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Adam and Leila mentioned on THE INSIDER



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adamlambert    Harem Pants. All over runways the past few seasons. Why do they get policed and always called 'MC HAMMER PANTS' #getwithitcritics

Adam Lambert sporting harem pants in these shots from Wango Tango in Los Angeles, 2010
                                                                      What's not to love!?!

Interesting fact:  The shirt Adam is wearing is SOLD OUT!  Give this man more clothes!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen arrive for a concert by Prince 
Pucker Faces, Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Sauli Koskinen with Leila, Adam Lambert's mom 
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Sauli's been taking lessons
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Adam Lambert wearing a hoodie on his way to the Prince concert 
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Adam Lambert, his mom Leila, and Sauli Koskinen 
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Somebody looks very tired
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7


Sauli Pictures from a Modeling Website



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You saw the pictures... now spend the next ten minutes voting!


Adam must win!

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Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

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  1. I have been voting... frequently. But, would someone tell me why a radio station promo gimmick is so important?
    What does Adam get out of it? Now we are voting against children (I believe that's Archies fan base). Why?

  2. Q102 radio is the one major station that seems to believe in Adam. They left IIHY on their nightly countdown list for a very long time. They were the one to put it on their current night countdown list. That is a way to get Aftermath on the radio. Plus they posted so much Adam on the voting page it just seems every Glambert should vote, Q102 seems to be stating their pick.
    I don't look at this poll as a useless poll. Besides at this point I feel it is Adam vs- multiple fan groups. When I vote I imagine that I am building a shield to protect Adam, time for us Glamberts to do this. We have stated so much that Adam is the best, this is our time to do it for him.

  3. Crazy pics today - all those pucker faces - so funny - what's going on - lol. And Sauli with the tongue thingee - cracked me up. Was this the Mother's Day brunch with all the Bloody Marys? Might explain a lot - cackle. Luv, Lee

  4. P.S. Unless you're Aladdin, I hate harem pants - even on the gorgeous one. Lee

  5. P.P.S. Like and agree with what Anonymous said about Q102 radio at 7:51 AM - voted yesterday and will do it again today. Lee

  6. I am the one who posted all the reasons we should vote at Q102.
    I didn't mention that Adam was asked to be at Q102 Jingle Ball as another reason. Another parallel is Q102 is major as is Z100 and Z100 seems to be just the opposite in the way they treat Adam.
    Plus as I was voting I realized I wanted to update my thoughts with the fact that on AO the mods throw the voting threads into VVL. They have left the Q102 voting threads stay, two of them...my assumption is that they also must give merit to the poll.
    As of now 12:05 ET Tuesday the poll is 50.14%, and that is bad news if all Glamberts don't devote some time to this as a group, Adam's Glamberts. The % has been sinking all day....

  7. Here's why NOT to vote in the Q102 poll and where to vote instead, where your votes actually have significance. Q102 does support Adam a lot. There are two other places on the site where you can vote for him and have a daily result on getting his songs played:

    1) http://www.q102.com/pages/top-10-at-10.html

    Adam fans have been voting here and getting Aftermath Remix played on the count-down a few times a week -- the Q102 top 10 at 10 is one of the only places where it is getting radio play in the US. The Q102 twitter has encouraged, and praised Adam fans for this. It has been getting on the count-down LESS since this idol poll started, because fandom's attention has turned elsewhere.

    2) http://www.q102.com/pages/takeover.html

    The Q102 takeover. You can add Adam's songs to this, and then vote them up to get played more often by hitting the green arrow. Fans have also gotten airplay this way. WWFM is on today's takeover, you can vote it up now.

    This is what @Q102 has said about the idol vote:

    "it's a fun poll for fans" there is no prize or reward. They aren't going to play anyone who wins more (really? Archie or Clay?)

    The problem with spamming twitter with this is it's like the boy who cried wolf. People get annoyed and unfollow, or filter out "vote" and then when polls with actual benefits come along, they get ignored.

    RCA has tweeted about writing Adam into this Billboard Award (the show, and awards for some categories are televised): http://bit.ly/lvmwsj

    you can ctrl P to cut and paste in his name quickly, and vote multiple times.

    Vote for the idol poll if you want to, but my advice is use your time efficiently, and don't do it unless you are voting the same amount or more on polls with tangible benefits where Adam is competing against contemporary pop stars, not no-names within the idol bubble.


  8. Ì voted for an hour continuously with 4 windows open. It didn't seem to make much difference. I'm not a defeatist, especially where Adam is concerned but it seems that either the poll isn't accurate (Which I suspect is true - reasons if interested) or we need Adam himself to tweet the link. Maybe Q102 could tweet the link to both Adam and David (for fairness). KarenPendragon

  9. Yes, the poll is sinking - just spent about ten-plus minutes voting and it still went down. Was a fairly big jump. How do we send out a Glambert Alert! Lee

  10. Just keep doing whatever you can... we are in this for the long haul.. do not panic...

  11. I can’t speak for anyone else but when I started voting it was just another fun poll (as Q102 intended it to be). I’m from Malaysia and this local station poll wasn’t supposed to mean much. I acknowledge that Q102 has been and is a strong supporter of Adam and this was also my way of supporting them with the hits. Believe me the marketing stats on this poll is going to be great for their advertising.

    Then it was against Clay and the competitiveness set in. NO WAY was I going to let Adam lose to Clay. Now it’s Archie. I like Archie but the idea of a headline that “Archie beats Adam for Ultimate Idol” is incongruous to me.

    So I will wake up a little earlier, take shorter lunch breaks, spend less time browsing other sites, open 10 windows at a time and keep voting for this week.

    Question: anyone have any thoughts about the fact that this ties Adam back to Idol yet again? I have mixed feelings about that (which I will sort out only after the poll is over)

  12. hi, so... maybe I was confused, dissenting opinions aren't posted? I thought the links I included might be useful info for those voting to support Adam. (And I kinda wish I'd made a copy of my earlier comment so I could post the voting links elsewhere).


  13. Adamquotedaily10 May 2011 at 18:44


    Not sure where your comment went but I did not see it. Sorry!


  14. We're voting for Q102 ultimate idol because:
    Q102 give Adam great support and - we've got Adam this far, why on earth stop now!!

  15. aw Sauli is to cute i just want to squeeze him he is so adorable. love all the new pics and have to say sorry to the beautiful one but to us old people those will always be MC Hammer pants sorry. also not ure who won the magazine contest but congrats to you all and what beautiful stories everyone wrote they were all amazing and they inspiredsd me alot. love you all and hugs.

    Gloria as always you are amazing and i adore you for the hard work you do here. love ya nad big hugs

  16. Anonymous at 3:13, Adam will always have a tie to Idol because that is where he chose to go to help establish his career and that cannot be erased. He was invited to appear on Idol twice...then when he has made his opinions regarding current contestants public knowledge there is no way to ignore Adam being associated with Idol. (I am tired and maybe I should just shut up, hope this is making sense). But personally it would break my heart for Adam to come in second on this poll...remember when he won that award in Canada when he stated he usually comes in second, the pain of finale night Season 8 still haunts me sometimes...I voted by redialing for 4 solid hours with just 10 votes getting through to be counted~
    I better get back to the poll...

  17. Since we got this far on the Q102 poll it would be silly to give up now! Although the poll I think might be more important is the Billboard fan voted thingy. It will be much harder to win against the Gaga fans tho.


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