Friday, 7 October 2011

Photoshoot! 07/10/2011

Even larger version below thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

Adam Lambert in FYE Photoshoot

adamlambert Meanwhile, Yesterday was MY album photoshoot!! So excited!!! Woohoo!! Wait till you guys see the fashion! I was like a kid in a candy shop

Peterphanlabel: Next to adam lambert for sam sparrows concert.

@sam_sparro aaaamazing set tonight Sam! Loved it. In the pocket and stanky!


Great to see you again at Sam's concert tonight @adamlambert

(where are the pictures, Cliff?)

Thanks @Scorpios4Adam

Happy Birthday Terrance!

Happy Birthday to my Libra brother ! Love ya, dog! : )

@Mr_Spencer_T oh maaan! Birthday party tomorrow! Can't wait! happy birthday, T!


@Mr_Spencer_T HAPPY BIRTHDAY TT! Love you!

Adam Lambert and the Glam Fam perform in Auckland, NZ October 2010 best bday cake ever! Last year in Japan. Love the glam fam

Adam Lambert FYE Photoshoot

This is a fake slowed down version of UhHuhHerMusic's version of Dreamer.  But look at what Neil said about it!

negativeneil: @arianmoon fooled me for the first half, and i've heard his version.

and later:

negativeneil @OlvyaLicious @go4itanywy @arianmoon no no, i've heard him sing the song with cam. I don't think they've recorded in studio

milestougeaux  @negativeneil @uhhuhhermusic Easy mistake.Heres Adams new song "Dreamer"
Someone should tell his hair needs a touch up

The Bad Stuff

I wish I could ignore this but
I think it's important that everyone know what's going on and help to support Adam

So, here is as much as I can figure about the two new unauthorized albums!

This was Adam's statement when Take One (the first unauthorized album) was released:

"Back in 2005 when I was a struggling artist, I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else," he said. "I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks, so I jumped at the opportunity to record for my first time in a professional studio. The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on. I'm thrilled to be working with some of today's hottest songwriters and producers and can't wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like."

Adam's tweets last night:

Beg For Mercy project is same as ‘Take One’. some songs I worked on 5 yrs ago and never finished. This release comes as a surprise to me…

It is NOT what I’m currently working on, nor does it reflect my artistic vision. Some folks will do anything to make a buck. F*ck.

Meanwhile, Yesterday was MY album photoshoot!! So excited!!! Woohoo!! Wait till you guys see the fashion! I was like a kid in a candy shop

the paramount sessions is the same situation. I don’t even know who steve Cooke is.

I think both projects were mastermind (but I mind) by Malcolm Welsford.

Whoa RT @Lulu2365: @NoAngelPF @14gelly Your kidding Monte thanked Malcolm Welsford on His new album liner notes?

*(excerpt from album notes) Tommy Ratliff*Warren Willis*Xander Smith*Vince Giannini*Brian Creamer*Seven Antonopoulis Drew Worsley*Tommy Victor*Steve Sidelnyk*Adam Lambert& family Isaac Carpenter*Matt Ferguson & family*Doug & Nam Anderson*Lee, Scarlett, & Riff Cherry*Sterling Winfield*Grady Champion*Flemming Rassmussen*Joe Barressi*Jason & Daniel Williams & family*Iliana Boussiou*Sarah Fitzgerald*Andi Tan*Kristi Curry*Jason Massengale & family*Lisa Lopez & family*Eric Greenspan*Glenn Davis*Sharon Chambers*Freddie Wall*Tokyo Hiro!*Greg & Jennifer Simkins*Jenn Pennacchia*Pat McCarthy*Sean Speuhler*Jon Marshall*Allison Iraheta*Erin Gipson Ivan DePrume*Brian Perry*Sheena Metal*Liam McEwan*MalcolmWelsford*

Welsford Music

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor from San Diego, California. In May 2009, he finished as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol.

He is the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in America.

