Monday, 19 September 2011

1.2 Million Man! 19/09/2011

 "I ain't gonna lie to you. I work with everybody in the world, EVERYBODY.. this MFer is one of the illest vocalists everrr!"

Screencaps thanks to @mindchnger

One of the Most Beautiful Picture of Adam Ever!!!

: Everything they told me about being an AMAZING vocalist is true! He's killing this vocal!!

(We know. He always does!)

Congratulations Adam! 

 Now if you would start the new album promo tour, we could see this number skyrocket!  

Patiently waiting........ not!

Adam and Leila to be Honoured at this event!

Adam is in Miami Beach today!

@adamlambert my prents just saw you in the ft lauderdale airport!!!

IamRicoLove: In the lab with adamlambert today! This record is about to be worldwide 

(Talking about the single????)

One of Rico's recent hits ( he wrote and produced it)


 also look for new song i've written on the new Martina McBride album, Jason Derulo, & Adam Lambert! exciting stuff.


 Noy ~ Rakstar 
 by adamlambert

(12PM EST)


 Congratulations! Your video IF I HAD YOU is the best of the week on the peruvian radio

 Adam in the same jacket at the ASCAP awards

Sauli's new FB avatar with his BFF... she was at dinner with Adam and Sauli on Saturday night

This is funny! Adam and Sauli!

Thanks to TheEriksay


 Adam Lambert and Ariel Pittman
More Adam and baby pictures coming soon? 

 Adam Lambert 

CONGRATS to  and Kevin on a beautiful baby girl!!!! Woohoo!!!


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour September 18


More ways to support the Trevor Project

Peace Pendant EXTENDED Now Available Through Oct 1st Adam fans continue to amaze me and other people…. 

All Pennyroyal Sales to benefit Trevor Project Through Oct 1st: We think Trevor Project is a really important cause and we've decided to donate 30% of all non-Signature Collection sales from the entire Pennyroyal line to Trevor Project from now until October 1st. 

Get some holiday shopping done early and raise money for Trevor Project! 

If anyone wants to gift a pendant to a deserving Glambert, DM me cause I know several who would love one.

Very special thanks to three generous donors who contacted me yesterday!

Amazing! thanks to  glaMisa_17


Project Runway Thursday September 22 at 9PM on Lifetime


Click on picture for adorable Gif!

Adam Lambert Charms Project Runway’s Nina Garcia

Recap of Project Runway last episode with Adam mention


Majors and Minors Friday September 23 on Hub



Please enter my contest!

Contest Continues until September 19- Only  One More Days!

Random draw from all entries will be made end of the day tomorrow so there is still time to enter.

Send me your story, pictures, videos, thoughts or say hello!  Subject line: Adam

The prize is a drawing by @santabillie that I purchased last year and would like to share with someone now.

It's ready to be framed and I will ship it anywhere in the world!

Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie


 Is  getting into the meat business? 

Adorable pic by @itssorandom in Singapore subway!
One Year Ago... End of the US Bus Tour.

Watch for Brooke's introduction and the bus drivers surprise Adam!


Sasha's Solo on SYTYCD thanks to @Suz526

Take Two Glorious Hours to Listen to this ASAP

Vocal Expert Angelina Kalahari and guests talk about
 Outlaws of Love

(there is a summary to check out too)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @Alikat1323 in Cleveland

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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I really loved that Tumblr version of Tommy Joe and his answers to the questions! He is a sweetie pie.

  2. The Rock #Outlaws of Love photo is a creation by glaMisa_17. Her work is awesome and someone should be putting her designs on t-shirts, stickers, watches, handbags...everything. I posted this one and another one (with her permission) on my blog page at Check out Ana Glam's blog I also sent some info to ground(cntrl) to see if I can stir up some interest in improving Adam's merchandise line. If you agree, spread the word.

  3. hugs to say thanks for everything you do

  4. I think Rico liked it - lol. Luv, Lee


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