Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Heart's in San Francisco?? 20/08/2011

Adam Lambert in Movie Star Magazine one year ago

Adam Lambert Smiles

Adam Lambert in People Magazine 14/12/2009
"Adam Lambert Bares All!"


Brooke is Getting Married this Weekend

 Brooke Wendle 

 Terrance D. Spencer 

(August 19)

Could Adam and Sauli be in SF?

(IMO, yes!)

Wishing Brooke and her new husband lots of happiness together!

Posted by @brookesauce75

You can donate to their honeymoon (charitable) here:

Adam Lambert wallpaper thanks to @essellsari

More Teasing regarding Album #2

: I forgot how good this  record is! Whooooop epic sounding

ClaudeKelly: Yes RT leh_mayara13: ClaudeKelly Claude you wrote a song for jessie J and Adam Lambert ?


Adam Has a New Fan Mail Address
via @Glam_Ulli

Adam Lambert

c/o Ground Ctrl

808 R Street

Suite 201

Sacramento, California


Find all the fan mail addresses here:
Another gorgeous view of Adam Lambert Upright Cabaret?

Behind the Music in HQ and Complete! thanks to @BrdwayDiva1

YAY!!! At long last! Here's the HQ version of Adam's Vh1 BTM special!! HUGE thanks to Suave for capping this!
This is in 3 parts that total 4.8GB. Make sure you have at least 10 GB of hard drive space free in order to download these and then extract them properly.

Download all 3 parts, and then combine them into 1 file using WinRar, 7zip, Stuffit, or any other program that combines zip/rar files.

Adam Lambert - Vh1 Behind the Music (08-07-11) *Part 1
Adam Lambert - Vh1 Behind the Music (08-07-11) *Part 2
Adam Lambert - Vh1 Behind the Music (08-07-11) *Part 3

DO  NOT forget to join these together :)
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen drawn by @Teplooo


American Idol responds to Criticism

Some Pretty Funny Signs Supporting Gay Marriage 

Must Read Letter to Dr Laura with history and background..


Gorgeous Wallpaper thanks to @esselsari

The 6 Best Photos From VH1's 'Do Something Awards'

GQ Best and Worst Dressed

"Those "conquests" are the teeth of the ABC execs. It WOULD have been made from the BALLS of ABC execs but alas...there were none to be found. ;D"

Philly Jingle Ball !  

(he's in third place behind Joe J and David A)
 Request Adam Lambert 


Peace Pendant and Jewellery now available.
30% of the cost goes to the Trevor Project

Also Available:
Peace Ring $190

Peace Earrings $65
Adam Lambert dressed for a costume party pre-idol

All About Wicked!

You can keep going for pages and pages about all things Adam!

Fever Performance from Spanish Idol


FYE on a TV show 

Thanks to @lahirstellar for sending it to me!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @weelassie11

Great angle view of the band by Jacci GlamNation tour 08/2010

Adam tweeted about Adele so I bought her album.  Love her voice!  It sounds like hearing her album helped Adam realize that album #2 could be more about HIS voice!
  Can't wait!

Vids from last night's Adele concert in San Diego up soon. Find a way to see her - her voice is simply breathtaking!

Hometown Glory

I'll Be Waiting

Don't You Remember

Turning Tables

Set Fire to the Rain

IF It Hadn't Been for Love

Take it All

Rumour Has it

Right As Rain

One and Only

LoveSong (My personal favorite!)

Chasing Pavements

I Can't Make You love me

Make Me Feel YOur Love


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite!  Hair down, profile view and zipper pants!  LOL!

Robert Sebree photoshoot:


  1. Gloria, the pic of a "naked-faced" Adam above with the ? Magazine sub-title is from the 12/14/09 People magazine article titled, "Adam Lambert...Bares All."

    Today's post, like every single one before it, is *\o/*. You are still the highlight of my (online) day! xoxoxoxo

  2. I had never heard of Adele until Adam tweeted about her song "Rolling in the Deep". I am now a big fan of hers and I have Adam to thank for introducing me to her music. Just another nice thing he does for fellow artists. A big thanks to Suz526 for her brilliant labor of love in producing such amazing videos. Peace and love to the Glamily.


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