Sunday, 18 September 2011

WWFP? 18/09/2011

Pictures thanks to MyHollywoodDaily

Adam and Sauli leaving Fig and Olive Restaurant 17/9/2011

thanks to  for alerting me and to @lilybop2010 for enhancing!


Adam Lambert Charms Project Runway’s Nina Garcia



Is it wrong to be flailing over a dark, grainy pic of Adam?  

curlygirly95: this is my uncle. w adam lambert. just now. I'M DYING. 


curlygirly95 Allie Lambert
he said he's with a blonde guy... i was like "SAULI..." haha

curlygirly95  so BASICALLY, he went up to adam and was like normally i never do this but my niece is like ur biggest fan and such...

and he said adam was super nice and friendly and shook his hand and took the photo with him!

i should probably go to bed but idk how the hell im gonna sleep after this. my uncle is at the table next to adam lambert rn ============================
Adam Lambert on Project Runway thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

 Savan Kotecha 

"Dancing with Pee In My Eyes" - Ke$ha

(Co writer of IIHY)

 Adam Lambert 

 'whataya want from pee'??

which led to hundreds of suggestions from Glamberts on twitter

(I didn't see this one:  After pee)


From Brooke Wendle's wedding... thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

Majors and Minors Interview with a Contestant

F:  Do you have any favorite moments you could tell us about, up to this point?
CD:  I would probably have to say when we were working with Alex on choreography. We were just doing a normal rehearsal when Evan came in. He told us that we were gonnna focus a little on stage presence and that he thought he had someone that could help us with it. He called for him and ADAM LAMBERT came through the door. I respect this guy so much for putting himself out there and doing what he does. It was such a cool moment working with Adam on stage presence. I even got to play guitar for him when he sang to us. It was pretty insane. He is such an individual and Im glad that I had that chance.

 Adam Lambert in New York 11/23/09 Letterman Show by Maggie via @lisaharrington

Project Runway Livestream

Attention international Adam fans! TVPC change the Lifetime ustream link
… Project Runway Sep 22 at 8 pm @vanglam Thnks!


American Idol’s Adam Lambert Lends Fashion Sense to On the Line With Joe Zee

According to a statement from the show, “Returning slightly altered, this season Zee will enlist the help of some of his industry friends including American fashion designer, Rachel Roy, socialite and fashion trendsetter, Olivia Palermo, rock musician Adam Lambert, Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka and model and actress Veronica Webb, to help judge the designer’s ability.”

Adam Lambert's amazing fashion sense thanks to @leecherry

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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie


Win the Classic Hits Adam Lambert Billboard!! 

and the NZ Glitter tribe entry


Adam Lambert looking good!

Adam Lambert billboard thanks to ?

Take Two Glorious Hours to Listen to this ASAP

Vocal Expert Angelina Kalahari and guests talk about
 Outlaws of Love

(there is a summary to check out too)


Magnus Bane by _ardawling

One year ago Live Chat from Tampa


Monte Interview part 1


This is Funny!

Where is Longineu? 

One year later

 Longineu Parsons III 

We just rocked out Beijing China!!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform at ? thanks to ?

Screencaps thanks to @kkaprice

SYTYCD thanks to @suz526


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. You excel yourself every time Gloria. Your blog makes my day.
    And I sure hope that wonderful uncle gets a fantastic Christmas present. Sleep - when your uncle's sitting near Adam?? Never.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. It is kind of incredible how there is always new and old stuff to keep us all going even when Adam is keeping a low profile. It's an easy challenge to fill this blog daily!



  3. Whoa, a new picture ! To me anyway, that closeuo in all black with the piercing blue eyes ... amazing !!
    Little surprises every day, thanks Gloria.

  4. Hey - my complaint went through - Adam out on the town - he and Sauli finally made an appearance - good lord, does he look gorgeous. Cute story about the uncle - Adam's such a nice guy. This'll keep me satisfied for about 24 hours - lol. Thanks for the great blog - Lee

  5. I ADORE Adam, but this outfit is not his best. We've seen that jacket, those pants and the boots too many times lately. On the other hand, Sauli looks amazingly handsome. I have a feeling that they will be soon a sex-simbol couple. ;))

  6. these pics are KILLIN' me....and whatta way 2 go!

  7. Just have to say Adam in the harem pants with the boots....GORGEOUS!!
    Gloria, wanted to let you know that I check out this site every day at least a couple of times. I look at all the pictures of Adam and there is not a day that goes by that I don't say out loud, "OMG he is sooo sooo beautiful" or "OMG Adam is sooo sooo beautiful"!
    It's truly amazing how one person can have such an effect on someone. Adam just takes my breath away! Keep up the great work on this site! You are appreciated more than you know.

  8. I liked the light make-up to Adam and Souley
    This made a natural and beautiful photographs

    arabic lady

  9. It seemed so awesome that one year ago Sasha was performin gon stage in FL with ADAM and now she is performing with SYTYCD pretty amazing how the universe works


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