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Adam Lambert: Ultimate Idol Forever!

For Everyone who voted on the Ultimate Idol Poll

Here's what I promised!


Read what the RCA Mod wrote on AO:

There's been some indulging of the voters during this quieter time, and voting threads have remained in Adam Discussion that normally would have been moved, but we are now heading into a busier time with concert announcements, ticket sales, etc. and I've been advised to move voting threads of a specific nature to the Voting Lounge once again.



Closeup of smiling Adam Lambert wearing Invisiline braces

Netmeg99_ ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉♥
 ▓░▒▓░▒▓░▒ADAM IS THE ULTIMATE IDOL▓░▒▓░▒▓░ ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉¨*♥ஜ♥*¨❉♥ஜ

I need to make appointments with my chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychiatrist and drug dealer today...

              but it's all so worth it cause Adam won!
         (kidding....I think!)


View of the Hollywood hills and Adam Lambert's beautiful swimming pool 

Adam Lambert's close friend Danielle dances with Leo in Adam's beautiful pool 
Danielle and Friend Thanks to @kiwinatasja

LeoMoctezuma @adamlambert So much fun last night.... thanks for leting me be "That Guy" bahahaha. I think I danced my self to sleep. LMAO! :p Luv ya.

(12PM Sunday PST)

 jam2885 So judging from Leo's tweet, I'm gonna say that mystery pool/house picture yesterday was Adam's house.

Adam Lambert, Danielle, Sauli, and Riff Cherry
                                                Danielle wearing the same clothes


I'm told they fixed it but the original article said Miranda Lambert married Adam Lambert this weekend!

Here comes the bride: funny photo of Adam Lambert and Miranda Lambert getting married!
THanks to @Joji387

Read the Name of the Groom in this Article

Adam is really full of surprises!

.kawaiiMimiChan That awkward moment when @adamlambert and miranda lambert are married and she remembers he had named her the worst dressed in TheGrammys2010


Adam Lambert is beautifully dressed in black with gold chains in this photo from the Idol days
Love this look!

Q102Philly Drum Roll please........The WINNER of our ULTIMATE @americanidol Bracket is.........

Adam Lambert has been voted the Ultimate Idol!

Adam Lambert has been voted the Ultimate Idol!

Adam Lambert has been voted the Ultimate Idol!

@adamlambert has been voted as the ULTIMATE IDOL! YES!!

Since we are all going to be in Voting Withdrawal, please do this a few times a day!

Please write in Adam's name for the Billboard Fan Favorite Award. Voting ends May 20.

Let's get this for him.

Beautiful Drawing by @IHEART_TOMMYJOE


For all you voters who were bribed by a password, I'm working on the page right now.  Check back here for more information shortly.

Haha!  I've been called many things but I like this one the best!

Scorpios4Adam I only did this voting cause @adamquotedaily bribed me, btw. #bribeworthy

libradoodle @Scorpios4Adam @adamquotedaily Yeah maybe we should trend #adamquotedaily - she is a Siren Temptress :)

SapphireNight9 @adamquotedaily THANK YOU for providing the initiative to finally swing the bloody poll round!!! I've been voting on 3 pages for the last..

I was happy to make a little difference when we needed inspiration to move past those Archie fans but you guys did it so

Thank you!

Adam and Leila dancing at Prince Concert  Thanks to @lilybop2010

New (to me) pic of Sauli thanks to @lilybop2010

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

GIF from @RisingMagazine interview via @tjrpics


Request:  If you sent me your story and I haven't published it, send me an email cause I totally lost track!

Story of Adam Inspiration

I am @lynnshulman on twitter

How Adam inspired my life - wow

I have always considered myself spiritual and believe in God.

For a period of 25 years I spent a great deal of time with a fundamentalist Bible-believing group believing homosexuality a perversion and a sin against God. During this time I met and married my husband who shared the same beliefs. I don't know, I just didn't think, just thought it was the truth. I was never really a church-goer, but just tried to make sense of life in general and this made the most sense to me at the time.

My husband and I had a falling away from this fundamentalist group as a great many of the people we knew moved away and we lost touch. Just hanging in limbo with the beliefs we were taught but not really doing anything with it.

I never really watched Idol before, but I think I was channel surfing one night and started watching it and really got hooked to one particular performer that year, 2009.

