Monday, 5 September 2011

Message for Madison! 05/09/2011

The Countdown:  Six Weeks and four days

Message from Madison:  

Hey everyone I just got done reading all your messages to 
Madison and she says to tell all of Adam's fan thank you 
very much and she would give you all hugs if she could. 

Gloria thank you so much for this it truly brighten Madison's
day and we both thank you very much. hug


                     Adam Lambert plays the Scarecrow in the Wiz

Letter from a Glambert!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this story to you but 

things here have been crazy.

You see my neice who is 6 is a fan of Adam's, she even 

takes naps with his Cd tucked under 

her. Anyways a couple of weeks ago, she had to go in for 

surgery and well, they implanted a balloon in her neck. 

Because of this, she has had to be very careful with what 

she does which means no jumping or dancing. 

Anyways, she came over  last week to visit and i was 

listening to FYE CD. She came up to me and simply 

looked at me and stated "I can't listen

to Adam anymore." I immediately asked why thinking 

someone had been mean to her for brother doesn't get 

why we like him. Anyways, her reply was "because he 

makesme happy and i want to dance". i quickly caught on

 to what she was saying being that  since she couldn't 

dance around the room, she couldn't listen to Adam

because he made her want to dance.  Earlier this week,

 she ended up in the hospital due to an infection setting 

intothe balloon and had to stay for a week. While there, 

we spent a lot of time watching the Glam Nation Tour 

video but we also spent time on the computer where i 

introduced her to your lovely website. We spent hours 

scanning pictures and stories as well as video. 

When I left her this morning heading home, she wanted 

me to tell you thank you for making her smile. She said 

that not only is Adam her friend and makes her happy but 

you do as well. 

So thank you for making a little girls time in the hospital a 

little brighter by what you do and A big thank you to 

Adam for doing all he does for fans. 

His music and tour video was a wonderful way to pass the 

time and put a smile on a little girl's face.


Madison, this video is for you!  I know lots of the kids are dancing but I'm hoping that it won't be very long before you can too.  For now, maybe you can just dance in your heart!

Madison, I hope you enjoy all these Adam and Kids videos and pictures.  It is an honour to have you visit with me and to be a fellow Glambert too!

(Please leave your messages for Madison in the comments since she doesn't have twitter yet. I have been told she will be reading this post today for sure! )

Kids Love Adam

Madison, I hope that Adam sees your story. You are an inspiration to all us Glamberts!

Adam Lambert doing Halloween age 3

  Adam Lambert and Ariel Pittman

Adam Lambert poses with a young fan

Adam Puzzles and Games


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They Were There!!!? I Believe Yes!

Katri says in her blog that "New Tutka will come out tomorrow, since Sauli is today... somewhere."


Hey it was great to meet and hang out with you guys at the burning man. You and your friends were all super nice. Such an eclectic and unique mixture of people to add to the experience.

What Is Burning Man?

Incredible pictures:


Little Bit about Brooke's Wedding

Adam sang an original song that he wrote for her. And sounded "awesome." It gets fuzzy here: either Adam sang two songs, one acapella and one with Tommy's guitar, or he sang one song that had both elements."


          Adam Lambert looking gorgeous enhanced by @weelassie11

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Messages from Adam Lambert Fan Club

  1. On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:47 PM-Adam'sGurl#1-Glambert#5042 said:
    Thanks for posting!
  2. Elly* AdamsForeverLady and Tart avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 1:45 PMElly* AdamsForeverLady and Tart said:
    Get well soon Madison!
  3. LightDancer avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:53 AMLightDancer said:
    Hi Madison, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Before you know it Adam's new CD will be coming out.
    Then you will be celebrating.
    Sending you glittery hugs!
  4. Tiffany7 avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:15 AMTiffany7 said:
    Hi Madison. Get well soon. Hope you will be dancing to Adam again. Love and light to you.
  5. Manon D'Amours avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:12 AMManon D'Amours said:
    Madison.. Take some good rest now!
    We'll have a boogie party when your better!! With some good Adam music!!
    Get well soon sweety!! : )
  6. Princessshakeitup avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:11 AMPrincessshakeitup said:
    Can we leave the comments here cause I didn't know how to do it on that other site.
    Here goes:
    Madison is my FAVORITE name because I grew up in Madison Wisconsin and that is my FAVORITE city!
    I love Adam too and lately I have been having trouble with pain in my back and leg so I feel like I can't listen to Adam as much because I can't dance either! I'm just like YOU, I have a hard time listening to Adam if I can't dance!
    So, you know what I do? I listen anyway and just wiggle in my chair! Can you chair wiggle till you feel better?
    Take Care and we'll BOTH be dancing again soon!
  7. DeeDee avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 7:40 AMDeeDee said:
    Madison, feel better real soon. Rest now so you can dance later!
  8. glambert8 avatar
    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 6:54 AMglambert8 said:
    Hope you get well soon Madison!!!! Stay a Glambert, stay strong, and most of all get well soon! As I know you will. Soon you will be dancing again!


