Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Good Fit! 16/08/2011

HQ Pics from Equality California Flicker


This date in 1977 we lost Elvis!
34 years ago today!
                                                          Thanks to @mimiMH
This is my favorite Elvis/Adam comparison!

Who knows?  Love them both!!




 "I believe that peace is exactly what the Trevor Project promotes. Peace of mind, peace amongst our youth, and peace at home.......With peace comes comfort and grace and that is my wish for ALL"

- Adam Lambert

New from Pennyroyal... their site has crashed!

My usually reliable sources tell me there are three different versions.

1) Bronze with a leather chain for $60

2) Sterling Silver with a leather chain for $90

3) Sterling Silver with a silver chain for $110SebastianJones: getting back to work on this AdamLambertrecord!! been a productive day...

SebastianJones: getting back to work on this AdamLambertrecord!! been a productive day...

Adam Lambert's Weekend Style thanks to ?

Adam Lambert looking gorgeous at the DoSomething Awards Los Angeles

More HQ pictures here:  http://twitpic.com/photos/pinkforgirls

                           Adam Lambert full length view of his amazing style

Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Leila Lambert attend the Equality California Awards

More here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=pu.252558399090&type=1

Sauli's New Facebook Avi!

I lied & told @adamlambert I was starting a charity & asked him to donate a ring. He did & I gave it back. He's sweet. I'm a fool. #DSAwards


Adam Lambert's amazing moves to FEVER thanks to Chelenator!


 Sauli Koskinen on Finnish TV thanks to @Riinukka

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

Sauli's New Blog!

Galas and Everyday Life

Translation thanks to moomimbert

Well, the weekend was one big whirlpool of a gala event... whew! But the weekend's over now and no more need to get all dressed up in a too-tight tie and a hot suit jacket.. The weather here keeps getting hotter by the day.. I should probably get an electric fan to hang around my neck, I feel like I can't take two steps before I'm pouring sweat like Niagara Falls.. hah! :)

Friday was the Equality Awards in Beverly Hills, a fundraiser for sexual minorities. People shared their brave and inspiring stories. I nearly teared up at one woman's story of how she had lost her son, only because he was part of a sexual minority.. It gives you pause sometimes to think of how violent and cruel people can be, even in this country.. Of course we could argue over this forever, but it just makes me angry that so many people are still stuck in the stone age and can't open their eyes to modern-day reality/the future!! argh!! But let's not pick a fight over this.. :) hah! 

At Friday's event, I got a little lost when dinner came. There were so many utensils at the table, I couldn't tell what was meant for what.. I just had to watch others.. It was one of those things you see in movies and always fear it'll happen to you ;) 

On Saturday I went to the Do Something Awards, which was a charity event as well, to honor people who have done something great to help America move in a better direction.. Tyra Banks, David Beckham and Justin Bieber were among the recipients of a Do Something Award. It was an interesting event and of course it was fun to see who all was there.. Tyra of course was pretty as a baseball cap and Justin Bieber's pants were interesting.. He was wearing gold jeans that hung at his knees.. He looked like he had trouble walking up to the stage to receive his award.. Reminded me of a penguin, somehow.. :) hah! 

But who am I to complain, I was wearing silver skinny jeans and what with my hair being silver as well these days, I'm sure people thought I was from outer space.. haha.. I'm all over the place today, but so what.. 

Today was the start of a new week and new adventures.. I went jogging and returned to healthy living.. :) I have to close with a picture of what I found at the supermarket.. (and notice the bottle is full, and unopened.. this will be saved for a bigger event..) 

So continues Sauli's healthy lifestyle... hahahah!!


Lots of Updates yesterday.  Did you see them?


Vote for Adam for the Jingle Ball!


Adam talking and Sauli looking on

A Good Fit!


Kathy Griffin mentions Adam on Conan Last Night


Adam Lambert Gets Spiky, Demi Lovato Fresh in White at 2011 DoSomething Awards


Adam Lambert via 



The new @adamlambert Signature Collection pendant will be available to order at exactly 9am PST TOMORROW at www.pennyroyalstudio.com


Adam Lambert as the Shaman by @SammieMa  
(Good thing he is so powerful!)

"This is number three in my Adam as a Shaman cartoons. This was completed this past spring (2011) and I an just getting around to the "scan and load." The shaman is in full battle and the energy he summoned is so powerful the very forces of nature have to bend to his will."

How do people even get these ideas?? (Do not answer that!)

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

I taught my niece how to take her own picture and pout. yfrog.com/kjr3aehj

Tommy Joe Ratliff's adorable niece learns THE LOOK! 

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @ 

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @VampGirlPrague enhanced by @weelassie11

Thanks to kittysdevil1

Adam Inspires Story thanks to Geraldine

My name is Geraaldine.  I am a 38yr old divorcee and I have a very beautiful 8yr old girl. I am a lesbian and I am free to be and be comfortable in being so.
I knew I was different from other girls from the start. At 14 I had my first sexual expeirence with a girl (my neighbour). Through school I kept mostly to myself and was picked on. I read a lot of books and lived in my own world. High School was the worst, girls had boyfriends and guys had girlfriends. I so wanted to be like that, but I didn’t look at guys like that

 During the summer of my SR. Year of high I tried to date a guy that I worked with. Yuck! Well it didn’t work out. The following year I went to University.The campus was full of gay and lesbians.  I felt free and could be out and not have to worry about what people thought. 

Came home from school and told my grandmother what I was. She was very accepting. She raised me so I think she knew. My mom asked me if I liked girls and I told her no. I just didn’t feel comfortable telling her.Later much later I told. Her but she seemed to ignore it and me. 

Some years later I met a man that I fell in love with. ( Yes a man, no not love as in sex, real love), I was introduced by a friend at work. We started to hang out,( he is gay)and went to his house. I looked at pictures of queens and knew most of them. He asked me if I knew this one he pointed out, I said yes and she is sexy too. He said that’s me . Eight months after that day he asked me to marry him, (gay marriage was still not legal or recoginized) I said yes. I loved the woman in him and the fact that he could be strong too.November of that same year I gave him what he always wanted. I had a baby girl. She is his princess. We were out and open with her and we are teaching her love and acceptance.

We were watching American Idol and she said to me, mom is he like daddy? I saw this guy on stage singing his heart out and he was beautiful and different. I told her yes I think he is. She said I like him I want him to win. That was the first time I heard of Adam Lambert. He lost but he won because he was out. And proud. He didn’t care what people thought about him or about being gay. He is a talented, beautiful human being.

Through him and his actions I can be me and be free and also raise a young child to be open minded, loving, accepting, and grounded.
Adam I Love You, and Thank You!


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite!  Hair down, profile view and zipper pants!  LOL!

Robert Sebree photoshoot: http://bit.ly/q1cFUN


  1. **RIGHT CLICK - SAVE - ZIPPER PICTURE FOREVER IMBEDDED IN MY MIND ** Gaaaaaa!!!!!! Thank you Gloria for your dedication to us crazy Glamberts !! Don't have more to say at this moment- I'm cleaning up the drool ~ Andrea Powderpuffnails xoxoxoxo

  2. Powderpuffnails. Im with you! Saved Adamzipper! Day made! XO Gloria

  3. Hell yes! I think there should be a special key on my keyboard for 'right click, save picture as, \Adam Photos\xxxxx (Followed by copy to dropbox so it goes straight to my phone too!) The Kathy Griffin video is hilarious :D

    It's also great to see 'Pick u up' being played. I love this track.

    Thank you Gloria. - KarenPendragon xxx

  4. Thanks for honoring Elvis!


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