Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Adam Lambert : Soul Songs! 04/10/2011

(Larger view below!)

Looking a lot like his Brother!

Thanks to @mindchnger

Adam Lambert thanks to @leecherry

 Listened to an interesting interview by a healer with a beautiful voice who sings songs that are specially designed to impact your soul.  

( Jennifer McLean ,McLean MasterWorks )

Adam Lambert does the same thing effortlessly every time he opens his mouth!


@GoCheeksGo While I was en route here, a town in middle of nowhere NM had only 3 radio stations. 2 were Christian talk & 1 was playing @adamlambert.

Happy Birthday Cheeks!
HD WWFM from the Sing Off last night! 
 Love it!

Adam's New Songs Lyrics

Thanks to @lisaharrington4 for reminding me about this great article!

"A good singer breathes from the diaphragm, but a great singer breathes from the soul. There's an ethereal sound that comes from the latter, and Lambert has managed to harness it. He can dial into that enigmatic space where light meets sound and flip the switch at will, taking the listener, willing or not, right along with him to exhilarating highs and haunting lows.
That is the voice of talent."


Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation October 2010

This is the song Cam was talking about yesterday.  She may have produced it for Adam???

If you missed Cam talking about Adam yesterday:


Today's Is_Tutka Video


Video Radar: That is why Anna Abreu receives criticism
Katri Koskinen Sauli Utulan and Video on the radar will look at why Anna Abreu referees do not like the dance of the program viewers.
In addition, Justin and Sauli go through all the dancing couples and reflect on the importance of personalities in the race.

One of the star pupil is in their opinion above all others.

Join the discussion Katrin Kyttääjä blog or Facebook.

X Factor: Simon and L.A. on 'Humbling' Ratings, Weak Groups, and How Much 'Pretty' Matters

TVLINE I also wanted to talk about what’s known among reality fans as “pimped” contestants — when the judges or mentors push too hard on behalf of a particular singer too early in the season, and it begins to create a backlash among voters.
REID | Oh this is a new one!
TVLINE Simon, you know about this: It backfired during Idol finales when the judges were clearly pushing David Archuleta over David Cook, and Adam Lambert over Kris Allen.
COWELL | It’s a very good point, actually. I watch and I learn, and I’m aware of this. You’ve got to show the interesting contestants in the beginning. You’d be crazy not to. What we did on the boot camp show and the home-visit show is that, I don’t think we had any favored nations here. Everyone — whether you’re good or bad — gets equal billing. And it’s more interesting, funny enough, for the audience to make their own mind up. And I’m learning this more and more now.
TVLINE That also leads into the idea of backstory. Simon, I know you’ve previously said that it’s important to have those packages talking about the contestants’ lives before they came onto the show, but I’ll say from my perspective I’m usually more fascinated by the workaday “burrito slingers” than the ones where it’s like “I was attacked by wolves and then my house was carried away in a tornado.”
COWELL | What about both? That would be a good story.
REID [Howling] That’d be great.
COWELL | [Laughs] I’m selling burritos but at the same time my restaurant was in a hurricane!
TVLINE What about backstories involving gay and lesbian contestants? We saw several of them on The Voice, and it was kind of surprising, seeing how we’d never seen gay or lesbian contestants reference their sexuality over 10 seasons of Idol.
COWELL I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. We behave like we’re in the music business. When we sign an artist, there is no form where you fill in. If you’re a star, you’re a star.
TVLINE But will these contestants be able to discuss their sexual orientation out loud in front of a camera?
COWELL Absolutely. I couldn’t care less.

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation October 2010 thanks to @rhyden

pollyness : Claude Kelly song w/ lyric as the one Adam tweeted? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p2ZyHWQuK8&feature=youtu.be

Claude Kelley Song with one of the lines Adam tweeted! Could it be??


VH1 Pop Up Video
 Hi Isaac! would like to interview you about Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me." Get in touch via DM!

Gorgeous Adam Lambert drawing thanks to U. Brendenkamp

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Hot Boys from Q102


Guess a true Glambert would know where every one of these pictures comes from or at least would want to know!

What Does It Take to be a Glambert?


 TommyJoe Ratliff 

: Monte Pittman - Pain, Love & Destiny - ” fuck ya! Love ya, man!!! 

Monte Pittman Endorsed by Jarrell Guitars

Adam Lambert one year ago during international leg of GlamNation tour

DIVA MOMENTS! Very Adorable!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff looking gorgeous Reblogged from @Kittydevil

Tommy Joe Ratliff performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @Tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11


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  1. In the grid picture: Does anybody have a full version of number two from the left in the second row? Please?

  2. Hi Gloria,
    Dumb questions. Did you make that Adam grid? And if so, how did you do it?

  3. Anonymous: I didn't make it. It might have been @virg1877 but not positive. I know she has a program that you can do those kind of pictures on.

    Camilla_mouse: I'm looking.. its an old one. Anyone have it?

  4. I've got that picture! :)

  5. 2 items on the blog today!! Yay:) thanks Gloria! Yes, I made that grid last year as my Twitter background...i made it on Piknik.com...collages.

    i was so happy to find that article by Jennifer Maurer. It was truly the first time I realized there were other Adam fans out there!! Oh thank God I found all of you:))

    Great post today, Gloria. xo



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