Friday, 20 May 2011

Walking to the Car!

Translation of Sauli talking about interesting stuff 

On Friday 20th May 2011,  said:
I made some proper translations of those bits about paps & A&S's size difference, Sauli's way to speak is so funny :D Didn't edit.. just wrote what i heard.¤t=aalto2005.mp4

7.52-8.30 "Well yeah paparazzis have been this week like.. we go to eat lunch and they're everywhere. Or I just went to add more color on my tat and they came there too.. or actually we were there together. Now you can really understand how there are new pap pics from the US all the time , the paps are everywhere and you need to be a bit sneaky to get away from them. Well of course I have no problem when I'm somewhere just by myself.. But then again people know if i'm out with ~someone else then you just need to..well.. move a little faster lol"

8.30-9.22 "Oh I almost forgot i needed to say this.. it was funny when i read.. hmm which Finnish media was that.. Mtv3's entertainment news! "CHECK OUT HILARIOUS PICS: Sauli and Adam's size difference!!" was the headline and I was like oh shit now they made me sound like some pygmy in there.. But well..if you take a look at those pics carefully.. and now there are new pics already where you can see that the size difference isn't THAT big really. in those "hilarious pics" I was walking a bit behind (Ellen: mmm-m) and the ~other one may have a little bit bigger hair.. And you can also take a look at those shoes of Adam's.. they may have an ~inch more of a heel than my shoes.. Maybe I should wear some high heels next time too.. I can surprise you next time and wear some stiletto heels and some nice summer dress"

More here:

Sauli you are priceless! LOL!


adamlambert Saw BRIDESMAIDS tonight w my boyfriend

and @TommyJoeRatliff. We laughed sooo hard. it's

hilarious. (and I had the best Carmel corn....yummy)

(12PM PST)

IHRTADAM Mornin'! I see we have a "boyfriend" this morning :) We've had "my guy" recently. Won't be long before we get an undeleted Sauli \O/


adamlambert @isitreallybilly at first it was flattering. Now


like , "who the hell wants a boring 

picture of me walking to my car?"

Sorry Adam but WE do!

Hope that you can figure out a way to deal with the


How about  you tweet us a picture of

 you and Sauli daily and we agree not to look at the Pap


Adam Lambert walking to his Ford Mustang 

Closer view of Adam Lambert's key tattoo

Adam Lambert walking to his car, May 2011. Good view of the feather necklace. 

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen share a laugh. 


  More Here:

The man in white: Adam Lambert performs in white in Fishkill, New York 

Thanks to @Glambert4371 
Kfest June 2010


So True!
Monterrific @adamlambert instead of a Finale, they could call it the American Idol Hoedown! It could be like Hee Haw.

adamlambert @Monterrific yeeehaw! American Country Idol. ;)


Love that these three men like to talk to each other on twitter!

milestougeaux @negativeneil gotta say i was a tad miffed Ad didnt offer me your bad cop position for Mother Russia gig

negativeneil @milestougeaux You can't pronounce 'nyet' with as much conviction as I can.

adamlambert @milestougeaux @negativeneil haha well i didn't know u needed a gig... Hahah
To me it sounds like Neil will be in Moscow??
Great publicity photo of Adam Lambert and the company of If I Had You

Voting Links

I've given the voting issue some thought and here is what I have arrived at.  The only links I am going to promote  are ones that have some benefit for Adam.  Does the poll give him more fans, more sales, more exposure?

We worked very hard at the Ultimate Idol poll and of course, Adam won. We know that Adam is the greatest Idol contestant ever. So, I do not see the point in taking part in any more Idol related polls.  I think that Adam has moved well beyond that and the only thing most of them will do is create animosity among Glamberts and other fan groups.  

The Q102 poll was for us, not Adam.  I asked the station if they would play some of the winner's music and they said that the poll was just for fun. Also notice that Adam did not tweet anything about this win.  

 I think if we stick together as a group and refuse to take part in polls that aren't offering some benefit to the winner, we may cause some of the poll creators to think more in order to gain hits for themselves.

In the future, if you ask me to promote a contest, I will ask you what is in it for Adam. If there is a benefit, I will vote and promote and do whatever I can to help.

Each person, of course, can make there own decision about what they want to do in each case.  I just do not want to waste any of my Adam time on things that are not important.

Let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.


Very Last Day!

Type "Adam Lambert" in the Other Box!

Glambert3753 Faster to reload the actual Billboard voting page ( each time versus Vote Again and Click Here To Vote.

(True.. so vote and then click on the link!)

Canadian Fans: MUCHMUSIC nominated adamlambert's

 IIHY mv as the most watched video of the year. Watch this 

mv to vote.


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In celebration of the 1,000,000th visit to my blog site, I am giving away three gifts. 

Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog from today until I hit that milestone will be entered in a random draw for a special Adam related gift from me.

So, leave me a comment, message or just say hi!

Probably will happen by Monday and maybe sooner if these Pap pics keep appearing!

Thanks so much. I'm very excited to be able to do this for all of us and hopefully am helping to spread a little bit extra Adam love all around the world.

Leave a comment!

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Wish this could have happened!

LiamMcEwan Apparently Michael Jackson wanted to meet Adam Lambert. #Amazing

Listen to Liam's one hour show on Saturday 7PM EST ! He is interviewing  Steve Grey


Adam Lambert getting his key tattoo

Tattoo Story




Translation of latest Is_Tutka Show


Great Front Row Videos thanks to The Original Frodo on ALFC


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Handsome Tommy Joe Ratliff by  catcherofdreamz

This one is so good...Remember? Thanks to @virg1877 for reminding me


Information/Resource Pages

Interesting Articles and Pictures   

Adam's Pre-Idol Music

Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)

Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. Totally agree ! We love seeing him, especially with Sauli, he looks so happy these days. I think we may be adding to his problem though, the paps probably know that we are clicking on all these photos, so they take more .. it is a vicious cycle, sorry Adam.

    However, if we just come HERE, and not go to the celeb sites, let you find them for us, it will cut down on the traffic.

    Your solution is best, just have Adam give us the pictures directly, simple ! 'cmon Adam !


  2. LOL - picture of the day! Love that. Hey, BB, stop complaining about the paps - they come with the territory - you'd miss them if they were gone. I love the fact that they're there - means you're is a STAR! And you look fab - so does Sauli - he has great forearms - beautiful build. Sorry the dancers aren't going with you to Moscow - should be a VERY interesting concert. Thanks for the late night blog, Gloria - can always count on you -Luv, Lee

  3. Think I may have put in a duplicate post. Please zap one - thanks, Lee

  4. Hi Lee.

    I have a new laptop and when I copied a few things from yesterday's post, the entire post was copied. Then when I deleted it, most of today's post was deleted. I have most of it back up again. It's a good experience for testing my memory and for anger management. haha!



  5. Love this blog! My morning good news. A smile every morning. The first thing I read. Thank you Gloria!

    I agree with you about the polls totally. I will follow your lead. This voting thing has gotten out of hand, IMO. I will do whatever it takes to help Adam, of course.

  6. Love that the TMZ presented Adam..."Rock Star Adam Lambert vs American Idol Blah Blah Blah! Adam- you are now a rock star based on a TMZ reporter. LOL

  7. I would dearly LOVE to walk in Adams shadow. Check out where Sauli put's his feet.


  8. Gloria, I agree with your take on the polls. Thanks again for your Blog. It is the best!! My first read every morning.

  9. that a ciggy pac in Sauli's hands? Gross! I really hope that just looks like it's cigs and isn't.

    I will say this though...I'm LOVING Adam's hair. It's fresh. And I also find it hilarious that he and Sauli kind of dress alike right now. You know that maybe it's intense when that's happening. LOL

    Thanks again Gloria for your AMAZING blog. LOVE IT!

    Rachael Q. (LoTr1985)

  10. Yes, love the "Rock Star" Adam - finally receiving the fame for himself and not a TV reality program. Agree with you, Gloria, about the polls and sorta annoyed with Q102's not playing the winner's music. You're right, too - if not a benefit for Adam, why bother. Love the pics of Adam and Sauli - definitely do a double (triple?) take watching those two gorgeous guys walking down the street. Thanks again for all you do - Lee

  11. KATHY@GLAMBERTSBULLIES20 May 2011 at 10:18

    I AGREE -and Thank-You for making this simple to make a choice to follow you...everything else I have for Info has been deleated+ you are my! I was disappointed in Billboard 2011 edition I got...only mention of Adam was that he got thrown out of LADY GAGA'S b-day bash...called him low on the Diva meter..
    no mention of his ADAMAZING yr. he has had!!Why do they keep ditzing him?He can look back +Know he was great then +now+ forever!!
    He needs to record a lullabye for his precious God son..+there will be alot of new MINI-ME-GLAMBERTS FOLLOWING HIM! Peace to u +yours!!

  12. Glorious,
    I think you are right about the polls. Only the ones that really matter.
    Is Adam going to be in Moscow during the Idol Finale?

  13. I love your blogs!!
    I view it everyday ..& look forward to my daily fix of Adam!
    Thank you!!
    And WOW!
    1 000 000 !!! something to celebrate!


  14. More pics! Yummy. Where do you get this great stuff? Love it. Lee

  15. Thank you for this wonderful site and for organizing us to vote. Glamberts are mostly a flailing, devoted, disorganized bunch, but when we are focused, man, the things we can accomplish.