  1. Get better soon, Madison! Then you can go and tell Adam yourself how inspirational he (and his ability to make people smile) is.

    Cheers! <3

  2. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery Madison & I wish for you someday that you get to see Adam in Concert its a wonderful experience! {{{Glamhugs}}} from another Glambert!! Merrie_LINY on twitter ♥

  3. Maddison~Stay strong sweetie! Adam will always make your heart dance and put a smile on your face. Get well soon and know that all Glamberts are thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery. Make your little heart dance and don't worry what your brothers or anyone else think of you listening to Adam.



    jami_bonnewell on twitter

  4. Hey Madison! Best of wishes from a fellow young glambert! I hope you get better soon, and hope one day you will get to meet him!! Thats one of my dreams.

    - K@T

  5. Big hug to Madison!
    Get well soon and stay strong!
    The Glamily is thinking of you and wishes you the best!
    Hope we will be together in the audience at the next tour!


  6. Hi Madison,

    Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

    I am so glad that you can see Adam on your computer. There are LOTS of pictures and videos to see and hear.

    You can ALWAYS be dancing on the inside.


  7. Hi Madison!

    I hope you get better really quickly. Have a lot of fun listening to Adam sing & you keep dancing in your brain for now & you will be dancing for real very soon! I hope you get to see Adam in concert very soon-it's awesome to see him sing and one day I hope you meet him for real; I am hoping the same for me! Just get better soon; all of us are rooting for you!
    Lots of love,

  8. Madison,
    Get well soon. By the way my son who is 9 is a big Adam fan
    too ;)

  9. Madison
    I hope you get well soon. So you can dance and sing again to Adam's song <3

  10. Thinking of you, Madison - love that you love Adam - we're all together in that, aren't we? Get well soon, sweetheart - we're all cheering for you. Love, Lee

  11. Hi Madison!!
    Don't worry sweetie- all us Glamberts are sending lots of GLITTERY wishes for you to get better really soon!!! I hope that you can see Adam live in concert when he starts his new tour. Keep smiling and enjoying Adam - Much Glambert love to you - Andrea - Powderpuffnails (on twitter) :)

  12. Madison, I know you're not having the best time of your life but I hope you feel better that there are many people who are wishing you health... including me! I truly hope you'll get well soon and be able to dance to Adam, like we all love to. Be strong, and tell yourself "I'll get well soon." Listen to the stars at night, and you'll hear them saying the same to you! Lots of love from South Korea!

  13. Hi Madison!

    I am thinking of you and am sure you will be up and dancing to Adam's music again very soon!
    If you love someone that much it means you have a big heart. Just like Adam :)


  14. Hey, Madison!
    Adam makes all of us want to dance-even us oldies with a Glamcane! Hope you get to feeling better soon! 'Til then, watch lots of videos and dance in your heart. @glamgran58

  15. hi Madison!!honey,just be it for yourself,your dreams and for the music U love so wishes and be sure that everything is gonna be ok :) all my friendly love- Elda

  16. Hi Madison!

    You have a lot of positive thoughts being sent you're way & I pray you will be dancing to Adam's songs again really soon! For now dance in your heart & imagination!! Don't let anyone make you think you shouldn't listen to Adam & be his fan!! He is a "Good" soul & he loves everyone, especially you!!

  17. Get well soon Madison ! You have picked the perfect man to idolize because he represents all that is good and sweet, just like you. Hope you will be up and dancing soon, but not too fast, wait until the new album in November and we will all be dancing with you !!!

    And Gloria makes us all smile !

  18. Hi Madison!

    Thinking of you today while I am listen to Adam's music. May you get well soon and you able to dance soon! Keep your chin up sweetie! ♥ May your heart be full of love today!



  19. Hi Madison wishing you a speedy recovery so you can start to dance to Adams music again.

  20. Hi,Madison...isn't Adam GREAT? I love to listen to his music and dance too! I'm sorry that you are not feeling too well right now, but you'll be dancing again before long. A lot of people read this, and we all love Adam, too! We are all your new friends, and just as Adam sings in Aftermath...."YOU ARE NOT ALONE". You just hurry and get better, okay!! Deejay

  21. Hi Madison :)

    Just sending you smiles & hugs from Canada! You will dance again soon & I hope you get to meet Adam too!

    xoxox Priscilla

  22. hey everyone I just got done reading all your messages to Madison and she says to tell all of Adam's fan thank you very much and she would give you all hugs if she could.

    Goria thank you so much for this it truly brighten Madison's day and we both thank you very much. hugs


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