Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Great Day in Adam Land! 18/10/2011


FYI - I have confirmation from VH1 that Adam Lambert will NOT be taping another VH1 Unplugged this year

which means the following is not true!

VH1 will continue to air new episodes of Unplugged online at Unplugged.CMT.com, Unplugged.MTV.com, and Unplugged.VH1.com. This year, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Mumford & Sons, Adam Lambert, Adele, The Script, and Lykke Li have all signed on for their ownUnplugged concerts.

matbreen Matthew Breen
Glamberts! The @adamlambert digital issue of @theadvocatemag is now available at http://bit.ly/odUFmk

matbreen Matthew Breen
@Cbodina @musicismagic62 @TheAdvocateMag It's not sold on any newsstands. Just subscription, digital, and via our contest. Enter to win!


Adam Lambert at the Advocate Magazine


No ADAM LAMBERT at the AMAs according to the second report!

 Tommy Joe Ratliff  !!!!

Be sure to check out the enhanced TJR corner below!

Another Great Day in AdamLand! Birthdays and Pictures!

Adam Lambert in The Advocate Magazine!


oh hello studio pichttp://bit.ly/reQxDL

      vegas1024 its from the advocates twitter   
           background  http://bit.ly/o28ouT

Last Night


    Around the side and into it! @adamlambert 


More from the lady in the pictures with Adam yesterday

alidol (@glam_alidol)
Posted Tuesday 18th October 2011 from Twitlonger

me: excuse me can I take a picture with you?
AL: Sure!
me:omg I'm so excited! Ooops my smile was really bad.. Can we take another one?
Al:sure. Or do you wanna stand on the other side so you can have pics on both sides?
me: yes yes!(huge him).
me:thank you so much".

Adam also asked her and her bf where they come from.
She said Adam bought a suit, and his abdominals touched very soft.


GayCreative Glamberts are awesome! Thx 4 ur love on photos. We actually shot the cover @ recording studio not Twilight set! Crazy http://pic.twitter.com/tkHUyTYr


TheAdvocateMag By the way, Glamberts, we've got more from the @adamlambert interview coming this week. Stay tuned for updates on Twitter

GayCreative Scott McPherson

@RedBessRead We're posting an additional photo tomorrow onhttp://Advocate.com.It's very different from the ones we released today!

As far as I can tell, the digital and hard copies are SOLD OUT! Hoping for more coming??



Tomorrow enter to win PRINT copy of @adamlambert mag. "Like" us on Facebook AND change profile pic to cover.http://www.facebook.com/TheAdvocate

No One Taught Adam Lambert “How to Be a Gay Celebrity,” But He’s a Quick Study

"And at a time when many Little Monsters are wondering if they still count as weirdos when everybody’s doing it, Adam Lambert’s hard-core Glamberts have never strayed or doubted the greatness of their American Idol. Can you blame them?"
(Read the comments!)

Adam Lambert graces cover of “The Advocate”

Adam Lambert looks sensational on the cover of the latest issue of The Advocate which, sadly, is no longer available on newsstands.


Finnish Article translated by Google

Adam Lambert: Relationship Saulinn inspired me as a performer!  American Idol star has fallen in love

Disc working on the singer  Mr Lambert Adam s, 29, has been quiet about their relationship in BB Finland-winner , Sauli Koskinen .
Now Lambert enthuses love for Advocate.com-site interview.
- I have before, this relationship was significant only once, a long-term relationship. Now I'm really, really happy. This relationship inspired me as a performer. I believe that everyone would like to see the connection into place, Adam says.
The couple met last year in Helsinki overnight.


Thanks to @alikat1323 enhanced by @weelassie11

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You can listen to all of BFM which has been uploaded to youtube at the bottom of this page and more info added today

Misinformation about BFM thread at AO


For Your Information!

People have been asking me about a twitter account named @ALambertDaily with 42,000 followers

As far as I can tell, this was an account where the name has been recently changed.  If you look at the followers, very few of them are Glamberts.  I'm not sure what the original name of the account was and who the person running it is, but it has nothing to do with me. 

I'm really excited to have reached 15,000 Glamberts following me on twitter.  I will continue to do my best to provide you with the best Adam Lambert news every day!  Thanks so much for your trust
Latest Episode of Husbands and Finale

Question of the Day

Do you think Glamberts should download the BFM song? (There are links all over twitter today)

Please let me know in the comments below

Tommy Joe Ratliff- Happy 30th Glitter Baby!

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @Its_Me_Betty

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to 

Adam at the Barricades in Melbourne/ Fans Singing HB to Tommy one year ago!

Guess Who's Turning 30 Today


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Wishing TJR a very happy 30th. He is a talented and charming guitarist with a quiet, shy manner. You can't help but have a secret crush on him.

    As for Adam, if he gets any better
    looking he could be outlawed as a dangerous drug. For most of us he is our drug of choice already. Witness all the flailing over the BFM fiasco and now the photos/article in The Advocate. I admit I am addicted (in a good way). I'm an Adam "stoner" and proud of it. Oh, and we could be hearing his new single within a matter of weeks. Be still my pounding heart!!!!

    On another note. It would be very nice if The Advocate could manage to offer copies of it's November hardcopy and digital issues for sale on Amazon. I encourage everyone to Tweet, email, phone The Advocate to ask for this...we're Glamberts and we fight hard for what we want. *Fierce*

    I'm looking for 3 copies of the Nov Advocate which appear to be completely sold out...one for myself and 2 for a couple of overseas Glambert friends without access to the magazine. Any leads, contact me @QuietRetreat on Twitter. :D

  2. Happy Birthday tommy and wow Adam looks amazing. I second everything Ana Glam has to say and I to would love to have a hardcopy of the magazine if you hear of anywhere to get one plz email me at rebeccabryant562@hotmail.com

    As for the BFM thing if I were to download it i would do solegally so that adam may get paid for his hard work. As I've said before I just love hearing Adam sing so if i could get my hands on a legal copy of him singing the phone book i would. Just so long as i can listen to him.

    and Gloria big hugs

  3. I previously called The Advocate and they called me back today and said I could buy a copy - which I did. Don't have the number handy, but should be easy to look up. (The rep also said I was one of the fortunate ones - maybe I called early enough - don't actually know.)

    As far as the pictures are concerned - I'll use Paula's famous word - MINDBOGGLED - yes, the camera and this man together were made in some alternate universe where they love beautiful creatures.

    A million thanks to you, Gloria - As ever, Lee

  4. Just got the digital download of the Advocate. I hope they make a way for us to get hardcopies, b/c I'd so rather have that. I think we all would. For now, I can at least drool over the pics, I mean article, offline:)....


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