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Adam Lambert: Friendly and Talkative! 21/09/2010

ilvaharapetian: Just ran into Adam Lambert OceanDriveMag fashion show! CBSMiami

Gearing up for The Current Event tonight Bal Harbour! Join us at 7pm for a fall fashion show MC'd by Editor-in-chief !

Handsome, intelligent, well-spoken, and extremely fashion forward  joins the judges tmrw ; my fav the whole season

Only the utmost respect for him! Hes a true visionaire! ;) xx RT :  get a room. I'm jealous now.

(Fashion Designer on the 9th Season Of Project Runway, watch me Make It Work! Vote 


Thanks to @adamgasmic for these screencaps of ?

@adamlambert what would you like people calling you a Rock star Or a pop star??:)

 Adam Lambert

 in my opinion- being a 'rock star' is more about an approach and state of mind than the musical genre.


PFLAG Clearly the twitterverse loves Leila Lambert and her son@AdamLambert as much as we do. Almost sold out!


ninagarcia Nina Garcia
PHOTO: Marc Mena (@marcmentions) was a very lucky one #ProjectRunway #AdamLambert

Nina Garcia's photo PHOTO: Marc Mena (@marcmentions) was a very lucky one #ProjectRunway #AdamLambert
Nina Garcia on WhoSay

melirose89@NinaGarcia Adam is really gorgeous right Nina?!?!? He has the greatest hair ever!!! Thanks for the pic!:D

ninagarcia@melirose89 he is!!!

(She can't stop!  Glambert to the core!)



Gorgeous Drawing of Adam Lambert Fantasy Springs by Sheila H

If you missed the twitter party and all the Rico Love tweets from yesterday, be sure to check them out here:

 Here's another version of the twitter party!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Twitter party thanks to @Lambertlust

Adam Lambert twitter party 9/20/11

Adam Lambert 
But I promise!!! There's so many great choices some are still being finished... I can't wait!!! Hope u guys wanna dance!

Adam Lambert 
Or not... Glitchy Tweetchy


 Yes, but some of us want soft ballads too! Don't forget us, "Personal songs" remember?! !

in reply to 

Adam Lambert 

Ahem... Not sure why but again- : diggin the album!! Great vocals and production.

Adam Lambert 

Twitter party!!! Questions?

Adam Lambert 

Taken at Burning Man! Note my glamorous trailer in the background! 


 Did being on Project Runway fire you up to have your own fashion label - after next album of course

in reply to 
 Mackenzie Flamion 

 will you pleeeaaase come to indiana on your next tour? :D

in reply to 

Adam Lambert 

 yeah a few. :)

Adam Lambert  deadlines and schedule come waaaay second to great music. I'm lucky to be signed to a label that respects and honors that :)
Adam Lambert  a friendly, talkative one. ;) love ur avi. That was a crazy hallowEen
Adam Lambert  the judges are reeeeally funny. On and off camera. Micheal had me in stitches w his wit.
Adam Lambert  you'll have to wait and see...

Adam Lambert Twitter is actin up

Adam Lambert nope... I found my love! :)


Is there anything else you can tell us about the album? 

in reply to 
Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert  haha they rejected my application. Not enough bullshit and mystery. Im too much an open book
Adam Lambert  One of the producers I was extremely honored to write with was  Williams! Whew. I don't think y'all are ready for that!

Adam Lambert  nothing to say... All that chat is a waste of energy. Some Folks think they know my private life... Well they don't.

Adam Lambert  of course! U think I'd say no? Hah

Adam Lambert  I think the production style is more progressive and forward thinking then in the past... I love electronic music!

Adam Lambert I feel like I've evolved as a singer and as a writer in the past few years. Learned so much on tour etc... The shift shows

Adam Lambert  haha I sang enough covers on idol. All about new, original material now.
 Anthro: PlanetFierce 

 Wanna get FUNKed up!! Are you exploring urban sounds with these new collabs?? ;)))

in reply to 
Adam Lambert sorta... yeah

 Sine Engelund 

 No pressure or anything, but if the album is gonna be released in early 2012, when can we expect a GNT2??? :)

in reply to 
Adam Lambert the Glam Nation tour already happened! The next tour ( prob next year) will have a whole new concept and name.