Before becoming a front-runner in the eighth season of American Idol, vocalist Adam Lambert made his name in the theater world, where he performed alongside Val Kilmer in the debut production of Ten Commandments: The Musical and landed an understudy role in a touring production of Wicked. The California native subsequently parlayed that theater background into a successful multi-month run on American Idol in 2009. Lambert’s flair for neo-goth attire and eclectic arrangements made him a critical favorite, as did his dramatic tenor vocals. Following performances of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” Tears for Fears’ “Mad World,” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” Lambert found himself pitted against contender Kris Allen in the grand finale, which he ultimately lost by a slim margin. Lambert was unanimously praised by the American Idol judges, however, who all but guaranteed him a successful recording career following the show’s conclusion.
Although Lambert didn’t win the Idol competition, he received far more attention than his castmates during the subsequent months, appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone in June (“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” he stated in the accompanying article, thus putting an end to the public’s speculation) and eliciting standing ovations during the summer-long American Idol tour.
Vocals: Adam Lambert
Guitars: Monte Pittman
Bass & Keys: Marcus Brown
Drums: Steve Sidelnyk
Produced by Malcolm Welsford & Michael Burtscher
Assisted by John Armstrong
Recorded & Mixed at Paramount Studios
Mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood CA


@adamlambert hey, while we're debunking shit right now, how about that Paramount Sessions w/ Steve Cooke?

adamlambert @zombiewriter_ the paramount sessions is the same situation. I don't even know who steve Cooke is.

But: Monte and Tommy seem to know Steve Cooke

@adamlambert I was just a hired gun like you and I am still in love with Mick Jagger

 He has been working with Monte:

ED- You also co-wrote an album with Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman. Describe the album and your contributions to it.

SC- The album is called the Mercury Feather project. I have composed 10 songs with Monte (I wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies) and we will finish production work on this album this year with Rollings Stones producer Chris Kimsey.

(sorry, something does not make sense to me here.  But hopefully there is a good explanation somewhere!)

And @Djdrifta was messed with too!

djdrifta: Glamberts & adamlambert I'm just as PISSED as you are! It looks like the wool was pulled over our eyes...:-(

 Chris Drifta 

 It's f'ed up!! I was over the moon to be part of an AL rls, which is why I hyped it on here! Never knew it was shady... :/

 Chris Drifta 

 I was sent the song thru my management company. The only name I heard was "Adam Lambert" - remembe… (cont)

 Chris Drifta 

 &  I'm just as PISSED as you are! It looks like the wool was pulled over our eyes... :-(

 Chris Drifta 

What I don't understand is, how can people release his music without his approval!? 

What Can We Do?

Buy Adam's  new Album when it arrives early next year!

Thanks to Glitters4Adam


Vote for Adam 

The Glamberts have spoken: They lobbied hard for the American Idolstar's inclusion in this category, and we have delivered. Lambert's Twitter feed is awash with direct interactions with his adoring fans, and, on rare occasions, hot, steamy turtle sex.

Add this to these:

We can vote for ourselves for FAN ARMY (Glamberts)!

(make sure to use up your daily limit of voting every day. Not sure whether to vote for Fan Army or split the vote for Must Follow too.  You can use other accounts to get more voting in but I think Im going to stick with Fan Army which Adam asked us to vote on)

More information here:

REQUEST/CONTACT INFO for Hot Adult Contemporary 

stations w/Adam’s WWFM/ IIHY on request 


TONS of stations are playing the 

Hot Boys from Q102

Ouuu @adamlambert is kicking @jamesmaslow's butt in our Hot Boy Bracket! The #Glamberts don't mess around!



Adam Lambert teases new song lyrics

Album #2- Lyrics and Info

Better Than I Know Myself
cold as ice
and more bitter than a december
winter night
and thats how i treated you
and i know that i,
i sometimes tend to loose my temper
and i cross the line
yeah thats the truth
i know it gets hard sometimes
but i could never
leave your side
no matter what i say
coz if i wanted to go
i woulda gone by now but
i really need you near me
to keep my mind off the edge
if i wanted to leave
i woulda left by now
but youre the only one that knows me
better than i know my self.

deep down i know
if you were gone
for even a day i wouldnt know which way to turn
coz im lost without you.
i know it gets hard sometimes
but i could never
leave your side
no matter what i say
coz if i wanted to go
i woulda gone by now but
i really need you near me
to keep my mind off the edge
if i wanted to leave
i woulda left by now
but youre the only one that knows me
better than i know my self.
(repeat chorus twice)


