Saturday, 17 September 2011

Finishing Touches! 17/09/2011

@juneliaaguiar Guess who I met on my flight to LA?! Keep that music comin & i will keep the records playin!! A huge fan!
(Flight was from Charlotte to LA on August 21)
Last Night!

 Adam Lambert 

Lifetimes DANCE MOMS is riveting! Hilarious. Terrifying. Hope those KIDS wanna be on camera 

 Adam Lambert 

Watching Scarface. Michelle Pfeiffer is on fire!


Stopped by to hear @Oligee1 and @adamlambert putting the finishing touches on the songs we wrote together! So Excited for this album!
(11PM PST)

  hell yeah!!! (1AM PST)

Adam Lambert one year ago thanks to @mindchnger

More ways to support the Trevor Project

Peace Pendant EXTENDED Now Available Through Oct 1st Adam fans continue to amaze me and other people…. 

Source: Twitter, Pennyroyal website 9.16.11 _Pennyroyal Tim Foster I'm impressed with how many of you are purchasing Peace Pendants and asking me to send them as anonymous gifts. 

_Pennyroyal Tim Foster I've gotten 5 emails in the last hour from people wanting to anonymously gift pendants to people who can't afford them. 

_Pennyroyal Tim Foster We've decided to do something special to add to our donation amount to @TrevorProject.… 

All Pennyroyal Sales to benefit Trevor Project Through Oct 1st: We think Trevor Project is a really important cause and we've decided to donate 30% of all non-Signature Collection sales from the entire Pennyroyal line to Trevor Project from now until October 1st. 

That's right... Anything you buy from Pennyroyal that isn't already benefiting a different cause will benefit Trevor Project for the next couple weeks. 

Get some holiday shopping done early and raise money for Trevor Project! 


Read more:

(If anyone wants to gift a pendant to a deserving Glambert, DM me cause I know several who would love one!)

lilybop2010 Enhanced screencap, Adam Lambert, Majors & Minors, "Sometimes you need to focus a little bit"


Thanks to @Jamieglambert from One year ago


This is why we all need to #FF @adamlambert

 Last Week)[image]


Sleepwalker GN Live Watching Party Results

Very late in the day 15/09/2011  - 897,941 views

Morning 17/09/2011 901,246

Yesterday we added 3,305 views

Let's keep watching this one to get it to a Million Views soon. There have been articles promised once this happens.  And if you tweet this link to your followers, more new fans will see this amazing video
@LiamMcEwan Amazing. Found this online. MJ + Adam posters next to each other in a music


JarettSays: Adam Lambert fans, PROMISE my one-on-one is coming (long story), for now, here's a sneak peek at him on Majors & Minors 


Project Runway

Article by Lyndsey Parker

Thanks to Gelly14... this is what Adam is wearing!

 Much Music Awards Rehearsal

Adam Lambert and Brooke Wendle one year ago thanks to @mindchnger

Take Two Glorious Hours to Listen to this ASAP

Vocal Expert Angelina Kalahari and guests talk about
 Outlaws of Love

(there is a summary to check out too)



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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner
Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @Alikat1323 enhanced by @weelassie11
After seeing Tommy's butt picture.....

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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Readers,
    You just gotta check out Angelina's program on Outlaws of Love (see link above). Adam may say, "It's not that deep" but this "simple" little song definitely is. Listen to experts talk about why, musically, lyrically, and vocally, OOL is a work of art.
    And, please leave Angelina a comment on her blog to encourage her to do more in-depth examination of Adam's artistry.

  2. Ahhh...thanks for my daily dose!

  3. Post didn't work - so try again. My complaint was that the boys were staying home too much and watching dopey TV - get out on the town so we can see some new pics. LOL - Lee

  4. thank you for making my day Gloria and that cartoon of tommy just to precious


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