Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"I Think He Liked It! " 20/09/2011

: Yesssssir! loves the song!!!! We winning 

(10PM EST)

Just finished comping the vocals to this SMASH I wrote for @adamlambert... Speechless #TURNTHELIGHTSON


Adam: But I promise!!! There’s so many great choices some are still being finished… I can’t wait!!! Hope u guys wanna dance!
Adam: Twitter party!!! Questions?
Adam: Taken at Burning Man! Note my glamorous trailer in the background!
Adam Lambert's photo Taken at Burning Man! Note my glamorous trailer in the background!
Adam Lambert on WhoSay
Q: Thaila_11 – Yes, but some of us want soft ballads too! Don’t forget us, “Personal songs” remember?! !
A: oh I love ballads- don’t worry. :) songs w a great beat can also be quite personal! Ya know?!
Q: Trishnz – Did being on Project Runway fire you up to have your own fashion label – after next album of course
A: I’ve always had the notion to design. Before guessing on p.runway. Gonna focus on my music first of course.
Q: mackenzieejo – will you pleeeaaase come to indiana on your next tour? :D
A: I came to indiana the last tour… Of course I’ll come back. We filmed the DVD there!
Q: styleandchiche – Any ideas on the album cover yet?
A: yeah a few. :)
Q: ravengirl57 – In making this second album, is it always so unscheduled? In other words, are there no deadlines AT ALL?
A: deadlines and schedule come waaaay second to great music. I’m lucky to be signed to a label that respects and honors that :)
Q: lambosessed – What kind of drunk are you usually?
A: a friendly, talkative one. ;) love ur avi. That was a crazy hallowEen
Q: catalm – What was your favorite part about being on Project Runway?
A: the judges are reeeeally funny. On and off camera. Micheal had me in stitches w his wit.
Q: LuvThaFunk – so I’m guessing Outlaws Of Love will be the only sweet slow ballad I’ve been craving? Will there be piano on it?
A: you’ll have to wait and see…
Adam: Twitter is actin up
Q: SophieBachmann – Have you still a crush on Bill from Tokio Hotel?
A: nope… I found my love! :)
Q: rainierstar – Is there anything else you can tell us about the album?
A: yeah- I love it! Some of it’s really fun and upbeat yet honest and real. Other tracks are moody, dark. Both sides of me…
Q: Hungarevival – What about your Illuminati status?
A: haha they rejected my application. Not enough bullshit and mystery. Im too much an open book
Q: jam2885 – who was your favorite writer/producer to work with for the album?
A: One of the producers I was extremely honored to write with was @Pharrell Williams! Whew. I don’t think y’all are ready for that!
Q: TiiaTortilla – Anything you wanna say to the Sauli haters? The Adommy crays?
A: nothing to say… All that chat is a waste of energy. Some Folks think they know my private life… Well they don’t.
Q: HannaBec – Would u perform on X-Factor if asked?
A: of course! U think I’d say no? Haha
Q: HousesOfCandy – What one element is making this your ‘dream’ album? BTW, can’t wait!! XOX
A: I think the production style is more progressive and forward thinking then in the past… I love electronic music!
Adam: I feel like I’ve evolved as a singer and as a writer in the past few years. Learned so much on tour etc… The shift shows
Q: GlitterSkies – I think you should cover a Backstreet Boys song…
A: haha I sang enough covers on idol. All about new, original material now.
Q: anthrogeekPF – Wanna get FUNKed up!! Are you exploring urban sounds with these new collabs?? ;) ))
A: sorta… yeah
Q: meandmypixie – No pressure or anything, but if the album is gonna be released in early 2012, when can we expect a GNT2??? :)
A: the Glam Nation tour already happened! The next tour ( prob next year) will have a whole new concept and name.
Q: GlamourStar730 – I hope the CD’s not too Poppy. I dont like dance music
A: i do
Q: Sandishader – have you already started working on the concept for the next tour?
A: nope. lol im figuring all this out as i go. while its flattering you think i have it all mapped out in advance- i def dont!
Q: 2cntswrth – Do you still party as much as you used to or do you hang out more at home now?
A: def been more of a homebody of late– and spending lots of time in the studio too
Adam: POST GAY. look it up. sums up my views
Q: rach_eva – it sucks to be told by OTHER PPL what should define YOU
A: yeah… but that is what the “Cult of Celebrity” is. its one of the downsides.
Q: mogulmama – Was it cold at night in the desert- you guys were all bundled up
A: sooo cold. and the days were so hot. its like a survival rave
Q: WildflowerGlam – Do you know why some people think gays are all the same? I mean straight people aren’t all the same either, so why gays?
A: why? ignorance.
Q: Misty_Glambert – Summer or winter fashions?
A: im a fall/winter fan. love jackets!
Q: Kimkris – how often do you have to cut/color your hair?
A: too often- it grows SO fast.
Q: TrueGlambert3 – What’s some advice to help get over my ex????? Please, I seriously wanna get over him because he’s mean to me but I can’t :\
A: distract yourself w a project. something positive and nothing to do w relationships. be productive and get your heart off it
Q: yuki3sl – Do you believe in fate ??
A: YES! Fate and Destiny are real! but you have to follow your instincts to allow it to unfold. we sometimes stand in our our own way.


Adam Lambert looking gorgeous thanks to @ALambertpics

Thanks to Lee for the Title today!

IamRicoLove: Everything they told me about 
@ adamlambert being an AMAZING vocalist is true! He's killing this vocal!

