Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Looking Forward! 05/10/2011

Glenda T receives her prize from my last contest.  Also holding the Charity Water framed picture and the beautiful Adam Dollar Bill (supports Donor Choose)

Hi Gloria,

The picture came today. It is stunning. Thank you sooooo very much. I adore it. 

It is wonderful to be a part of this diverse fan group and to connect with the Adam energy, creativity, and charity. Love his sneak peek at new lyrics. I appreciate you every day.

 Thanks again for this delightful piece of art. By the way I rushed to the frame shop and they were nice enough to stop what they were doing and make me a priority.I think they saw how excited I was.

 A special infinity thank you. I have the infinity ring. It was either that or get a second tattoo. Adam is so about connection. I realize this is a bit random. 

Have a great week. 



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 Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen arrive at the Arc Light Theatre on Monday in Hollywood

Thanks to @Scorpios4Adam for the head view. Adam, Adam, let down your hair please!


Adam Lambert wearing a beanie and singing acoustic WWFM in Germany 2010 Promo Tour

First, the Rolling Stone Avi.  And now tweeting this video??

 Adam Lambert 

We've been looking back for the past year.  

We want to look Forward now!


Glamtastic doll!

Hey @adamlambert and @brunomars! You should definitely get in touch with @VH1PopUpVideo! They want to POP you#PopUpVideo

Going to listen to @adamlambert 's Soaked on repeat in honor of this fantastic, rainy LA day


Glitter Fan Art thanks to Stinieta01


Thanks to Joan A for sharing this one!

@azatureA Z A T U R E

Great meeting you @adamlambert ! We @azature are humbled to be working with someone so talented!


Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation International Tour 2010 thanks to @Dashia enhanced by @aquariussue7

 Adam Lambert 

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TONS of stations are playing the 


Hot Boys from Q102

Ouuu @adamlambert is kicking @jamesmaslow's butt in our Hot Boy Bracket! The #Glamberts don't mess around!

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation International tour 2010


Video November 8/2010 thanks to Pmpt82Z


Katri: Hey did you see Adam Lambert at the afterparty? yesterday?
Sauli: Yes... not yesteday but saturday!
Katri: What afterparty it was?
Sauli: They had gig and they were in some restaurant in Helsinki, where I saw Adam Lambert.
I talked with him a quite long time. He was so nice.
Katri: I'm so jealous!
I Heard he talked about astrology and other stuff?
Sauli: Well I don't know... lets not talk about details...
Katri: Yeah! Yeah!..
Katri: Now we are talking about dancing with the stars......

Katri's First Adam Meeting (05/05/2010)

Adam Lambert in Photoshop of original picture which included Taylor in Mexico

WWFM on the Sing Off


So Many Questions about this Picture yesterday! 

 It was created by @lisaharrington4 using

Regarding the second picture on the second row:  This is the only one we have!

Thanks to EVAPerlaGlam


Beautiful Sasha!
Sasha Mallory with SYTYCD tour thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

More stunning pictures from the tour:

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to Hekka97

Lyrics too, just in case you need them! LOL!

Tommy Joe Ratliff performs GlamNation international tour 2010 thanks to Dashia enhanced by @aquariussue7

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


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    Thanks so much!


  2. Gloria, this is test of the new posting option. And, I also want to encourage Adam's fans who haven't already begun voting for Adam's Fan Army, to please do what they can, when they can.
    Peace, love, and light.

  3. Thanks so much for these pics and vids. You are the best source! I really want Adam with hair! Do not like the shaved look.

  4. Just testing out the pop-up box.
    Great blog as always!!! This is always the first blog site I go to in the mornings for all the up-to-date info for Adam!! Thanks for your hard work!

  5. Love Lisa collage!

    Incredible pictures from Tuke18 and weelassie's
    enhancements ! Sasha is using one of her
    pics as her avi!

    Looking forward to new music. Exciting times ahead !


  6. It worked!!!! Yeah. Love your blog. Every day I look for it first. Then I go and do searches for him on sites like google, msn, yahoo, etc. to help with search stats. I noticed you barely ever miss any good stuff.


  7. hello Gloria!
    testing, testing and thank you for today's blog - the WWFM beanie photo is so precious! x0x

  8. Thought that photo was Neil at first!

  9. Hi Gloria !
    Just to let you know that I always have a problem trying to post my comments but I keep trying till I get it to go through. Today I'm trying your pop out box-we'll see how it goes... Thank you for a great blog today - Light & Love - Andrea - @Powderpuffnails

  10. Hi Ms Pop-up !

    I agree "let your hair down "Adam !

  11. OK, it seems to work for me. Thanks for making this better.

  12. Testing testing!!! That pic of him with Sauli--it does NOT look like Adam at all!!!!! And that doll, are they for sale anywhere?? I WANT one!!!! Thanks for all the great news about Adam/Sauli. I look forward to reading you every day!!!!
    Love you Gloria!!!!

    Robin (@skipdo2010) (

  13. I'm testing. I hope that it works if for no other reason than I get to finally tell you that I LOVE your blog!


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