 Mariah Michaels 

 I hope the CD's not too Poppy. I dont like dance music

in reply to 
Adam Lambert i do
 Sandi Shader 

in reply to 
 have you already started working on the concept for the next tour?
Adam Lambert nope. lol im figuring all this out as i go. while its flattering you think i have it all mapped out in advance- i def dont!

 Do you still party as much as you used to or do you hang out more at home now?

in reply to 
Adam Lambert  def been more of a homebody of late-- and spending lots of time in the studio too
Adam Lambert POST GAY. look it up. sums up my views

 it sucks to be told by OTHER PPL what should define YOU
in reply to 
Adam Lambert  yeah... but that is what the "Cult of Celebrity" is. its one of the downsides.
 Heidi Kromphardt 

 Was it cold at night in the desert- you guys were all bundled up

in reply to 
Adam Lambert 

 Do you know why some people think gays are all the same? I mean straight people aren't all the same either, so why gays?

in reply to 
Adam Lambert  why? ignorance.
 M•e•g ^V^ 

 Summer or winter fashions?

in reply to 
Adam Lambert  im a fall/winter fan. love jackets!
 Kimberly Myers 

 how often do you have to cut/color your hair?

in reply to 
Adam Lambert  too often- it grows SO fast.

 What's some advice to help get over my ex????? Please, I seriously wanna get over him because he's mean to me but I can't :\

in reply to 
Adam Lambert 
 Heidy jemy 

 Do you believe in fate ??

in reply to 
Adam Lambert 

Congratulations to  , the winner of the drawing in my subscriber contest!! Thanks to all for the great entries!

I will begin posting some of the entries today so be sure to scroll towards the bottom to see them!

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010 thanks to @tuke18

 Project Runway 

Tune in Thursday at 9/8c!  plays judge when the designers tackle some rockin' menswear. 

Info for Canadians thanks to Pat T!

Info for Canadian re Project Runway if you prefer to see it on tv instead of you tube .I did some digging and project Runway is shown on Slice monday nights at 10:00 EST however we are 7 episodes behind the US airings ( I have no idea why). We just had episode 2 this week and Adam's episode is number 9. So I think that his will be shown here on slice Halloween night by my calculations. They usually post the episodes and airings for the week on the slice website. :)

ninagarcia: As you can see, @michaelkors, @adamlambert, @heidiklum and I had a lot of fun during the taping of #ProjectRunway


The Hub's 'Majors & Minors' has Pittsburgh connection


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This one is dedicated to my little sister in Lambertland! @yellowsister (Miss you!)

Gorgeous drawing of Adam Lambert from the Rolling Stone Interview by Sheila H

Sauli Blogs!

A friend
September 21st, 2011

Original text:
Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu)

Well, it’s howdy again from Hollywood with a year’s delay!! A small explanation here first why you haven’t heard from me… I spent last week lying at the bottom of the bed sick with fever and popping pills to my mouth… It’s not a very nice feeling to have fever at the heat of +30 degrees (Celsius, = 86 F), but fortunately I’m finally starting to feel better and the beginning of this week has already been going much better. During the time here in LA I have never been this sick and I can say that a proper flu really takes you down and makes you feel bored, lazy and annoyed. Luckily I’ve been having such a good company, my best friend flew here last week to say ‘hi’ to me. However, it’s not nice when your friend flies here all the way from Finland and I’m just lying in bed, drinking tea and feeling sick… Fortunately we have known each other since we were nine, so we’ve been laughing and going through all of our childhood adventures, which has been absolutely wonderful. The best of it has been the possibility to talk and babble in Finnish. Fortunately we still have many weeks of time here together, so this one week’s bed rest doesn’t ruin our plans. It really doesn’t matter if you are on the streets of Hollywood or inside your house when you’re going through all that’s happened in the past six months. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time and it’s wonderful how much energy and strength you get from your own dear friends!! Living here in LA is absolutely wonderful, for sure, but I have to admit that I have missed my friends very much.


