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Adam Lambert Class Act! 15/08/2011

Dialogue from last night:

Adam: what's new in fashion? Rose: well black is OUT. Adam: D: Rose: blk & grey SO out. Adam: well this is embarrassing lol

Adam at .37


Adam Interview via Access Hollywood!

or youtube thanks to @devenlane


New Video of Mad World at Equality Awards


From Ed on Adam Official regarding Lane!

Lane will be fine, she's a pro. I spoke to her last week and she's bummed but respects Adam's decision. Now imagine if one of you had to stop working with Adam one day and start working with JD the next? Not that there's anything wrong with the kid, regardless of the animosity harbored by some folks earlier this year. My point is, who here still wants to swap their fan role for a job in the music business? Anyone? Smiling

WHO: Adam Lambert 
WHICH: Best Dressed 
WHY: Glambert can do no wrong in our book. His sense of style is entirely his own, and we wouldn't want to see him dressed any other way than this.

         Thanks to @FoxVegas

How do people even get these ideas?????

Perfect looking Adam Lambert with blue highlights!

(this is the picture she tweeted)

Sauli, Leila Rose McGowan and Adam Lambert at the Do Something Awards

Sauli Koskinen close up thanks to @aquariussue7 for enhancement

Gorgeous Adam Lambert full length including silver fingerless gloves and the beloved Medges!

All the pictures from last night are posted here:


 Adam Lambert 

 demetria lovato 



: had a great time being 's talent handler at the ! Such a nice guy.


BTW, the DoSomething Award for Music Artist went to JB but I think we all won last night!  Lots of Adam!!

More here: 
Thanks to @GlisteningADAM

Photos: Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, More Attend Do Something Award

Load of Hollywood types attend Do Something Awards…

Photo slide show: The 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards

Adam Lambert's Night At The 2011 Do Something Awards

“Adam Lambert I just absolutely adore. He is the most exciting thing to come out of American Idol ever. And not just because he’s gay. Because he’s not just a singer, he’s a fantastic showman.”


One year ago:  First time on GlamNation tour!

Adam Lambert kisses his hot bass player Tommy Joe Ratliff on stage! 

And @virg1877... it's the one year anniversary of your "I Own Adam" afternoon!


Canadian Information to Request Adam

Do it now!

This picture has always brought me great joy... I'm changing my dream for an "Ellen" hug to this "Tommy" hug  LOL

Adam Inspiration Story by

I also have always wanted to write to you and tell you the story about my nephew and how Adam changed my life but was just so busy all time. I dont think you are taking those submissions any longer but I will give you this anyway and you can do what you want with it.

It is even more interesting now because Adam sang Outlaws of Love on the exact same day that my nephew was born and died (July 29, 2009). 

My nephew was gay and he was always struggling with his identity and all the things that were involved with being a teenager and trying to fit in and find self acceptance. His father never accepted him for who he was and his mother gave him up at a young age to be raised by his father.

I was raised in the church and I was very closed minded to say the least and would never admit until now that I was very judgemental. I never made an effort to get know my nephew or even consider the fact that he was hurting and really needed to see that his family loved him no matter what. I now have realized that if the important people in your life don't accept you than it can make even more difficult to accept yourself. My nephew struggled with self acceptance and identity so much that he would slip into long episodes of drugs and excessive painkillers for many years. 

The moment everything changed for me was on July 24, 2009 when I saw Adam live in Tulsa on the AI-8 tour. The concert blew me away and it was very difficult for me because I had incredible seats and being a professional photographer I couldn't help but take over 700 images of him. Like I have done at all 14 concerts I have seen of him so far; I struggled between placing the camera in my lap and just taking every moment in or keep capturing it all.

But the real life changing moment came afterwards when I met him personally at the barricades. I had an original art piece for him to sign but it wasnt finished and I was about 3 rows back from the front. I waited for about 45 minutes for him to come out and I was drenched in sweat from Oklahoma heat. At this point I really liked him as a singer and i knew there was something different about him but I did not view him yet as the beautiful man I know that he is today. When Adam came out the crowd went crazy. I worked real hard to get my picture in front of him so he could sign it. It looked impossible

He was just going down the line signing as much as he could but when I reached out to give him the artwork he just stopped. He said Oh wow....and starting ducking and weaving looking for me. I pushed through so I could see him better and he looked straight through me and said 'this is really beautiful, thank you!" It may seem like something small but that tiny connection made me see him as a real person. The next day I bought the Rolling Stone article and looked up every interview I could find on You Tube. 

Just seeing Adam for who he was made me change the way I looked at "Gay" people and I was then able to see them for they really were without the stereotypes and judgemental attitude. I went to my nephew and apologized for not being more accepting of him. We had a very nice conversation and I felt so good about talking it over with him and getting things right. Unfortunately, years of drug abuse weakened his heart and he died 3 days later of a drug overdose. He died on his 23rd birthday July 29, 2009 which is exact same day that Adam sang Outlaws of Love. Now everytime I hear that song I think of my nephew and if it wasn't for Adam I would've never made things right between us before he died or be able to accept myself and others FOR WHO THEY ARE UNCONDITIONALLY

 I am so excited! I was recently asked by a fellow friend of mine in the industry (who just happens to be a huge fan of Adam) to give her some information about my photography business for a piece she was doing about competitive advantage. She asked me what gives me my advantage in my market and of course my inspiration comes directly from Mr. Lambert!  I am attaching the article about Adam that was published in this month's issue of Rangefinder Magazine so you can place it on the blog if you like. I 

Dan’niel McKnight: “My competitive
advantage as a photographer in
my market is my fearlessness and
creativity. I have always been very
creative, but I wasn’t always brave
enough to show it and take risks to
the extent that I do now. My inspiration
has come from the experience
and life-changing opportunity of
photographing and getting to know singer Adam
Lambert. His ability to be and accept himself, no matter
what, has given me the confidence to take risks in
my wedding career more than ever before. My competitors
and associates tell me that I think outside
the box more than anyone they know. I was the first
photographer in Oklahoma to offer Trash The Dress.
Now the trend is very popular. By putting aside what
everyone else is doing and letting the artist inside me
emerge, clients pay for the artistry.”

(Thanks so much for sharing this story Danniel.  I love the amazing connection to  Outlaws of Love song.  This story and Carter's amazing one!  Just wow!)


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Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Alice said: Gloria, thanks for creating this Sauli site. Adam’s heart eyes with Sauli tell the whole story. I love them together. They seem so right for each other, far beyond the fascinating fashion coincidences. Adam said this time he’s looking for someone who could take care of him this time, with so much going on in his life. Enter Sauli. Delightfully calm and unphased by all the madness that surrounds Adam, he seems to offer Adam peace, trust, support, and a refreshing love that comes from a good, unneedy place. Aside from an obvious attraction, they are good together because both are artists with strong support from family and friends, wry sense of humor, gift of gab, sunshiny personality, love of dance, compassion, kindness, humility, et al. Sauli and Adam are kindred spirits. Thank you Universe for bringing them together. I hope they always want each other as much as they do now. Adam, we know why your heart is full and we are overjoyed by your bliss.

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Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have Adam!

Robert Sebree photoshoot:


  1. Hey Gloria!

    Adam and Sauli look great and I love the inspirational story. Gave me the chills when I read it. The OOL reference is also very interesting and it makes me think of Carter's story. I think that song is going to have a lot of magical connections. Just like Adam!



  2. Some days I just feel like talking to myself .. Haha!


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