Sunday, 30 October 2011

MY LOVE! 30/10/2011

Love this old picture of Adam, Alisan and ?  tweeted by Alisanporter

hobo_camp: adamlambert mathuandersen boo!

: My love!! Happy halloween!! 

Indulge Me! Had to break out in song here!!

One More!

Bertlandia Celebrates!

Sauli Koskinen delares finally his love for Adam Lambert

Halloween party made Sauli Koskinen tell publicly about his feelings towards pop star Adam Lambert.

Sauli has uploaded a picture of himself and Adam in wild Halloween costumes to his Facebook fanpages.

- My love! Happy halloween, Sauli has written for a caption for the picture.

In the vampire style picture Adam has wild yellow contact lenses and both are wearing spectacular eye makeup.

Sauli and Adam met eachother about a year ago in a night club in Helsinki, and Adam has already earlier admitted that he is in love with BB-winner Sauli. Sauli, on the other hand, has been much more quiet about his feelings.

  Thanks to Gamlien!


Sauli Koskinen  Happy halloween!


 Adam Lambert 

 going IN on HEAVY METAL LOVER!!! So fierce.
(5 AM PST)

Thanks to AL_Examiner

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen's Halloween 

Adam & Sauli Jack-o-lantern Halloween Rakastan <333@adamlambert made with Photofunia

Thanks to @indybeck71

Retweeted by Adam

Sutanamrull: Me trying to be @

 at the last minute back in 2009 Halloween. Goodtimes, 

i love my boo :)

And some news from last night!

TaylorG90 Taylor Green 
@adamlambert party buss!!!!!

Posted by @TaylorG90

 Tommy Joe Ratliff and Isaac Carpenter
Isaac and Sophie Carpenter

Kevnosity @adamlambert u soo tried to go undercover tonight in Weho! I saw ya lol. Hope u had a great time:)

Adam and Kevnosity Aug 2011

twordrwho Winnie Chung

Omg Adam lambert !!!

twordrwho Winnie Chung

Ok I just saw @adamlambert at club eleven n he is as beatiful as his pictures! Thank u for being a blessing on earth!!
Carvings by  Ray Villafane 

More here:

More from Halloween 2010

 Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff  wannabees thanks to Susan K  2010

Adam Lambert, Leila and Danielle Halloween 2010
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff Halloween 2010 thanks to @essellsari


LOL!  Not sure what? When: last night !


Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 8/20/2010 thanks to Jacci

Lian McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour

Adam Lambert performs in Ste Agathe thanks to @TommysBitch28

American Idol Hall of Fame Induction Video

Adam in it!

ETA website


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First celebrity sighting since being back! Adam lambert and his boyfriend are eating at the next table

@OlvyaLicious La Conversation. He was very cute with his boyfriend.
(La Conversation is a restaurant)

@Plotisen samuel
I didn't realize Adam Lambert was such a big deal. He seemed sweet and happy with his bf. No I didn't hear them talking or take photos

More from Nile!

adamaddict_RH Robin

@nilerodgersWere you able to finish up your work on Adam's song today.Weather is crazy out there!

@nilerodgers Nile Rodgers@adamaddict_RH

Yes. I finished playing on Adam's song and he just sent me an email thumb's up. I was dying to get back to this!

@nilerodgersNile Rodgers

We started early today to finish playing on Adam's Song because the heavy snowfall might cause a power outtage

@nilerodgersNile Rodgers

@SeattleSusieQ There's no such thing as "just" playing for me- I played guitar on Adam's record which makes me very happy ;-)

@nilerodgersNile Rodgers

@IHRTADAM The song I played on was as Sam described it FUNKY! The track is really hot and both Adam & Sam sound great


There is a tribute to Steve Jobs by Yoko Ono(?) Robyn is the headlining performer, and performers/presenters include Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.
The dance party is super long and is broadcast at 10:00 am LA time on Monday until 4 pm (both the dance party and award ceremony are in LA). I'm not sure when the awards broadcast itself starts.

Donation Page for MTV

(Glamberts rule!)

Dressup during GlamNation!  Adam Lambert and friends

Adam T-Shirts on Sale!


 in Russian 'Elle Girl'

Thanks to tattoojo90


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New to Me. Adam at the This Is It Premiere

Adam Lambert Hall of Fame Pictures

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Damn - those boys are beautiful. To see those two walk in together - just wow. Thanks, Gloria - Lee

  2. I just love it when Adam plays dress up with his friends and BF. Wonderful Halloween photos and the stuff Niles is tweeting got me wondering if his collaboration with Adam and Sam Sparro is going to the what drops in November.

  3. The picture of Adam as a pirate: I assume that's Scarlett Cherry with Adam and Alisan Porter. Scarlett's tweet today re that picture:

    @scarlettcherry Scarlett Cherry
    “@alisanporter: Best Costume ever. Love this pic.” this Fam pic..we were serving..;) xoxo

  4. the pictures of the children dressed as Adam and Tommy were too precious


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