    I agree about participating in polls that only directly benefit Adam in some way. That Q102 poll became about love overcoming hate and denying the haters further chance to spew their nastiness. For that reason, I'm glad we got the job done. No more Idol polls for me, ever. Moving onward and upward.

    It would also be nice if folks stopped giving that PH site hits and stopped following this unconscionable bully. His followers/site hit numbers validate and condone his hate. Please don't contribute to that.

    Looking forward to Russia gig. Hope we get vid!

  16. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the polls. If they're not promoting Adam, we don't have time for them, because promoting our BB is our only reason to be...Scootersmom

  17. Hi Gloria--DEFINETELY love your work that you do for us to keep us informed about Adam. I have saved ALL of your days on my laptop that I will put onto a disc just to keep. LOVE the pics and YES we DO like him doing WHATEVER--walking to car, bending over--ANYTHING!!!!! Just to see HIM!!!! Am very happy that he found Sauli and that he is in love--I thought they got matching tattoos, but that article said Sauli got a flower. He looks AMAZINGLY happy and relaxed. And I agree with you on the polls--the ones that matter and will benefit him are good. Will he be at the Billboard awards or not?? I sure hope our votes get him the Fan Favorite award--that would be AMAZING for him. You know how he LOVES his fans!!! Keep up the WONDERFUL work Gloria--I look forward to your emails every day!!!!
    Robin (

  18. Thanks as always for this fabulous website ... my home for "all things Adam" on the web! I agree with you about the polls. It's crazy for people to wear themselves out voting for something that won't even get Adam a few spins on the radio. Agree that we should apply our efforts where they will do the most good - like supporting Adam's music and evangelizing for new fans! :-)

  19. Absolutely right, Idol is over, done, moved on. It does him a diservice time compare him with another Idol contestant for he is superior to any male ever on the show. Notice jennifer Hudson is never call and Idol anything.

    Of course the Radio station never played Adam's musc after he won. The music is all programmed at a national level, the local stations have no say. The poll was a fun diversion but no more !

  20. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while, but for some reason haven't commented before! I know it's a bit fickle to post now you have a competition going on, but what the hell!
    Thanks so much for putting this together for us everyday. It saves me so much time on twitter, where I would otherwise be going through endless back-tweets on my feed to figure out what's been happening in this crazy Glamily!
    I agree with you re the polls as well; it seemed like everyone was going crazy over that 'Ultimate Idol' poll but me!

  21. Thanks for this great site. Your daily e-mail is the first one I open each day.
    I totally agree with your stance on the polls. I was very annoyed with the time-consuming 4-week bracket poll that didn't even honor Adam as the ultimate winner by playing more of his music. So many of these polls seem designed to perpetuate fan wars in order to give their sites more hits. They offer nothing much for the artist in return. Boo on that!
    I really hope we are effective in scoring the Billboard Fan Fav Award for him. Is there any other artist as loved as Adam is?

  22. Thanks for my daily fix of everything Adam and all the hard work you put into finding all these great photos. If I loose my job drooling over this site, I blame you. Just kidding. Cheers!

  23. Hi Gloria,

    Leaving a comment on your site for the time. I want you to reach the 1,000,000 visitor mark! Not in hope to get a gift from you as you provide plenty every day. Just to say million thanks for everything you do.


  24. haha i can agree with you on a picture a day that would be awesome. I also love that Adam went to the movies with Sauli and Tommy lucky man getting to hang with to cute boys i'm jealous. anyways great job as always and you totally spoil us so much but we do love it and i adore you. hugs

  25. Jacki @AdamMaksMeSmile20 May 2011 at 13:54

    Gloria, thank you so much for keeping me up to date on everything Adam does. There are days when I don't have time to check all my tweets. On those days, I make sure to at least check your blog & tweets. You always have Adam's current tweets up also, so your blog is a one stop shop! Thank you soooo very much for devoting so much time to making such an Absolutely Wonderful blog about our Angel Adam! I hope that more and more people out there will discover your blog and they will be touched by Adam's loving nature and Outstanding Voice, etc.
    The pics you post are always the best quality - thank you @aquariussue7
    Today's post is Amazing as always!!! :D:D:D
    Much Love to you both,
    Jacki @AdamMaksMeSmile

  26. It's sooo wonderful to see Adam happy & I LOVED the Bowie Medley! Adam IS awesome!!!!

  27. My comment on the walking to the car pictures:

    There he goes, my baby walks so slow, Sex-U-al
    tic tack toe, Yeah I know we both know, it isn't time,no But could you be m-mine?

