Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kiss those Lips! 24/08/2011

Adam Lambert's kissable pout thanks to Lee Cherry

Thanks to @Netmeg99_

(Here's the link cause this video is off and on!)

Another Look at Behind the Scenes by Lee Cherry!


Fierce picture via @Scorpios4Adam

 Adam Lambert 

If You missed all the fun last night, check it out here!

Iguana Vintage Members only Adam in white but???? thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

 Russell Weakland 

 Russell Weakland 

Skating Routine to Mad World


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

A few tweets from Tommy's twitter party last night!

 Hanna B 

@ did u bring wine home from wine country? :) What kind?

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

@ ha! no, we drank it all. :)

 I'm a RAKSTAR ♪ 

@ heyy tommy do you watch "true blood"?!!!!

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

@ I've tried... it's not for me.

 Adommys REAL 

@ HI, Is your fan mail address still the same ?

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

@ IT IS! and I WILL check it very very soon! :)

 Christine aka Bunny 

@ excited for Adams new album?

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

@ hell yes! :)

Click on picture for Gif!

Some comments from the Why I Love Adam Article

I love him cause he helped me healing and made me re-discover myself. Even though I never had the opportunity to see him live since I'm from Argentina, he helps me
during my treatment. I had an accident and my back was seriously
injured to the point I was no longer able to walk and felt a terrible
pain all day. Listening to the lyrics and feeling his music during my
treatment helps me finish it less tired and happier. I even made the
doctors put his music meanwhile I was on surgery and after that they
liked it too, lol. :P

He also made me realise by the way he is, that I shouldn't care what
others say or think. I started being who I really were and now I feel
better and more "connected" with myself.

I hope someday I will be able to meet him or at least know he was able
to read this message cause he deserves to know all the good stuff he
makes and how he improves people's lives.

Thanks for the opportunity to express all of our feelings.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My Adam story doesn’t begin
with AI. My story is only about half a year long.

I had had a quite hard phase
in my life. I had forgotten about my great joy music and the worst thing was, I
was getting bitter and cynical about life and starting to feel myself old in a
depressing way with my thirty-something years. By 2011 everything was getting a
little better though. Then, being a Finn, one boring Sunday I accidentally
bumped into the very first “Sauli dating an American Star” headlines. I knew
Adam’s name and WWFM and IIHY from radio but that was all because, like I
mentioned, music had faded away from my life. For some reason I started
googling Adam and his music, checking who is this guy they write so excitedly
about. And well, I went straight Down the Rabbit Hole :)! I watched all his AI performances in total awe. I
cried for Mad World and went out-of-breath-wild for The Ring of Fire. And boy,
did I start Feeling Good about life and music immediately! My google search
became an addiction. I spent hours and hours on the computer watching GNT clips
and what not. I just couldn’t wrap my head around my reaction to his talent,
his voice, his performances, his hot looks.

I started to watch
interviews, too, of course. There’s not much I can add to all the comments made
here already but his personality just made a huge impact. I’m a very language-oriented
person and I love both my own mother tongue and foreign languages, too. I
love to listen to Adam’s articulate way of speaking, which is music to my ears,
too! I adore the way Adam carries himself and is well-mannered, sweet and goal-oriented
at the same time. Besides his incredible talent he radiates this aura of
positiveness, integrity, sincerity and bravery that is so special and rare. Him
being gay has caused some controversies that have really just shown how stupidly
hypocritical this world still can be. That has forced him to react to that too
even though his mission really was music. He has proved that sexy is sexy and
hot is hot no matter what! And what we really need is some love! I loved to see
him and Sauli hand in hand on the red carpet. I just hope he has made many
people realize that there’s really no reason to sensationalize sexuality
anymore, it’s high time for a change. And I love the fact that they try to keep
their private life private despite all the curiosity around them. And, basically,
in my case, it’s thanks to Sauli I fell in love with this great artist, too :)! Though Adam seems to be almost too perfect he is
very human, too. We all have different shades of colours and moments in our

I still sometimes wonder
what is this powerful reaction I have about him and his music. Without finding
other Glamberts on twitter I’d probably think that I seriously have lost my
mind. But really, I don’t care even if I’m a little crazy. Being inspired by
Adam I’ve reinforced my interest in the world and people and, let’s not forget,
in music again! Sorry neighbours but I’m not going to stop blaring music
sometimes so that I can just dance to it or playing the piano and singing ever

There’s a saying “Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.” and
Adam has that talent and character! Can’t wait to hear his new music and get a
chance to finally see him perform live! Fly high dear Adam!

Belinda PageCollapse
The combination of charisma, intelligence, showmanship, sexiness, incredible vocals make him totally spellbinding.  He really is the entertainer of the century.  Just looking at images of Adam is fascinating, he is visually stunning.  His manner,warmth, charity work, message, braveness and his humanist views on love and acceptance.  Adam is a life changing force for the good for so many people.  I love Adam Lambert.


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!

Robert Sebree photoshoot:


  1. You are my must-read item each day. I thank you for all you do. I doubt you can realize the joy you bring to our hearts with your blog. But on to another comment: Why does the jingle ball link say 2010 (not 2011). My computer has trouble opening it, and if it is successful there is no vote area for 2011 ball. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. the link does say 2010 but when you open it, it says Jingle Ball 2011. Not sure about your computer...

    Thanks for your comment! Appreciate your love!



  3. Have been away - but just popped in to say how much I love the black and white "pouty pic" of Adam. Just absolutely gorgeous and riveting - what a face that man has. You're a treasure, Gloria, for putting these marvelous pictures of Adam up every day. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Love, Lee


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