Sunday, 4 September 2011

Love Songs for Adam! 04/09/2011

 Battle of the Hot Adams... I think the vote is over and Adam Lambert is #1


 Monte Pittman 


Burning Man... OMG Adam, you've made us all want to go!

Adam Lambert at Burning Man 2007 ?

mmyy9 mmyy9

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour on The Flea FM September 4 SoundCloud: 28 (cont)



The Trojan Horse Burn last night . . . oh my fucking god!! Didn't happen till after midnight, and we were in the front of the display. Once the fire began, with the flaming arrows, the fireworks, the smoke through the nose of the beast, it became the biggest bonfire of my lifetime. The Playa was surrounded by every cosmic vehicle known to the Universe; skydivers rained down from a night almost devoid of stars; as the lights from this Black Rock City were so bright. Today, the Trojan Horse is still smouldering; and the Playa is littered with bicycles that haven't yet found their owners!

Tonight is the Man. The Burn. The Climactic Moment. Worked 10 hours today, and came back to our little camper at Station 9; and I've escaped to connect for a few minutes with all of you who've followed this adventure - my friends who I love so much. I really do! We're having a little wine, cheese, and dinner in the shade of our vehicles - about a dozen of us - and before long we'll all head on foot to the Playa. We've watched, once again, skydivers fall into our midst as we sit; enjoying the music and the friendships and the ever present stream of Burners that come and go. This is one of the most beautiful evenings I've ever experienced. Crystal clear; warm; no wind. No wind! The desert mountains surround us. They stand in naked elegance, observing the dusty mass that swarms in delight and anticipation of the moment when we collectively affirm self-reliance, creativity, love, commitment, connectedness, humanity. We are broken open.

I'm thinking of my five favorite songs. This must be the hardest thing ever! This morning, as I dressed for my shift, I listed to BRC Radio. In the middle of words of eloquence I'll never equal, came strains of two songs that were so perfect for this sunrise. 'Somewhere' by Striesand - her etherial, gentle refrain; and my new favorite song - "A World of Your Imagination" remix from Willy Wonka. I am in that world! Oh - and I'm still 'on the lookout'! But, if it can be believed and understood by you, the experience of Burning Man has overtaken even my ninja love for a chance to see Adam. I truly believe he is here. I'll have an eye out - believe me. But it's time for my experience to fuel my imagination and my longing for what is to come. And, I know what is to come will have AFL to discover and share. I'll look to the stars tonight. Please do the same! momtomany 

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Pictures from Burning Man 2010

This is just too incredible for words!


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Hi Gloria,
    Thanks so much for finding interesting, relevant ways to keep us thinking about Adam even when there is no obvious news.

  2. what a lovely post and sent you an email.

  3. Becca: Thanks for the beautiful email which I will share soon if that's ok with you.

    xomsbytheway: Thanks for your great comment. It really made my day and I tweeted it out for all to see!


  4. How adorable Adam looks zipping up that beige jacket - looks like the MW one - and he looks very thin there, too. Enjoyed the videos - boy can move those ball-bearing hips - lol. Luv, Lee


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