Camila Grey: The Autostraddle Interview - 

“Well, I wrote this song I love called “Dreamer” a few years ago and had been looking for a huge, powerful voice to sing it. Originally Christina Aguilera was supposed to sing it, but that didn’t happen so when I started thinking of songs for Adam it was just like “of course!” It’s perfect for him. I co-produced it with Brad Thomas Ackley who worked on Black & Blue and Nocturnes with us and and, even if it doesn’t make his final album I’m just like, oh my god! To have someone with that caliber voice and hear them do little tricks on on a song you wrote 
I REALLY hope it makes his album, it just sounds so amazing. He’s working with these big, huge producers like Pharrell, and then it’s like… us [laughing].


Adam Lambert FYE Photoshoot

Congratulations to the NZ Glitter Tribe  who Won the Banner!

Where are you planning to hang it?


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform in Aukland, NZ October 2010 

Adam Lambert, Brooke Wendle and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform in Aukland, NZ October 2010 


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  1. Great post and seems to me everyone invovled in those two new albums had the rug pulled out from under them. No one knew they were being release seems kind of disrespectful to me but i'm just a fan. anyways thanks for the update and so can't wait for the new "REAL" album. HUGS

  2. I am dumbfounded at some dishonest music producers out there!!! Do they not have a conscience? How can they put out music that wasn't okayed by the artist's involved??? All we can do for Adam is not buy those releases and get the word out to other fans who aren't official Glambert's (ie not a member of his fan sites) to boycott those releases. Get on twitter or facebook and urge people not to buy them!

  3. Left a bunch of scorchers on the Amazon website about those two rip-off albums. Lots of other people have, too. Hope it stops people from buying. Luv, Lee

  4. Listened to Sam Sparrow's Song "Pocket" and it is so TODAY!

    Whose the enemy?

    I know the fans want to know about the releases of these albums, but hypothesizing who did what and grasping at bits 'n pieces FB'd or Tweeted from the artists/producers listed in the liners - come on.

    Fans are becoming the enemy kept in the pocket and need to back off, let the artists work with their lawyers & labels on dealing with these album releases. Don't kill potential royalties they MAY earn from the sale of these albums - SO STAY OUT OF IT.

    We are NOT ENTITLED to the details! SO, stop shoveling all the hate and bad vibes when so much that is good is coming our way...

    One fan's opinion.

  5. Greed abounds in the entertainment business just like other businesses. We can only spread the word about these bogus CDs and hope the crooks lose more than they earn on their rip-off efforts. Thank you Gloria for keeping us up-to-date on what's going on in such a concise way. As for me, I'm willing to wait for the real deal...Adam, of course.

  6. I would like nothing more than to stay out of this crazy stuff. However, it's here and it's important for everyone to know to stay clear of it. My opinion! BTW, I don't plan to say much more about the issue unless Adam does other than to remind people to support Adam's album.


  7. Adam Lambert on Twitter: "It is NOT what I'm currently working on, nor does it reflect my artistic vision. Some folks will do anything to make a buck. F**k." (Adam didn't use the asterisks.)

    Good comment to put on Amazon.


  8. Gloria,
    I was referring generally to the fans who are mad & spewing vial comments at Monte or Steve or any of the other artists. We all need to think about how these guys make their money, not just Adam - they all did or still do contract work besides record their own music - Adam included whether with this producer or others.

    Adam now has a label, no longer an independent musician trying to get his work out there in front of music lovers.

    We all like different musicians and as their fans, we should not slight any of them for doing what they love or need to do to support their families. But that is exactly what fans are doing by saying don't buy these releases.

    If the artists want to share the details with us - that is their choice and yes, some may not be able to comment due to their present contract with a label.

    If fans don't want to buy and just wait for Adam's new album, it's their choice. But please don't get mad or pit one artist or their fans against each other. HATE is not the way - Adam would be disappointed in us for acting like that.

    Note - I did not purchase Take One and have not decided whether I will purchase either of these other albums - I will make my choice once I can make an informed decision, not based on the irrational hate that some fans spew.


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