Until this week, that is!! On Monday we finally got outdoors and decided to go to the movies. There are dozens of huge movie theaters in LA, but my favorite is in a mall called the Grove. We went to see a movie called “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, which was fine. In the beginning it felt a little bit boring, but towards the end all the pieces started to fall into places and we had a good laugh. However, I still think that comedy movies are more for those hangover days you spend on your home couch than for the movie theaters… I, for one, never have that problem, so I have to watch these movies in the theaters… hahah!;DA couple of weeks ago I went to see a movie called “The Help” and it was REALLY good!! I highly recommend it to everybody! In the States there is a funny way of exaggerating everything - this applies also to popcorn. We bought the smallest possible box of popcorn, but it was absolutely huge and apparently meant for a family of five.:)In addition, there was a pump at the popcorn counter from which you could add extra butter on the popcorn - whoa!


It was wonderful to be able to show LA and the local lifestyle to my friend! My friend was all amazed about this city and the rhythm of it!! There are no schedules, you eat ice cream for breakfast and the backyard functions as a zoo during the nights…::)My friend was also surprised about how big the difference is between the East and West USA… But let’s move back to my favorite topic which is animals. This time the theme is the wonderful spiders!! Oh wow! Now the spiders have been spinning their webs all around the yard so that you don’t dare to walk there anymore. The webs are huge and the creators are not exactly small, either. On Monday morning it was such a wonderful feeling to walk right into one of these webs while you were still half asleep, with a coffee cup in your hand, and when I realized what it was, I ran back inside as fast as I could get my legs moving.. After that I haven’t been going to the yard. Now that the yard hasn’t been used so much, also the raccoons have noticed it and there are tens of them jumping into the pool at night. Luckily tomorrow we have a pesticide controller coming to help and remove the webs from the yard, for I, for one, am not going to touch those things even with a long stick…::)Those furry rascals are somewhat acceptable, but the spiders are going to have to find a new home for themselves!!


The target for the end of the week is Universal Studios and I’m all excited about going in there! While I and Katri were there during the Tutka Roadshow, we didn’t have more than a couple of hours to walk around there. We, I and my friend, have reserved two whole days for wandering around there, because the place is huge… yee yee!! Now the clock is getting in to the small hours of the morning, so I’m heading towards bed. You have been writing wonderful comments to me again. They gave me a lot of strength last week while I was sick. Let’s continue the same way together! YAY!!

Read more:

Next Translation thanks to miachihuandzinnia

Video-Tutka: Beauty queens are treated badly!
September 20th, 2011

Original video:

Uploaded by jazzyjessy18 on Sep 20, 2011

Transcript by Zinnia (@Tiiqqu), translation by Miachihu (@miachihu)
Posted on September 20th, 2011