  28. We're suckers for Adam's pics aren't we! *sigh* Despite his comments about the paps he appears to have been as friendly as he always is. He's not faking that smile. It's why we love him. Oh and thank you for reminding of us of those Kfest pics. Sooo hot. I completely agree about the Polls. I felt a kind of exhaustion after Q102 and was disappointed that it didn't seem to mean anything, so when I started seeing more polls I thought, enough is enough. I think if the 'right people' promote them then I will participate.

    Thank you as always ladies. xxx

  29. I agree with your decision on the polls. They seem to have mushroomed and every site is running one. Just pick important ones (ie, what they can do for Adam) and let the others go.

    I admire and appreciate all the work you put into your blog -- love every bit. Thank you for making each day enjoyable.

  30. 20 May, 2011 8:23 AM <<<This is my post as anonymous and I just saw that I forgot to add my Twitter name at the end. EtrnlGlamNation

  31. I really enjoy this site. It was recommended to me by another Adam fan. It is great for keeping up with my man. Keep up the good work.

  32. I love re-visiting the vids of Adam on the Idol tour - he was super-hot!

    Luv Scorpios4adam's comment on the walking to the car pics - oh yeah baby! He and Sauli are cute together, always.

    Here's my opinion on tats: not crazy about them in general. On Adam, however, they're OK because having them obviously makes him happy and when he's happy, I'm happy! Apparently the key has some special significance for him; maybe he'll tell us what that is. Or maybe not. Once is a while he tweets some pretty revealing personal info and aren't we glad for that? Whatever he wants to divulge, I'm all ears hee hee.
    Sharron from MO eldopeanut61

  33. Gloria,

    I love your site. So thoughtful and smart. I really like the way you present Adam info straight up with no judging, plus your affection for the man is so obvious.

    Are you Canadian BTW?

    Me I'm bi (American/Canadian)

  34. Hey Ms Bi. I am Canadian and live near Toronto. Can you pls give me your name so you can be entered in the contest.



  35. Hi! =)
    I just got to say that your blogs are AWESOME! They never fail to put a smile on my face. The videos are great and the pics are mesmerizing. Also they also make me proud to be an Adam fan. Keep up the great work and don't ever stop!!!!

    I'm TenaciousGLAM on Twitter. =)

  36. Dear Gloria,

    Congrats on 1,000,000 hits on your blog!!

    March 2010: Pre-Adamquotedaily blog:

    I remember you asking where you could post your Adam info for all to see instead of doing twitter-longers. I suggested you make your own site. You, of course, already thought of that. (always steps way ahead of me)

    Now look! ~
    Knowing that you don’t like to pimp yourself, I will!

    1,000,000 views on your blog and over 10,000 twitter followers!

    You are loved by so many in this fandom and I am so blessed to have you as one of my dear friends.

    Thank you so much for fueling my Adam obsessions!

    And for healing the world, one person at a time by spreading the awesomeness of Adam Lambert!

    Love ya, my wow sister!

    Ps. From my estimates, 2190 hits were MINE!

  37. Thanks for all the comments and love! Greatly appreciated.

    Virg1877: I'm going to hire you as my promoter if I ever need one! LOL! Thanks for the love and for all the help always. Can't wait for Cleveland! XO

  38. your page is the best! I agree to only voting on polls that benefit adam, just getting majority glamberts on board is needed, but im sure that would not be an issue. I just hope that adam wins the billboard fan favorite and that our time for the voters for the idol q102 poll

  39. Love your blog !! Thanks for all your hard work , look forward to checking in everyday!I am on twitter @cathysidol

  40. Yay! These posts are brilliant. :D The Milwaukee AI8 vids took me by complete surprise. Memories! <3333 Love it!


  41. LOVE your blog! I check it before my email! lol. -@pcomp762

  42. Your site is amazing!! It fills the cravings of an Adam stanner...for all things Adam ...and Tommy for that matter! I am not sure how you find things so fast, but I hit your site five or more times a day...JUST TO CHECK.

    Just the facts, just the pics, just what I need...without wheeling through pages and pages of Adam blogging.

    Thank you for all your time and effort. Just mentioning the number of posts you are excited about was a cue for me to send my appreciation that is long over due.

    luv ya! luv your site!
    ps don't know how to really post here?? trying...

  43. Enter me!! I LOOOOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!! Thank you for keeping up with all of this:) It keeps everyone in the loop. Love it!!
    - @lambertluva4eva

  44. kathy zoiebull1@yahoo.com23 May 2011 at 08:36

    Gloria...ton of Thanks r who I go right for ...honest +reliable!!Whoever wins one of your 3 gifts are lucky...just getting a reply from you is gift enough!! Still think Adam needs to write a lullabye for God son RIFF....Mini me's of ADAM ...BABY GLAMBERTS!! Safe Memorial weekend to you +yours!!


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