Saturday, 8 October 2011

Whole Lotta Adam 08/10/2011

One Week and 6 days to Single!

(according to Adam's ISH tweet)

We are being punished!


"Because of Lambert's strong fan base, who will obviously tune in each week, show producers are refusing to release the date that Adam's episode will air!! His appearance, however, is "already being touted as a highpoint of the season.""


Too much drama? Need a Laugh?



Adam was at the Whole foods in West Hollywood without any make-up on. He was alone and was checking things VERY carefully. lol via @Dane_ABC

@lovingadam @Dane_ABC Well how did he look? Re: AL @Dane_ABC @lovingadam looking good. He was wearing huge sunglasses w/ a knit cap. Not giganic tall lk I interviewed him 3 yrs ago. Prb flat shoes.

Adam Lambert!  You look amazing!

More pictures here:



Just spotted adam lambert with very blue hair and lotsa guy liner st st. Feliz hollywood #fb

Blue hair and shaved sides for the album shoot!

For Fans (including me) who need to hear without giving hits to the unauthorized site:


i ripped the clips from the site so people can DL the clips without having to go to the site here:

Every article that has been posted about the fakes has comments from "people" with links to a site which is being promoted to look like it's Adam's.  I am not going to post any articles with those links. If you go to those sites, please leave comments asking to remove the links... so interesting they are the first ones!

What Can We Do?

Enough  comments!

Just  buy Adam's  new Album when it arrives early next year!

Here's what Adam said about Take 1

About 3:15



More rumor control: Dreamer is NOT single. Maj Pretty song though.


And that wasn't me singin in that "leak".


Pre Idol Adam Lambert via @Scorpios4Adam

RT by adamlambert 

@adamlambert U have a divine's like u touch all the energetic strings that go through my body and make them vibrate..thx

Reminds me of this from 2009


Message from Throat Chakra

“Maybe you approve of my sexuality, maybe you don’t. Maybe you need to judge me. I no longer need to judge myself. The way I am is something I accept now. I can give love, and value the love that I give. I can receive love, because I now feel that I am worthy. And don’t even think about taking away my power, due to your judgments, because I claim my personal power. Nobody is going to take it away. If you try, I’ll fight you, and I’ll win.” 

Message from belly chakra

When he sings, a huge blast of sexual energy pours through him, and Adam has learned to be pretty comfortable with letting this happen. It’s a wake-up call to be more alive, not only about sex at all…Because of Adam’s fearlessness, this earth-based energy moves through him during a song, energy ample as an ocean wave, energy swelling to fill the auditorium, energy overflowing into the people watching at home through their screens…if you think you enjoy Adam’s performance at a distance, I hope you get to attend a live performance. The oomph will just soak you then. 


Glamberts Rule!

@Pennyroyal Tim Foster

The grand total raised for @TrevorProject from the @adamlambert Peace Pendant is $43,500! Awesome!


 . nominated for two MTV O Music Awards Must Follow Artist on Twitter and Fan Army FTW! Vote 


 Hoopla Dates 

New date & time for Majors & Minors: Sundays 7pmEST


'The X Factor' Vs. 'American Idol:' Who's Leading the Battle for Talent Show Supremacy (Analysis)

Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010
Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010

Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010

 Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010

Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010

Adam Lambert performs in Aukland, NZ October 2010

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Coming Soon!


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  1. Re: the three rip-off albums. The first, "Take One," was issued at the time of Adam's first album. Now these two newer ones are being issued at the time of his second album. These "producers" didn't release these songs five years ago when Adam first made them and perhaps would have helped him.

    Adam has indicated he doesn't want people to buy them. There's info that TO sold 100,000 copies - who knows how many people thought it was his legit album and he, therefore, lost sales. The same thing may occur in the present situation - loss of sales of his "real" album.

    I'm not interested in Monte's, TJ's, or Cooke's sales - and probably neither would anyone else without the association with Adam. He's the one being exploited.

    Adam has expressed on twitter his feelings about these albums. That's good enough for me.

    Thanks for all the information, Gloria. Luv, Lee

  2. Hello! When can we expect a new contest? I would love to win a drawing by Santabillie, they are amazing and they would look perfectly in my room. How about one with Adam and Sauli? :)

  3. If she wants to donate a drawing, I would be happy to advertise it through a contest. Or if there is anyone else who would like to donate something special Adam related, I will do it.

    Otherwise, we'll have to wait a bit! LOL



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