Adam Lambert.

I started looking at everything about him on line, videos, audios, photos- everything and the more I saw, the more I wanted. You know how it is....... LOL.

I went to see him for the first time in concert in Milwaukee. I just remember being in the audience enjoying the show and him, when - and this is what I felt really was the turning point for my life, and lifestyle - I was hearing him sing acoustic Aftermath.

Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play.
....You're not alone.....

I really felt that he was reaching into my soul and telling me it was OK, he is there for me, holding my hand leading me to areas unfamiliar and scary, but a change I know I have to make!

I cannot describe exactly how it happened, possibly an Adam miracle spiritual healing.

 I no longer believe what I used to - I have been freed from those old entanglements of hate/judgment. I am now free to love and do love people for their differences. At the same time, I am still spiritual connected with God in a better way than ever!

Believe it or not, my husband fought me on this, wondering why I had changed everything I was propounding for so many years just because of Adam Lambert. I just said, I have been spiritually awakened and don't feel God wants us to hate. God is a God of Love and that is what I am going to focus on from now on, plus if you really follow Adam that is what he is doing too!

Thanks to Adam, I have friends of all orientations now and that is just how I want it!

I wish I could meet him in person to tell him..... there are other ways he has "saved" me, but I will wait for another time.

Thank you so much Lynne.. I think Adam would love your story because he helped to open your mind! And your story is one that makes me want to keep spreading Adam's awesomeness for ever!

Have you read this article about Kris and Adam?

It gives me so much hope! ( I'm not Christian)


Information/Resource Pages

New Page- Check it out! Adam's Pre-Idol Music

Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)

Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. Gloria, I say whatever it takes to get the job done, Glamberts are up to the task. Adam won because Adam deserves it and his fans know that. Next up:
    Peace, love and I hope my head doesn't explode before all this voting is done.

  2. Spectacular news!!!

    Re Billboard: Am I doing something wrong? There is no longer an "other" category nor a place to write Adam's name, nor even to vote. What is going on here? If you know I would be very appreciative.

  3. Gloria....Thanks so much for the inspiration to vote for Adam over the last few days. So glad everyone voted so hard for him. We really are the Best Fans!!
    Thanks for the great blog also, you always have the best and most up to date info.

  4. DJ

    I just went on the page. Go to the very bottom of the list of names. I found the other box . Click and type Adam Lambert.


  5. Reading Lynne's story, I continue to be amazed at the force for good that Adam is. And, again, congratulations to all the dogged, fierce voters for Ultimate Idol - no man deserves it more. Love you all - Lee

  6. Dear Siren Temptress - I hate polls, I hate polls, I hate polls, I hate polls......but I hate Adam losing more, so WTH to do? Vote!!! (@libradoodle)

  7. DJ ..Re: Billboard..I have the same problem as you..the "Other" to write Adam's name is buried. So just left click your mouse, hold down and drag to bottom of list and the other catagory will appear to type his name and submit. Hope this helps.

  8. Gloria- I missed all the fun and excitement yesterday, darn real life. So happy the final push ended with Adam being crowned the Ultimate if there was ever any doubt. Thanks for always starting my day with all the Adam news and fantastic photos.


  9. Gloria, HELP!!! I tried to access the other article you sent and whatever I do, nothing works!! Could you please tell me what to do, what to click on,and whatever else I need to do to read this article. You have definitely piqued my interest. Thanks, DeeDee

  10. DeeDee

    Try this (copy and paste)

  11. dear adamquote//I am your frequent reader and subscriber to you blog, and I love it..but I could not get in your latest link "interesting article and pictures, because it needed password? please,help me.. my name is puteri..

  12. Puten

    The link at the top of this page takes you to the explanation and password.

    Let me know if you need help.

  13. After looking at your special post, Gloria, and seeing Sauli's au natural pic, can see why Cam said that Adam is "smitten with Sauli." Beautiful boy. Takes one to know one.
    And fascinating stuff you posted there - as I noted, the fanfics are unbelievable in number - what this man provokes in women's (mostly) imaginations is utterly fascinating. Is it that he's beautiful and unattainable, therefore (as he himself suggested) something we can only fantasize about? Whatever it is, it's a lotta fun. Thanks again, Gloria - Lee


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