare!

  10. As always, thank you for another wonderful blog. I always come here to get my Adam Fix!! Pictures, videos, articles...yours is the best blog out there!! Dorothy

  11. I'm addictive to your page. Opening your blogs every morning belongs to my morning routine the same way as my morning coffee...Day simply cannot start without your updates, photos and comments. Thank you so much for the care:)

  12. Thanks for being such a wonderful source of Adam information every day!


  13. LOVE the "Adam in 50 Interviews" clip! Have seen it before but always enjoy seeing it again.

  14. Uranus in Aries sounds better than Aries in Uranus to me, just a personal choice, but either way, hope things are okay for Adam. Perhaps he is a little frustrated about something or another...or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I volunteer to give him an encouraging hug, regardless!
    Does anyone recall which edition of Broken Record that article is in? I see you can back order...
    Katri and Sauli in Vegas - hysterical! I enjoy your blog very much! Keep bringing it!

  15. Adam our sweaty golden glittery glam god! :) ♥ Thanks for all the news everyday! :)

  16. I love your blog! Thanks for continually keeping us updated! :)


  17. Your Adam updates are the best, really! Thank you soooo much!

  18. Love your blog & all the love you show Adam and the glam gang <3

  19. I don want any gifts Adam,just be happy,and love your fans including me :D That's the best prize you can ever give us!

  20. Cornelia Dottavio16 April 2011 at 15:43

    Resumee: Adam will give me another sleepless night with the radio-transmission.

    Sauli and Katri went back to "flower-power" fashion - very californian

    And Tommy Joe Ratliff just leaves breathless with theses pics

    Thanks for all the amazing things you posted here. Xoxo

  21. I think the picture of Sauli may be recent, from his & Katri's trip to the Grand Canyon, filmed for their show.

  22. thanks for keeping me updated on all things Adam related. Can't imagine starting a day without reading your blog...Liz

  23. Your blog makes me so happy every day! You have the best Adam site. MUAH!!!

  24. Beautiful pics today! Love the pic of Sauli and Katri dressed up as hippies...they're really getting into the California swing of things. LOVE your blog!

  25. Thank your for all the great information on Adam. You do a fantastic job of keeping us informed.........

  26. you wow me as always love the picture of neil on the elephant that was amazing. Plus the pic of Tommy that Kara took was beautiful. Thank you for all you do I know you must spend lots of time and energy into putting this together and I for one appreciate it very much. Big Glittery hugs. can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for us.

  27. Thank you for all your work on this blog!
    That Black and white screencap from AI.. <3

  28. Once again I'm so thankful for all your work! Visit the page at least once a day but I rarely find the time to post a comment... But thank you so much!!! Love from Sweden <3

  29. Dee wallace, Canada16 April 2011 at 18:26

    Is our poor Adam troubled by miscommunication or are we misinterpreting? Oh such mysteries of life...........

  30. This has got to be the best blog around I love it!! :P

  31. Thanks for all the info, as a shut in I miss some of the stuff going on & you keeep me caught up. You do such a wonderful job & always make my day. squirleen

  32. Still don't get that astrology tweet lol
    But I love the new pics of Neil, seems like he's having fun in Asia :D

  33. weee they're sexy <3

  34. So much Adam & those around him greatness in this entry (as always). Love the pics of Neil on the elephants, Katri & Sauli hippy pics, Lee Cherry GNT, TJR B&W, the new Pre-Idol page, just... everything! Can't wait to celebrate when our man becomes Adamillionaire on Twitter. So glad I signed up to get email from you months ago. Thank you & Aguariussue7 for your work in putting this together for fans everyday. *Hugs* :)

    ~ Karen (Karababy42)

  35. Love checking out your Adam updates each day

  36. Excellent blog as always... great pics of Neil- great photography from Kara, such a cute pic of Sauli and that pic of BB when he's crying gets to me every single time! Thank you for all your hard work and devotion to this great blog! Much Love- Andrea - Powderpuffnails ~

  37. i serisoly love this blog!
    i check it out like every day(: its awsome!
    its all about adam, and everything to do with him!
    who ever made this, you totaly rock(:

  38. Everytime I think this blog can't get better you add new things like the pre idol Adam and the Sauli primer!!! Great job today. Love the sweaty Adam pic! Abbs

  39. Gloria:
    I totally love this blog. You present a bounty of information and images ASAP. Do you ever sleep? I especially want to thank you for creating a Sauli site within the site. As the man who has made Adam so sparkly and giggly, and with whom he shares heart eyes, Sauli has earned a place of honor in your Adam domain.

    Fun running into you during NZ Adam special today. Thanks for help with finding Adam's studio version of Crazy.

    Thanks for a delicious daily dose of Adam.

    Alice aka Plumcomm (Twitter), ali4adam (ALFC)

  40. Gloria,
    As always, your blog is awesome! What would we do without you!?!

    Thanks for fuelling my Adam and Co. Obsession daily and for being such a great friend!



  41. When I first discovered this blog, I seriously thought it was going to be JUST quotes from Adam. I remember thinking, 'Reading a few quotes from him each day should help me smile at least once a day.' I was certainly surprised when I found out it was more than just a few daily quotes. My sister enjoys reading this blog over my shoulder.

  42. Hi, I think the Sauli pic is from Grand Canyon. Katri has also a new fb pic taken there. Thank you for your blog!

  43. I love your blog. It makes me feel better everytime I read it. Thank you so much ! This time I loved the most the video of Adam's interviews. Good job !

  44. I am not surprised about Mercury! Tons of computer issues here, and 2 tornadoes! Crazy!

  45. Thank you for a fantastic blog! And thank you ever so much for posting my radio show here for people to hear - enormously appreciated!

    You're right: it is aimed entirely at those who don't 'get' Adam or who have never heard of him before, and I'm beyond thrilled that so many of his fans are behind it to and say they also enjoyed it - couldn't have asked for more!

    Thanks again!

  46. Always enjoy this blog! Can't get enough of Adam's photos and videos. Feel like I'm in limbo waiting for the next CD, sighting, and even better...another GNT.

  47. Your blog is the best! Every time I get the email I get I get excited quite often thanks to you...and of couse majorly thanks to Adam.

    Love and Light!!!


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