Thursday, 6 October 2011

Must Follow? With Pleasure! 06/10/2011

Click on pic for Gif
This one is for Ellen with thanks to

Pictures thanks to Ellen (What's your twitter name?)

This is a fake slowed down version of UhHuhHerMusic's version of Dreamer.  But look at what Neil said about it!

negativeneil: @arianmoon fooled me for the first half, and i've heard his version.


Majors and Minors.. Adam is on October 28

Unless you believe this

 AdamLambert Examiner
Fyi - despite the "Events" section on AO, a rep told me today that Adam will not be on Majors & Minors until Nov

Glamberts! Great Work! We got Adam on the Must Follow List! Now even More voting! 

The Glamberts have spoken: They lobbied hard for the American Idolstar's inclusion in this category, and we have delivered. Lambert's Twitter feed is awash with direct interactions with his adoring fans, and, on rare occasions, hot, steamy turtle sex.

Add this to these:

We can vote for ourselves for FAN ARMY (Glamberts)!

(make sure to use up your daily limit of voting every day. Not sure whether to vote for Fan Army or split the vote for Must Follow too.  You can use other accounts to get more voting in but I think Im going to stick with Fan Army which Adam asked us to vote on)

More information here:

REQUEST/CONTACT INFO for Hot Adult Contemporary 

stations w/Adam’s WWFM/ IIHY on request 


TONS of stations are playing the 

Hot Boys from Q102

Ouuu @adamlambert is kicking @jamesmaslow's butt in our Hot Boy Bracket! The #Glamberts don't mess around!


Our Patience is wearing thin Adam! Talk to us soon, please! Tell us stuff now!
Need more of this ASAP!

(I usually don't post videos unless the clips are excellent quality, but this one is so worthy!)

And in spite of the fact that I am at the end of my rope, I will not buy any Adam music unless Adam tells me too buy it. There seems to be a couple of unauthorized CD's coming out.  I will NOT be buying them and you might think carefully about whether or not you will be!


Thanks for all the comments yesterday.  I'm not feeling 

quite so lonely! LOL!

I have changed the way "Comments" are taken in response to many of you who complain you can't leave one.  

Click on "Post a Comment" at the bottom of the page right under any comments and a pop-up box will appear.

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Special thanks to Lee for sharing this beauty!
Adam Lambert performs in Ste Agathe July 2011

Adam Lambert reminds us he’s the best


Glamtastic doll!

Stars Show Off their Kicks


The American Idol runner-up just wouldn't be himself without some glam accessories! The singer posted this shot of some pricy gold boots, Tweeting, "I'm obsessed with these YSL's!!!! Sick right?"

Young Adam Lambert Thanks to @FeelLoveForAdam

ailaah Riitta

Wow, Outlaws Of Love vid also on Finnish web page: Laulaako Adam Lambert Saulista?- "Is Adam singing about Sauli?"


popdirt Pop Dirt Music News
Adam Lambert Working Fast As He Can On Second Album


Like This!

Adam wears these:

(Just in case you want his Quicksilver straw hat!)

Click on any of the pictures for large view and information


Thanks to KarolaKH (

Sauli's New Blog

Thanks to @nrc_t

VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN VOL.7 A/W 2011-2012 Issue

Bill Kaulitz  David Bowie Adam Lambert ...

Finally re-uploaded all my Adam Lambert AI vids
for when u have time to kill

(Can't even guess the amount of time I spent watching your AI videos early on!  Thanks!!)


Looking Back... Love the Hair!

Adam Mentioned on Dance Moms

Thanks to Paula Jay Photography

Monte Pittman!

Well sir! You've put together a great album.  I am really loving it.  Everyone should get a copy!

Love, Pain and Destiny on Itunes and CDBaby

Cheeks .. episodes 6-8 of Husbands

Episode 8:  Adam picture!


Supporting the Trevor Project


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

This picture always makes me smile!
thanks to @creativmind1281


 I'm thinking of the night Lennon died. None of this, Twitter, Facebook,even Idol, would be possible without Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect  down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path. And that will make all the difference. - Steve Jobs

Thanks to @_MAXWELL_

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Gloria, I want to thank you today and everyday for your great blog. I don't know how you keep going doing this Adam drought, which has lasted so much longer than I ever imagined that it would. Your blog, with it's wonderful pictures, videos, news, and SPIRIT, really helps keep me going everyday. THANK YOU.

  2. The chibi picture is by KarolaKH on deviantart(

    She has a lot a Adam fan art

  3. Well my dear, Thank you for that little treat !
    ( Gloria & I were having a discussion about Adam's hair style at "our' Idol Tour show, which lead me to find my tour photos, ooh, such a nice memory ) We share a fondness for the hair down and shaggy. Our attempt to fill these Adam-less news days ...waaaa !

    Ellen ( @elKat_bert)

  4. Oh, and thanks for the Heidi/Adam Gif !!

    Isn't he just the most perfect man ? He made Heidi look like just another pretty girl

  5. Testing the waters. I'm one of the commenters who had trouble posting. Wanted to see if this works. Love, love, love you page. I wouldn't miss it for the world. cheesehead

  6. Looking back...Love the hair! Yes, I think that's my favorite Adam look although there are several close seconds. Didn't much care for the long locks. Also, thank you for mentioning Steve Jobs passing. We might not be having this conversation had it not been for his vision of what could be. As for Adam's new release: ISH -? and counting. X

  7. Hi Gloria - great post as usual. I just want to pose a question about voting on the OMA (I don't participate in enough forums to know which one has the best participation).

    We have limited votes per day (tho I've created 3 FB and 3 Twitter accounts and have 1500 votes a day - I need more hours in a day). Is it wise to split the votes into 2 categories?

    On the one hand Adam wants us to vote for ourselves. But the TH Aliens are killing us there! Then we've got him into Must Follow category where he seems to be doing alright. I feel like abandoning FanArmy FTW for the MFArtist. But I'd like to think Adam may have something planned for the awards if the Glamberts win it - that's why he pimped it.

    Any views on this?


  8. I LOVE Cam's "Dreamer". Adam would be perfect for this song.

  9. I have been voting every day on the Adam army webpage and suddenly you have to be on Facebook or Twitter to vote. Is that right? I was on Facebook but cancelled it. Disappointed that I can't vote.

    A huge thanks to Gloria for this wonderful site. It brightens my day every day. I spend so much time drooling over the gorgeous pics posted here, reading comments and I have 100s of Adam/Tommy/Sauli pics saved in their various folders on my computer. It's the highlight of my day and so many amazing Glamberts here who all have a story to tell. So looking forward to Adam's new music.

  10. BigJ52: You can open a twitter account just for voting. If you need help, please email me and I can walk you through it.


  11. Love Cam's Dreamer....I wish all these greed mongers would go away...


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