0:00 – 2:50
S: Hi! For once it’s this way that Katri doesn’t have to wake me up like in the middle of the night.
K: Right, exactly – for once this way. Did the connection start breaking already? Because I already started hearing you badly.
S: Let’s say that the sun is shining so badly on my face that all I can see from this screen is just black and my face as a reflection from it.
K: Help. Hey, I came here in the most distant corner in our office because it’s really 10.30 in the evening and people are working in the nightshift here and… What time is it there? Half past twelve… pm?
S: 12.20 something... I don’t know.
K: Okay, something…
S: … but… doesn’t the weather here look the same as I’m sure it’s there in Finland?
K: Yes! (in a friendly sarcastic way) Looks really nice… Just exactly like here… I was just at the Helsinki Music House…
S: So this is really…
K: What
S: Yeah yeah, I think this is awful… this is so horrible when the fall is now coming even here… (points at the trees behind)
K: (laughs) Oh dammit! Hey, wait now, wait a minute (adjusts her laptop)
K: (laughs) Hi! (waves)
S: Hiii! (waves)
K: Oh holy cow, for once we decided to tape this thing at this time so that Sauli has daytime there and now look at the scenery! I mean really! Noooo! Naaah…
S: Now, well, the fall is coming here as well as you can see…
K: Yea, right! Exactly! Go and stuff your head!
S: (guffaws)
K: Here it’s really… dammit, the clock is…
S: This is great! This is great this way! What time is it there now?
K: 10.30 in the evening and I’m here in the editorial offices darkest corner so that I’m not disturbing when they are making the newspaper there in the Superdesk in a hurry, I have to be here far away so they can’t hear my laughter there…
S: Yeah.
K: Aw, shocking…
S: Now, let’s get this quickly out of the way so that I can continue my sunbathing…
K: Yeah, yeah.
S: … here.
K: Yeah… right! Hey, just guess how much I now feel like talking about these boring news from Finland… But let’s go through the most annoying… the most boring ones first… What are you doing there now? (Sauli is fanning himself with something)
S: Awful hot… you could say it’s painfully hot.
K: Sauli!! I can’t take this with you! Okay, hey, I’ll show you first what we have today on headlines (shows the front page of Ilta-Sanomat)
S: Yeah, go ahead and show… (laughs)
K: (laughs) Oh yeah, you can’t see a thing! Sauli told just right before we started that…
S: I can see… I can see my own face reflecting from this screen and because that sun is shining straight to my eyes I have like no idea where on the screen you are hovering around… hahaa… I’m just trying to look at the camera so I’m sort of with you in the spirit in this but don’t bother showing me any headlines.
K: Sorry, I forgot already. I was like, “yes, yes, you don’t have to see anything” and immediately I’m here showing you this… Okay, anyway, today in the headlines we had…

2:50 – 4:31 Talk about Miss Finland (she gave up her title last Friday), treatment of the beauty pageant candidates

4:31 - 4:54
S: Basically, Miss Finland is chosen so that she then goes and represents Finland in the Miss Universal… what is it? Miss Univers… al…
K: -sum, -sum! Pageant.
S: … that pageant… -sum.
K: Last time you also…
S: I always get so confused. I always mix those up…
K: Yeah yeah, you’re there so ”I know…
S: But anyway…
K: … only English now.”
S: … but let’s say
K: Mmm yeah?
S: ”Only English now, yeah.”

4:55 – 5:34 They continue about the beauty pageant
- Sauli’s picture frozes, Katri stops recording.

5:35 – 6:30 Sauli moved indoors
K: Now we got this thing on again. So we’re having technical problems to the extent that this is just not working…
S: Just a little bit… Help, we… so we continue now straight from that I was just there outside when … there were about … minutes here between… because I don’t know what my… my laptop froze and then the desktop started ringing downstairs and skype was ringing in my cell… and all those skypes were ringing at the same time and… I didn’t know which one to answer and then I answered one and they all jammed and…
K: (laughs and giggles during whole Sauli’s explanation)
S: Whoah, I’m so sweaty now, like whoah! This is so difficult this…
K: Yeah! Hey…
S: So now I’m indoors, so there you have it with those summery sceneries…
K: Yeah, great!
S: … luckily you saw them there… (sound disappears)
K: I think this was a good idea, Sauli, really, I like this scenery.
S: I think… (sound disappears)
K: Yeah, well… hey, I can’t hear you once more but let’s not care about even if the connection was breaking all the time. Well, so…

6:30 – 11:29 Still more about the beauty pageant, heavy critique:)and pathos

11:30 – 13:40 Discussion about Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria's baby belly, clothes and visit to Turku with her husband Prince Daniel

11:40 – 11:47 excerpt:
S: Sorry about my voice, I’ve been here in fever..
K: That’s exactly what I was just saying that you’re such a poor baby now…
S: Mmm
K: Hey, we were supposed to be happy now, Sauli! It doesn’t matter now how sick you are…
S: That’s right, yeah.

