Sunday, 9 October 2011

Reunion Sauce! 09/10/2011

Twitter Party!!

 Lisa Harmon 

What r u goin to be for Halloween 
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 Yay <3 What do microphones taste like?
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 Who's funnier, you or Neil?
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 could you say 'Hello' to me???plz!!!
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 hint about the photoshoot? Theme?
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 Kate ♥ 

 Who's your fave actor? (as for me I like Dohnny Depp =)) Do you like him?? )
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Adam Lambert 
Better questions please!!! Lol


 What (if anything) did you have for breakfast?
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 NY or LA?
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 Juliana M 

 What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
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 Will you be doing a music video for your new single?
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Adam Lambert 
Here's the deal: there have been a couple of creative set backs on the first single. Mainly cuz I'm a perfectionist. Ha.

Adam Lambert 
Seems as though the single will explode in November. I'm sorry for the delay- but trust me, it's worth it. The song HAS to be perfect!

Adam Lambert 
 hope yours was lovely. I'm not a practicing Jew - proud of my heritage though. :)


 Is the album release timeline still the same?
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 OH! Wait, so you DO have your 1st single already picked out! Can we get the name of it at least? (longshot I know)
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 Are you in studio right now?
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 Do you still listen to Goldfrapp??
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 Loveleen :) ♥♥♥ 

 Is this album going to be mostly about the VOCALS or MUSIC?
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 Jordan ^v^ // 

 Please tweet me happy birthday? :))))) <333
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 - Are you using an iphone, ipad, or laptop right now?
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 Would you ever get a dog?
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 will your name be on EVERY song as a writer for the new album?
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 Kate Sychiova 

 Where do you go to relax and escape the stress of daily life?
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 rockergirl glambert 

 why no more tight pants ?
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 Ur worst nightmare☠ 

 how much do u love your fans?
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 have you worked with max martin
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 What's living on a bus like?
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 Do you get to keep any of the cool clothes/jewelry from your photo shoots?
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 Victoria Glambert 

 are you gonna give any pre-album interviews to promote it?
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 ♥Big Mama♥ 

 I like Sia's new song 'Titanium'! Do you like the version with David Guetta?
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 Ruxandra Androne 

 Lady Gaga or P!nk?
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Adam Lambert 
 are you a virgin?” hahahahahaha hell no.

 victoria lefthand 

 do you feel more like your sun or moon sign right now?
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Thanks  for the  shoutout! The  want us to POP one of your vids! What do you think??
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 Rossco Jones 

 what is the best, most fierce guyliner you would recommend For My Entertainment dude???
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 Adam Lambert 
musical highlight of Burning Man: amidst all the generic dubstep and trance... Daft Punk's Da Funk came on. I was FINALLY inspired to dance!

 Adam Lambert 
I've been very inspired by french acts on Ed Banger records lately. Electro/disco/funk. Feels so good.

 Adam Lambert 
 entertainment industry is full of smoke and mirrors. Lots of fake shit going down. Makes Authenticity very refreshing.

 Adam Lambert 
 bloody Mary! :)

 fav installation or theme camp at BRC this year?

 Adam Lambert 
 wooden Ouroboros structure. Sauli and I tagged it one early morning. Also loved the River Stix installation.

 Adam Lambert 
 fav gaga song is bad romance.

 Adam Lambert 
 Sooooo much fun!

 Adam Lambert 
 looks had to do w different songs that will be on the album.

 Neil Lambert 
 by adamlambert
 get Ed Rec Vol. 1, 2, and 3 on iTunes. Good sampler of all their artists

Pictures coming soon according to Terrance!

Terrance D. Spencer

I had an amazing time last night. I love my friends. Happy Birthday to me! im celebrating the entire month!

Adam Lambert

good times last night for TT's BD! reunion sauce

Adam Lambert

and YOOU cucumber martini sauce!! Haha

TommyJoe Ratliff

those martinis were magic sauce! Haha 

Adam Lambert

tasted like salad dressing

TommyJoe Ratliff

with feta cheese ha!


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour October 8

Thanks to Tattoojo91


Here's what we know about the photoshoot for the album cover!

Ashton Michael
Always a pleasure to hear your clothes worked on clients..

Douglas Vanlaningham


Just spotted adam lambert with very blue hair and lotsa guy liner st st. Feliz hollywood #fb

Blue hair and shaved sides for the album shoot!

Adam Lambert, Monte Pittman and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform in Moscow

Need some feedback cause I can't quite decide if this is a good idea or not. 

 I'm thinking of putting a page together about the fake albums with Adam's response and screencaps and enough info to keep everyone informed about what's going on. Or to use to inform fans who haven't heard.

The alternative is to DM fans who are tweeting about the unauthorized albums and try to explain the situation.

What do you think?

Adam, what about you?
Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010 thanks to ?

Vote for Adam

 . nominated for two MTV O Music Awards Must Follow Artist on Twitter and Fan Army FTW! Vote 


We are being punished for being a force!  Haha!

"Because of Lambert's strong fan base, who will obviously tune in each week, show producers are refusing to release the date that Adam's episode will air!! His appearance, however, is "already being touted as a highpoint of the season.""


Thanks to Serendipity8467 |


Your Random Weekend Memo

A write-in effort got Adam Lambert's name on the ballot of MTV's O Music Awards in the Must Follow Artist on Twitter category. He's up against Justin Bieber, Cher, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, Mark Hoppus and Blake Shelton.

(Some great Queen song videos here too)

Thanks to Honeylove205


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy and Isaac

 Adam, Taylor and Tommy

Monte, Virg1877 and Tommy

A Good Friend sent this to me today and I wanna share it with all of you.  Hope it helps when you need it!

Everyone  (including Adam) has to deal with life's challenges. 

So remember:

When you run out of strength
and you want to give up
because it's just too much to bear...

I want to remind you, my precious friend,
that you have what it takes inside...
extraordinary courage that may not ROAR
but it doesn't cower and hide

It's the quiet voice inside you that says,
"Tomorrow I'll try again."
It's the courage to keep on going...
to see things through to the end

You are not defined by this moment in time.
You are not what has happened to you
It's the way you choose to respond that matters
and what you decide to do

Courage is not the absence of fear,
but a powerful choice we make...
the choice to move forward with PURPOSE
. . . regardless of what it takes

It's the courage that's found in ordinary women and men
who are HEROES in their own way,
exhibiting strength and fortitude
in life's challenges every day...


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Gloria, I like the idea about a page about the unauthorized albums. There is so much speculation -- really pains me. A page with the known facts would be a great resource. And not everyone is on Twitter. People see these rumors and then move on, never knowing the facts, or perhaps taking something they see on Twitter as fact when it is just speculation. LOVE YOU.

  2. I second Junie Moon - Luv, Lee

  3. Adam may not necessarily have had blue hair for the album cover photo shoot. From what we can see of his hair in the Whole Foods pap pics, it still looks black, so he may have put some blue in it before Terrance's party.

  4. Some very pretty pics on that "Memories" vid - liked it a lot. And Gaga's "You and I" is very nice - one of her better songs, I think.
    Good stuff - Lee

  5. I agree with doing a page about the unauthorized Adam albums.

    As far as twitter, I haven't been on it in months, due to the fact that I have been hacked twice.





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