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Peace Baby! 23/08/2010

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen enhanced by @lilybop2010

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Three minute long Adamgasm....promise!


Beautiful Baby!



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Adam tweeted around 11PM PST

 Adam Lambert 

 Adam Lambert 

 Adam Lambert 

Another week has passed and over the weekend I took a little trip to San Francisco for my friends' wedding. The wedding was held in an old vineyard high up on the mountains. We were high enough that the clouds were practically touching our heads.. An amazing location!! 

Weddings are such lovely parties and I'm very upset that I missed my friends' wedding in Finland last month.. :( And of course I'm upset about my own wedding being called off.. hahahhahahahha!! I shoved my wedding dress in a vacuum bag to wait for the right moment.. ;) Eep, what a mess one little joke led to.. 

Anyway, I've finally gone off the deep end and jumped on the superfood bandwagon American style.. I started a four-day juice cleanse today. Katri and I sampled some superfoods during Tutka, but now it's time to see how they work for real. Katri's face was A+ after the super shot... (you can check this out in an old Tutka) haha!!! So, the cleanse consists of six different drinks per day and this is what you're supposed to drink every two hours.. whoa!! 

I'm one day in and food is all I can think about, I'm so hungry! It seems like food commercials are the only kind on TV and that doesn't make it any easier. The first day of a cleanse is supposed to be easy, but I for one have been short-tempered all day and I'm so hungry. I don't even want to think about tomorrow.. :)

 Usually when you start a cleanse you're supposed to cut down considerably on food beforehand, but I just ate till my stomach ached up until the day before.. haha!! So off to a good start! But I said I was going to do this, so I'm going to finish it! Besides, this cleanse has been tested by Brad Pitt, Demi Moore and others.. ;) The brochure said Brad Pitt tried it before Troy. So in four days, this is what's going to be peeking back at me in the mirror: [pic] Not bad.. ;) 

But of course these cleanses have their benefits, it honestly does you good to rid the body of all the extra toxins. I tried a cleanse once about five years ago and I felt great afterwards, but it wasn't quite as strict as this one.. What I do remember is that when it was over, I didn't want fast food for a couple of weeks, just healthy foods. So it's a good way to start a healthier lifestyle, but knowing me, it'll last just those couple of weeks.. haha!!

 The Panda licorice and Finlandia vodka are waiting in the cupboard... ;) And why do all my blogs end with the same topic..?? Well let's close this with: I'm sooo happy, for a change.. 

ps. You've left such lovely comments for me and I've read every single comment. THANK YOU!! love you! :)

Sauli Koskinen guru of Juice Fasting


        From Peter's FB page

Brooke and Peter's Wedding Day - Aug. 19th 2011


 Wedding was at Thomas Fogerty Winery in Woodside, CA...Brooke took MY suggestion when she asked last FEB!

All pictures Posted By Bernadette Chursin  (Groom's Mom)


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Philly Jingle Ball !

(he's in third place behind Joe J and David A)
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This week Adam Gains Spins!


Adam Shopping during Idol...new to me!

Adam Performs Whataya Want From Me on SYTYCD 2010

This is for all the people who missed the recent rerun of this show! It's a beautiful performance and was one of the first on live TV after the AMA's! We were so excited! 

Favorite Pictures thanks to susierix1

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Really Cute Meet and Greet Interview from a Year Ago... picture is dark but love Adam's energy and words!

Monte Pittman performs in Ste Agathe July 2011

Monte Pittman 

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Peter, Tommy Joe, LizAnne, Adam and Bernadette at Brooke and Peter's Wedding

Tommy Joe Ratliff performs in Moscow thanks to Danil Polevoy


These make me cry every single time.... be warned!


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!

Robert Sebree photoshoot: http://bit.ly/q1cFUN


  1. wonderful pictures, as always

  2. Oh glorious memories!! One year ago I had was at the Meet & Greet in Albany!!! Such a great day!!! :))

  3. I truly enjoyed all of my Beloved Adam articles & videos above!!!! Thank you so much, Adamquotedaily for your selections & dedication to we Adamholics & to ADAM!!! I love you Adam, now & forever, Janice K

  4. Gloria, I'm dying here with all of these wedding pictures ! And Sauli's hand on Adam's chest .... sends me to a very good place. They are, by their actions and words, into a whole new level of their relationship and it makes me soooo happy.
    So, The grooms nice jewish mother is obviously an unabashed Glambert, how cute is that.

    Is that Tommy's girlfriend ?


  5. OMG!!! The wedding pics -Gaaaaaaaaa!!!
    I'm in Vegas and so happy for the update on
    Adam. I can now sight see with a happy heart .
    Thanks Gloria -Andrea Powderpuffnails xoxoxo

  6. Gorgeous, funny and always entertaining...that's our Adam. Thanks for the 2010 SYTYCD rerun...love his look in that video. All the photos are great. So much candy for my eyes. Thank you suzierix1 for your video...I saw some beautiful photos and some of my friends from twitter ~ @milkywayfairy and @glambert3753 ~ You girls are looking good! Peace, love and light. @QuietRetreat aka Ana Glam


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