Katri talks about Crown Princess Victoria’s clothes
12:45 – 13:40 Excerpt
K: But those clothes… I don’t know who here stylist is but she should change…
S: Mmm, yeah.
K: Could you come and style her up?
S: (Mumbles something) Can you hear me?
K: Yes
S: I really don’t understand the pregnancy clothing fashion. I’ve even been thinking that if I were a woman and pregnant, I wouldn’t put anything skintight on… You know, when you have to put on a really tight shirt so that everyone absolutely for sure sees that you are pregnant. When there are clothes that are nice and more loose… why can’t you put on those when they must even be more comfortable to wear…
K: Okay, so I won’t ask you to come here and style Victoria up because you would make her wear just those also in the future.
S: … it must feel so nice when your clothes are tight from here… exactly why do you really have to show your stomach to everybody so that you even put on a skintight dress.
K: (laughs) Okay, you don’t understand because you’re not a woman.

13:40 – 18:44 Discussion about The Deal/concert at the Helsinki Music House/Big Brother

18:45 –
K: Hey, tell us quickly: what’s been going on there?
S: Well, everything’s fine here. Let’s say that I’ve been a convalescent here for three days now so I haven’t really been able to go anywhere because I’ve had fever and let’s say that it’s not really nice to have 30 degrees (Celsius – that’s 86 F) outside and fever.
K: Aww, I’m sure not.
S: But today, today I feel a little better and actually I’m going today to the Universal Studios.
K: Again!
S: So there’ll be a blog coming from there for the readers.
K: Yee, yee!
S: And I have a Finnish friend here. So there is still a lot we are going to do…
K: Great! Yee yee! Hey…
S: X-Factor is starting really soon and you always have to watch that. Remember to watch the next Project Runway. I’m not going to say anything more about that!
K: Okay, okay. So it’s running here approximately at the same pace? Isn’t it?
S: Hmm… yeah (a bit unsure)
K: Okay. Hey, great. We have also Finland’s Next Top Model starting here on TV and all. There are too many programs coming now when you don’t have enough time to watch them all. But, well, we have to check this connection next time, for some reason this is breaking now all the time. This is really annoying. I feel bad for our viewers. But there’s nothing we can do now…
S: Yeah. But I’ll be getting a better laptop for next time and then I think I have to shut down Skype from my cell and from that other computer because if you’re calling it’s ringing here in three places at the same time and that’s why I’m not wondering at all that it’s breaking a bit, but you know what, I’m really starting to sweat because I’m not a technical wunderkind when you have to push buttons and put your headset on and try to get a connection on the backyard so whoa, it’s really getting a bit difficult.
K: (laughs all the time Sauli is ranting)
S: But we’ll get it right little by little!
K: For sure! Hey, well, okay… next time we’ll continue with X-Factor maybe, yes, and hey, I have to say this – Joonas sent me a hint to Kyttääjä (Katri’s blog) already a week and a half ago and I forgot to say about it then and I told you about it that…
S: Yeah
K: … In the British X-Factor there is this one Samantha. Really, somebody… I watched the tape and she is… you can find it in Youtube – she is absolutely fantastic! Sort of like a beret… or a girl, I mean a woman, with a leopard shirt and all and she was so so really… I was looking at it like no, help! Like Susan Boyle the second.
S: Yeah, I watched it.
K: You watched it?!
S: Yeah, I watched it. She sang really well.
K: I mean insanely well. She was siiick! So everybody go and check her and we’ll talk about her next time. And then in the Talent there are… Talent is starting here now – there are wonderful girls singing. Absolutely the best! You can find it on our web pages. You’d better watch it now. But we can talk about Talent also next time.
S: Oh, Talent Finland is starting.
K: Yeah, Talent is starting.
S: In Finland there’s, well…
K: What?
S: Nothing…
K: Damn, this is really… okay. Just when I agreed that…
S: … to watch…
K: Whaaat?
S: No, no, I was just saying that I have to watch those Talents then.
K: Shall we go through this once more…? Whaaat?
(laughing together, the connection was breaking and messed up their conversation)
K: Okay, now let’s finish because I have to get to bed and you have to go and try to get over your sickness. Hey, take care and say hi to all the other people and, well, let’s hope that they renew the beauty pageant organization and that Talent will be good and…
S: Yeah.
K: … that the Deal… Deal will be great and…
S: Yes.
K: … everything goes on from here. And then next time we’ll talk about X-Factor…
S: Yes.
K: Great, hey…
S: Now look everything will be all right when we rearranged things a bit.
K: Yeah, that’s right, exactly.
S: They’ll get things soon fixed up. After this the pageant organization will be flying high!
K: Yeah, yeah – absolutely. After this, they will be… That’s for sure.
S: Yeah.
K: Bye now – kiss kiss.
S: It’s bye now and good night and now I’m going to go and sunbathe for a while, heh.
K: (sarcastic laughter) Yeah, bye bye bye!