 "I ain't gonna lie to you. I work with everybody in the world, EVERYBODY.. this MFer is one of the illest vocalists everrr!"

Screencaps thanks to @mindchnger

mindsouletc: i love that adam only responses to compliments are awww and *giggle* he is one presh muthafuckin beast

 Rico Love 

Stop over producing vocals. Simplicity is the key..... 

(12PM EST... about Adam?)

Collaborators On Adam Lambert’s New Album Thrilled To Work With Him

"Woah…people are excited. Of course, that may be because Adam has such a magnificent personality and tends to just ooze niceness everywhere he goes. Still, it is frustrating for his fans to have the album delayed for so long…we would all love to get in on the niceness!
Sigh…but then, as they say, good things come to those who wait."

Adam Lambert performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @virg1877

 Adam Lambert 

dont forget... listen to her VOICE! DAMN!!! liiiiving! via 

Xtina's voice, Adele's voice.... he's preparing us for Adam's voice!


Adam and Sauli Funny Video from yesterday... for people who had trouble finding it


This Week!

9.22.11 Adam will be a guest judge on Project Runway. His episode was taped on 7.14.11.

Project Runway on Lifetime in US; on Slice and A & E in Canada.(not broadcast the same day)

Project Runway Sep 22 8:00PM ET Lifetime
Episode 9: Image is Everything The outfitters pick up the beat when they create image-making threads for the rock band the Sheepdogs. Guest Judge: Adam Lambert UStream link http://tvpc.tv/Channel.php?Ch

9.23.11 Adam and Leila to be honored at PFLAG LA Event

The LA Event
September 25, 2011 5:00PM PT Tickets $250.00Invitation only

9.23.11 Premiere of Majors & Minors on the Hub Network.Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, Colbie Caillat and Claude Kelly are joining The Hub's latest reality series Majors & Minors. They will serve as mentors (the "majors") to young talent on the upcoming fall series, premiering Friday, Sept. 23.http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/adam-lambert-avril-lavigne-colbie-217026 =======================

More ways to support the Trevor Project

Peace Pendant EXTENDED Now Available Through Oct 1st Adam fans continue to amaze me and other people…. 

All Pennyroyal Sales to benefit Trevor Project Through Oct 1st: We think Trevor Project is a really important cause and we've decided to donate 30% of all non-Signature Collection sales from the entire Pennyroyal line to Trevor Project from now until October 1st. 

Get some holiday shopping done early and raise money for Trevor Project! 

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Today's IS_Tutka 

Sauli Koskinen and Justin Utula misseistä speak today, and the mission of the organization.

The pair is not in any way fair that the beauty queens will pay half the salary Finn artists, even if the beauty queens acquire the bulk of her work?

How pageants conditions could be improved? Participate in Katrina, and Saul, with the debate!

Former “Idol” contestant Adam Lambert will be a guest judge on “Project Runway” at 9 p.m. Thursday on Lifetime. The contestants get a performance from new their new client, the band The Sheepdogs.


Adam Lambert thanks to @leecherry

Glam Nation Live (CD+DVD)  CD WOW! USA $11.99 with FREE & fast Delivery to Canada! *GoingForTheGOLD!* x0x


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Thanks to SeeYaBassoon

Kelly Clarkson mentions Adam as International Superstar


Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010 thanks to ?

Adam Puzzle!  

Give it a try. U get to move Adam's parts around!



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform Fever in Pullayup GlamNation 2010
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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Yeah, That's our boy, a "presh muthafuckin beast" who oozes niceness everywhere he goes.

    ....tell us something we don't already know ;-)

  2. OK, now that I saw all of Rico's accolades about Adam and got choked up & teary - eyed from watching the videos of Adam, my only hope that is that the rest of the world finally wakes up & sees Adam for what we all have seen for the last 2+ years - that Adam is the greatest performer, singer, entertainer & humanitarian in the world! God Bless Adam!! Great blog & pics & videos Gloria - thanks for all you do in giving us all the latest Adam news!

  3. Adam has the most extraordinary face - it's not just beautiful - it's interesting. Not many of whom you can say that. In fact, there are times when the upper part of his face looks almost Asian (sitting on the couch in that Rico Love pic) - would really appreciate knowing his heritage (genetically) - Norwegian in coloring, of course - but, what else? And where in hell did that voice come from? Has Adam ever explored this - I dunno. Great blog, Gloria - luv,lee

  4. I knew I could come to you, Gloria, for the twitter party-had to leave in the middle of it! And Ricos twitvid to show to DH. I always count on you for latest updates. Thanks again!

  5. Such a great Adam day!! Thanks Gloia for all the extra goodies!

  6. LambertgiRl16 says....
    Adam has the most amazing eyes!!!!!! Want to go to Twitter parties with u!!!!! Thanks so much for inviting me!!!!!!!! Thnks so much for posting these photos on twitter!!!!!

  7. thanks Gloria for the Twitter party recap i missed it yesterday as i had to take little man to dentist but i knew you have me covered. Hugs and have a wonderful day.

  8. Info for Canadian re Project Runway if you prefer to see it on tv instead of you tube .I did some digging and project Runway is shown on Slice monday nights at 10:00 EST however we are 7 episodes behind the US airings ( I have no idea why). We just had episode 2 this week and Adam's episode is number 9. So I think that his will be shown here on slice Halloween night by my calculations. They usually post the episodes and airings for the week on the slice website.



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