Friday, 16 September 2011

What Women Want! 16/09/2011

Adam Lambert on Project Runway screencaps thanks to @lilybop2010

Thanks to @devenlane

devenlane THIS FANDOM ROCKS OKAY. THAT IS ALL. RT @_Pennyroyal: I've gotten 5 emails in the last hour from people wanting to anonymously gift pendants to people who can't afford them.


Breaking News! Sale of  Peace Pendant extended to October 1st to ensure maximum benefit to !

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Majors and Minors

and Project Runway here:

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Take Two Glorious Hours to Listen to this ASAP

Expert Angelina Kalahari and guests talk about
 Outlaws of Love

(there is a summary to check out too)


Adam Lambert wallpaper thanks to @essellsari

Final Day to Order Adam's Peace Pendant to support the Trevor Project



Adam's preview for Project Runway titled "What Women Want" Priceless!

Link for International Fans

 Make sure ppl know "what women want" is not the title of Adam's PR episode. And he's only a judge so last 25 mins of show.

Adam Lambert 

 and great to see you!!!


@ryanauld Did you know him from before then? And good luck!:)@adamlambert

@ryanauld @malysam yea. We were friends before the show. Drake Labry is a great friend of mine and we remained friends

: Who is excited about next week? Our guest judge is . LOVED him. Found him smart, handsome and talented.

adamlambert @ninagarcia aww thank u Nina. I had fun w you guys too!;)


Classic Hits New Zealand is Giving away this billboard!  Side of the house maybe?

Uploaded by ClassicHitsNZ on Sep 15, 2011

We're giving away our 6 x 3 metre long Adam Lambert billboard. Details at


Single Coming!

Adam Lambert in Toronto Jun 2010 thanks to Tracy J

Thanks to Perfectway76

Really Cute Interview

Dear European Glamberts, 

There's a #EuropeanGlambertParty on Twitter only for Europe on Saturday 1709.2011 - 8pm (M.E.T) and 7pm UK!
For those of you wondering: It will Be As a normal Twitterparty (Question and Answer) , Talking to Other Glamberts.

Me (Lydia) and The Other organizer (Nessi) came up with that idea because there was a Glambert Twitterparty before, but everyone here in Europe Missed it cause it was at 4 or 5 am. 

Then we both talked and thought of starting that New project and there it is!
There are Already a Lot Glamberts from everywhere in Europe that will join, but you can Always join! 

Just Tell us on Twitter:

Me - @Glamnbert
Nessi - @MrsRKO4Life 

 It'd Be awesome if we could find some Other interested European Glamberts here!
Thanks already for joining!
P.S. : When you´ve got any questions, just ask me or Nessi on Twitter


Adam Lambert to Guest Judge on Two Fashion Shows


Adam sings You Can't Win 2008 Upright Cabaret

Adam's PreIdol Music:


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This Article is where my Adam lambert career started!

Not sure why they have reposted it without the thousands of comments we wrote but...

GlamNation Memories thanks to @suz526

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Monte Pittman 

With  &  watching Buddy Guy at the  party! One of the last best blues guitarists alive. A bad man

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

I just got to see  live. The hair on my arms stood up the entire time. That is one BAD mother fucker!

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @alikat1323 enhanced by @weelassie11

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff in San Francisco thanks to @finewinebaby

Anyone Love Miss Saigon?

(Picked up the CD in California and remembering how much I love it and especially this song)

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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I thought he will be on the segment "Image is Everything" not "what women want" - can you confirm for sure?

  2. Lynn:

    @Adamquotedaily Make sure ppl know "what women want" is not the title of Adam's PR episode. And he's only a judge so last 25 mins of show.

  3. great post and can't wait to see Adam on tv again. as for the Pendant I would love to buy one and help but i can't even make my house payment this month much else buy gorgeous jewelery. hope everyone who gets one enjoys them they are beautiful and Gloria big huge hugs because youare awesome.

    love ya,

  4. I'm always moved to tears by Miss Saigon Bui Doi. Vietnam was my first war. Sadly, history keeps repeating itself. Where is our humanity?

  5. Hi Ana Glam.

    I love this song and it is so emotional for me too. Can't wait for Adam's new album so I can get back to listening to happy emotional music! LOL

  6. That Miss Saigon song was so touching. that guy sure can sing. Thanks for posting it to help us remember our fellow man and the children. This was so much better than seeing Sauli stuff.


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