Read more:

Want More Sauli?  Everything you want to know!


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Lots of Hip Motion thanks to michaeljacksonisabel


Epic GlamNation Moments thanks to frederick909


WWFM on X-Factor Germany


Interview from One Year Ago!


 U H H 

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff and Monte Pittman perform in Singapore September 2010

Adam Lambert performs in Singapore one year ago thanks to @_dashia
From the Latest Contest!

Hello! My name is @CarlaCostescu  and I was literally inspired by Adam, so I wrote a few lines. I would have to say that I am not a native speaker of English, so my story could have a lot of mistakes, but I tried my best.

Thank you for your hard work and for a great blog!

First of all, I am not lesbian, bisexual or transgender and I don’t know in person people who are. So I cannot understand or feel entirely how they feel, but I have a tiny clue as an outsider, as an observer and as a person who sometimes feels different which I’ll share with you here.

It is generally valid that the society punishes wrong things, such as crime, theft, breaking traffic rules, etc, because these put yourself and others around you in danger, whether it is a physical or mental one.
But I do not think it should be NORMAL (I’m not using adjectives like good or appropiate) for society to punish or even to forbid someone to LOVE. I do not think it should be normal that a man/women in a high (public) position (where they were put by citizen through vote) forbid those citizens to love, to manifest their love in public or to marry. I do not think that it should be normal for someone to treat differently and look with disrespect or disgust at another person who loves someone with the same sexuality. 

It is everyone’s choice and right to live their life however they want, so why do people preoccupy so much about others and forgot about them?
I do not think that judging a person without knowing him/her is a healthy way of thinking or living and I do not think this kind of behavior or way of thinking should be encouraged and it should not exist nowadays.
I think that we, as a self-entitled modern and intelligent society, should not care so much about what people are doing in their bedrooms (as Adam perfectly said: “There’s so much more about a person than who is he/she sleeping with”), as we should care and concern about our lives and the wrong way this world follows, both environmental and cultural, financial and political and other areas, because of the superficiality and the closed-minds.

Maybe there are so many things I do not understand because of my age or because I’m just silly, but I hope there are more people thinking like me, at least in part.

So why is this inspired by Adam Lambert? Because he opened my eyes and my mind about this subject, by being so honest and so genuine about his feelings and his fears. And his latest song, the “surreal-ly” beautiful Outlaws Of Love, was a true wake up call. After hearing those sincere and from-the-bottom-of-his-heart lyrics I just cannot understand how anyone can judge a person just because of their sexual orientation.
“We could go so far with our minds wide open” – Adam Lambert.

Thanks Carla!  You said it beautifully!

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Sauli sick with a fever--Adam does Twitter Party. I just love it! And the third episode of Husbands is the BOMB! LMAO!!!!!

    All part of the fun of being a Glambert. I am just so appreciative to have all the fun in one place. Thanks again, Gloria!!

  2. wow what a great post Sauli's blog, adam's twitter party, cheeks Husband episode and Camilla youtube channel you are amazing.

    big hugs and kisses

    oh and a big congrats to your winner

  3. Interesting things happening in Adam's life now - music, of course, but other avenues/careers in his view, as well. Smart guy. Thanks, Gloria - Lee


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