Monday, 31 October 2011

All Hallows Eve ! 31/10/2011

Thanks to @l_otta

Congratulations Adam for winning Must Follow Artist on Twitter!

Thanks to Lambertlust

Anyone think Adam's voice sounds kind of weird... like he's getting over a cold or too much drinking or something like that?


As of 12 AM Novemberish 1/2011

Followers at 1 AM:  1,231,307  (+82)

Even though Tokio Hotel won this, even MTV knows Glamberts are the real Winners!


Thanks to ? cause this is much prettier than the "My Love" one


So Good!


 TommyJoe Ratliff 

: 1st Halloween! ” my GOD! I love him!  

Michelle Collins...Costumes!

Up to you but Are you sure you want to spend your money this way?

More Zebra!

Will Adam Appear?

Can't wait for Heidi Klum's 12th annual costume party tonight. Seal, Questlove, Amar’e Stoudemire,Adam Lambert&who else? Legendary Night

Stay tuned today and Check back later

 Adam Lambert 

Tonights beautiful LA Sunset. 

Adam Lambert's photo Tonights beautiful LA Sunset.

Thanks to nitenursestat

On a morning when I needed it, this comment!

Kim, Thank you so much for this!  You have inspired me today!

Kim wrote: 

You have no idea the FUN you added to our weekend! Even though it fell into the "not so beautiful" category, was a thrill to find my "Grandparents Gone Wild" photo on your AdamBertDaily Blog!

 I had FUN all weekend answering many Tweets in response to the photo! Thank you for finding my picture and for using it so creatively! I anxiously await your daily posts, however, on Saturday I was busy hosting a Halloween party (Adam's favorite) for hundreds of children so I didn't have a chance to view my AdamBertDaily email. 

I received a Tweet from a special 16 year old friend from Russia congratulating me on having our photo posted on your site! Isn't it Adamazing that I heard the news from someone in Russia? Through our Adam adoration, we are "connected with love"...just as Adam encourages us to be:) She and I met on Twitter and even though we do not speak the same language, we communicate regularly sometimes using an online translator.

My new friend studies English as a second language. She explained that she reads AdamBertDaily! Coupled with her hard work and our frequent correspondence she shared with me the fact that she achieved the highest grade possible! I am happy to say that a strong friendship has developed between us:) We have grown to know each other on a more personal level.

 In a recent message she told me that Adam has changed her life! She explained that he taught her to believe in herself. He taught her to laugh more. She told me that she rarely smiled but now the smile never leaves her face! To me....this is LOVE and true inspiration! Thank you, Adam!!! 


Dear Kim!

I think you and your husband are incredibly beautiful!  The zebra pants?  Not so much! (Leave them for Adam Lambert, OK?)  Thanks for inspiring me this morning   Hugs! 

 PS. I am totally in love with your husband and want to give him a big hug too!  What a fun loving guy!

More:  I posted this yesterday on the Subscriber email:

Adam Lambert!  Had to remove the image in my brain of that other man in zebra pants posted yesterday!

Kim wrote:

Just when I thought it couldn’t be any more FUN or hilarious…you added this… OMG!! This is perfect! LOL My husband and I have been laughing all weekend! Thank you for posting our “Grandparents Gone Wild” photo in your newsletter titled: “Adam, You Asked!” (10/29/11 and for continuing the FUN in this post! I LOVE IT! I need a framed photo of “my guys” in their zebra pants! Thanks again!
Kim-motheranimal (Twitter)


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Thinking of Nile Rodgers today!

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
I'm nervous about today in the hospital-I wish I had a guitar-I won't bore you w details-EVERYBODY DO SOME PARTYING FOR ME!

Netmeg99_ Netmeg99♥
@nilerodgers Sending You ✽.•°ʚϊɞ˚*•.♥L♥O♥V♥E♥✽.•°ʚϊɞ˚*•.d 45;&✽. °ʚϊɞ˚*•.✽☀L☀I☀G☀H☀T☀.•°ʚϊɞ˚*•.✽ ; #GlambertsLoveYou

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
@Netmeg99_thx much-I love Glamberts-We are Glambily-Adam is a good person-He sings his ass off and has a big heart-I wish him GREATNESS

Adam Lambert  Click on picture for gif


There is a tribute to Steve Jobs by Yoko Ono(?) Robyn is the headlining performer, and performers/presenters include Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.
The dance party is super long and is broadcast at 10:00 am LA time on Monday until 4 pm (both the dance party and award ceremony are in LA). I'm not sure when the awards broadcast itself starts.

Donation Page for MTV

(Glamberts rule!)


_otta Lotta Luolamo

I LOVED my first halloween in LA - big thanks to @saulikoskinen1 and @adamlambert


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Gone from Amazon again!
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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @loriandjava

Tommy last night  playing with Ravi Dahr & The Heartless


The Press Release is funny on it's own but this!

Warning:  JD fun


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New to Me. Adam at the This Is It Premiere

Adam Lambert Hall of Fame Pictures

(please send me your favorites!)
A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Great post as always, Gloria, we want to see a pic of your Halloween costume! I hope Adam and Sauli show for Heidi's party, is it in Vegas?
    Wonder if you could help me get a message to Kim, who you posted the great pics of.
    They look like the couple I met in Lubbock last year, that had followed Adam from San Deigo, Vegas, Albuquerque, then Lubbock for GNT. Also, I wanted to tell her that I also have a teenage Adam fan pen pal from Ukraine, that I have been teaching English to via email. Maybe she will read these comments.
    Can't wait for pics tonight!
    Happy Halloween, all you fabulous Glamberts!

  2. I'm going nuts looking at all this great stuff here - I'm in zebra heaven. Love the vids, the crazy grandparents, the old pics - thanks again, Gloria, for a great blog. Luv, Lee

  3. Thanks so much for the nice comments. It does mean a lot to me and I know it takes an effort but it is greatly appreciated.



  4. You are so much fun. The zebra pants pics were just what I needed after my 350 trick or treaters. One looked like Adam. : D. Glenda

  5. Woooooeeeeee! He won Twitter - I'm in ecstasy! Gawd - I love that guy - what a sweetheart. Go, baby!

  6. Thanks for posting one of my vids(nitenursestat) ! I love your page..all the pics and vids are great !! Luv u xox

  7. Yes, his voice sounds husky - looks and seems OK though. Lotta partying lately - but he's always seemed fanatic about taking care of his voice - so not concerned. Lee

  8. Viacom blocked the vid already.

  9. Congratulations Adam, Great success

  10. congrats to adam on all the wonderful things happening


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