Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rough Week! 06/09/2011

 Adam Lambert 

Do you think this is Adam??


Compare the pants to this picture!

More about Burning Man here: 

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010

Countdown continues:  Six weeks and three days!

Katri said in her blog today that Sauli would explain himself tomorrow!




Click on Picture for Gif thanks to @mindchnger  Adam Lambert performs during Glam Nation 2010

Message from Madison

Hey everyone I just got done reading all your messages to 
Madison and she says to tell all of Adam's fan thank you 
very much and she would give you all hugs if she could. 

Gloria thank you so much for this it truly brighten Madison's
day and we both thank you very much. hug

Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes and love to Madison yesterday!

Adam Lambert in Honolulu thanks to @thefilmqueen

Lots more here: http://t.co/gfwQ9An


According to the latest sales information via USA Today, “Whataya Want From Me” ended up bringing in 1,688 spins across all radio formats in the past week — a decrease of just three spins from the week before


Bad Boy
Thanks to Chelenator

Adam Lambert performs in Honolulu thanks to @thefilmqueen

 Tim Foster 

 Tim Foster 

IDEA from an Adam fan! What do you think?

Watch this!

(IIHY video)

and read this

I'm writing to share with you an idea of mine and ask your opinion about it.
I'm looking almost daily at Adam's Twitter profile and I've noticed his number of followers is growing very slowly. Also, his YT videos have a pretty small number of views, especially the music videos, considering that they were uploaded a year ago (22 million isn't too much, considering that other artist have this number of views in a month or so).
Especially now, before his album comes out, we should get him more fans, followers, viewers, get him more popularity & exposure, make Adam Lambert name heard, spread the news and excitement about his new album and his music in general.
We could organize a "Watching Day" of one particular video, like Little Monsters did for Bad Romance. It would be the perfect ocasion to mobilse fans, to get known each other chatting on YT, and to see how large this fandom really is, and what it can do. Then we could start some kind of campaign, to get more fans for Adam.
I think this would be a perfect "Building the excitement" manifestation, to give Adam a gift, to show him how much we love him, how thankful we are, and how excited we are about the new album.
What do you think? :)

Should we have a specific Watching Day for each of Adam's music videos?  Do you think it would help?

Please leave me your opinion in the comments at the bottom of this page.


Adam Lambert and Alison Porter perform Aftermath in LA GlamNation 2010

Download on iTunes...Free today !

www.thecanyonsmusic.com RECORD RELEASE iTUNES tomorrow…Our song “THE ONLY ONE I’VE EVER LOVED” will be the FREE download on iTUNES!!! Show tomorrow night 9/6 at the W HOTEL HOLLYWOOD…9pm!
Alisan Tweets about Adam

xoutlawsoflove Jaxy Brelow
@alisanporter what's your favorite Adam Lambert's song?:)

alisanporter Alisan Porter @xoutlawsofloveAFTERMATH! and soaked 

rainbowglitterx chelsie @alisanporter how amazzzzing was it singing aftermath with adam!? you killed it.:D 

alisanporter Alisan Porter @rainbowglitterxIT WAS AN HONOR AND A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT 

runawaysu susan @alisanporter Will Adam be involved in the zodiac show too? 

alisanporter Alisan Porter @runawaysu
im sure...it isn't Zodiac without the family. 

glamnut linda @alisanporter Will Adam sing at your wedding? alisanporter Alisan Porter @glamnut lets hope!!!


Adam Lambert ad in Singapore one year ago thanks to ?

Majors and Minors Preview

Request and Vote

Adam Still getting Spins!  Keep requesting!

 Request Adam Lambert

Vote for Adam

He is fourth place behind Joe J and David A and Avril L


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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie

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Battle of the Hot Adams


Never gets old! Thanks to PeaceAndLoveLife

South African Idol performs IIHY

Thanks to satanicfloret



Video quality not so clear but I like this one thanks to Glamstarlight

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform during GlamNation 2010 thanks to @timeofdaffodils
 Two pictures from Honolulu #2 thanks to @thefilmqueen

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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I think having a watching day for Adam's videos is a good idea :) we should spread the word on twitter :)

  2. Count me in for a "Watching Day"! I agree that we need to boost Adam's visibility in time for the next release. The more exposure, the higher the sales for that much anticipated 2nd album. Dee Wallace

  3. I agree! 'Watching Day' is a great idea.We should all tweet it and get Adam out there for the 2nd album!

  4. I really like the idea of a "watching day" for Adam's video's- Count me in too!!! GREAT IDEA !!! Andrea - Powderpuffnails ~ :)

  5. "Watching Day" sounds like a good idea - I'm game. Lee

  6. "Watching Day"? Is there ever a day I don't watch Adam ??

    Count me in, piece of cake !

  7. Count me in for a "Watching Day" of Adam's videos. I watch several everyday but there's power in numbers...so let's roll! When???

  8. Having a "Watching Day" for Adam's videos sounds like a really good idea; I'm more than willing to give this a good try!

  9. Great "Bad Boy" vid. And another "Satisfaction" with a different ending. How many times did Adam sing this? Lee

  10. Got gloves on in the BM pic? Pants look similar. I'd say probably Adam. Love, Lee

  11. Great Idea....I'm ready; let's do it!!!

  12. Anyone know where the pic came from? Lee

  13. Adam is my reason for getting out of bed every day, to check on him and see what he's been doing since yesterday when I saw him last. Scootersmom.

  14. That definitely looks like Adam. If you look at the hair, facial features and profile, plus his physique and coloring, I'd bet money this is Adam.

    I'm all for a "Watching Day", count me in.

    The "Satisfaction" Video is from when they were singing to get into the top 12.
    That's when I totally fell in love with him and just lost it:)

    Hugs to all @Gloria476

  15. Not sure who took the picture. Apparently it was posted and the person didnt say anything about it.

  16. Heey :) I think "watching Day" is a great idea. I'm totally down with that lol.

  17. That's so interesting that it was just posted by "someone." And they didn't say anything about it - even though they probably knew who it was. Wonder if more stuff will surface. Waiting now for Sauli (after he emerges from 12 hours of sleep) to give us a recap of his adventures. He can be very funny and even slightly acerbic at times. Looking forward to his blog. (And that "Satisfaction" has a different ending than the one I have - so I downloaded that one, too - gotta have them all - lol.) Thanks for all this great stuff - Lee

  18. Clearer pic on ALL and definitely not Adam - too bad - still hoping. Lee


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