Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Homage to the Man! 12/10/2011

 You look good with her in your arms;)  wants to be your girl!! Xx


 Adam Lambert 

Hello! Putting finishing touches on potential first single today! This beat is NUTS!

Click on pic to make Adam dance!

Excited! LOL!

: Ok one more  oh and dis 

Click for Gifs!

 Sandra K 

 Flailing, drooling, doing happy dance!!!


These ARE the good old days!



Week Ending Oct. 9, 2011. Albums: 

Beam Me Up

McCreery's album sold 197K copies this week. That's 

the biggest first-week tally for a first post-Idol album 

by an Idolwinner since Cook's eponymous album 

sold 284K in its first week three years ago. But 

McCreery was edged out by the most prominent 

runner-up of recent years. Adam Lambert's For Your 

Entertainment sold 198K copies in its first week in 


Vote removed!  Yay!

Update: Poll removed due to suspicious activity. To summaries, it’s fairly clear from the comments below that Adam’s loyal fanbase do no support the release of this album and will not be buying it.

Adam Lambert's photo An October fire. Hallow's Eve draws near.

An October fire. Hallow's Eve draws near. 

 Thanks to @lambertglowbug

Fantastic sweetie! Hoping video tributes to all the other parts are on the way! Get to work.. so good!

Did I notice that two of the pictures are repeated?


Adam in the current tv guide

Adam Lambert arrives in Kuala Lampur one year ago

Amazing Glamberts do it again!

 Tim Foster

 Infinity Pendant sold for 860$ for

 Tim Foster 

WOAH!!!  RT OMG, the EOH Pendant just sold for $2,551 to benefit the from

 Adam Lambert performs in Costa Mesa, GlamNation 2010 thanks to @idolme922


WE ARE BACK! Make sure to check out @Majorsandminors in its new time, Sundays at 7pm ET starting 10/23. see more:


Adam Lambert Greek Style thanks to nitenursestat


Is anyone planning to see Cam in Toronto on Saturday night?  Email me!

 U H H 
Our New record "NOCTURNES" OFFICIALLY COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!! Go to iTunes or  to grab a copy! XO


 Tutka is delayed... :( Sauli has "some" troubles with the 

internet connection in LA... So see you on Friday then! :)))

(Adam!  Fix your internet...LOL!)

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010 Sydney


Unauthorized Albums... Everything you 

didn't want to know!

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☆.•°˚★*•.ღ☆ღ.•°˚★*•.ღ☆ღ.•°˚★*•.ღ☆ღ.•°˚★*•ღ☆ ☆▒T░H░A░N░K★Y░O░U░  ▒☆ ☆•°★˚*•.ღ☆ღ.•°★˚*•.ღ☆ღ.•°★˚*•.ღ☆ღ.•°˚★*•ღ☆  Hour

there were three awesome hours of Adam music played yesterday!  When is this happening again??

Barb! Thanks for letting us know that the DJs are now Glamberts too!  LOL!

In reference to @wise_radio Adam feature hours yesterday...all of our requests I think have made Glamberts of the DJs! Extended 3rd hour at midnight to 2A.M..... Amazing including full FS WLL!!
All complained about being tired..NO ONE LEFT!!!

Sasha Mallory and the girls in Cincinatti thanks to @aquariussue7

Please take a minute and sign this petition.  It could make a difference!

Alice N'Kom is one of the only attorneys in Cameroon who 

defends people who've been jailed for the "crime" of being gay.

Cameroon homosexuality trial condemned - The Guardian, 17 August 2011
Cameroon: Call to end 'feminine men' homosexual trial - BBC, 19 August 2011
Cameroon to toughen laws against gays - Agence France-Presse, 20 August 2011
Cameroon charges four more with homosexuality - Agence France-Presse, 27 August 2011

Great Press Conference from Hong Kong one year ago


Husbands the Series   Episode 9 added



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Beautiful drawing of Tommy Joe Ratliff by @SapphireNight9

My early bday present to myself.

Just jammed with  & 

Tried out my new 

 mustang special. That thing sounds awesome! 

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @weelassie11


Adam Lambert signing in Toronto June 2010

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. In reference to @wise_radio Adam feature hours yesterday...all of our requests I think have made Glamberts of the DJs! Extended 3rd hour at midnight to 2A.M..... amazing including full FS WLL!! All complained about being tired..
    NO ONE LEFT!!!

  2. what a beautiful way to start the morning thank you

  3. Loved that "Hair" video - even one or two pictures that I haven't seen before. Will definitely send that one out to the family. (I have an old VHS of the movie that I just gave to someone who wanted to see it - music's great.)
    And that fireplace pic is just absolutely beautiful and mysterious. Perfect Halloween feeling.
    Great stuff - Lee

  4. Hello Gloria from Spirit House! Loved loved the Hair video today, so much fun. off to feed the goaties now...had to wait for your Adam daily email first!

    love from CA, PL

  5. Hi PL!

    Good think you are on the west coast cause I was pretty late this morning. Slept in. LOL! Send my love to Tulip and Margaret! XO

  6. @wise_radio rocks! Thank you for a great evening for music. (((HUGS)))

  7. LOL 197/198 - I'll drink to that!

  8. Hi Gloria
    Just wanted to say another massive THANK YOU for posting the picture! And also sorry for the repetitive tweets- I've never been good with the 144 character thing! I fully understand what you said.


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