Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's A Hit! 11/10/2011


☆.•°˚★*•.TODAY IS THE DAY☆•°˚★*•. 10-11-2011

 11am 8pm 12am ET

 Adam's Feature Hr ☆.•°˚★*•


 Tim Foster

Awesome!  RT  Retired  Infinity Pendant sold for 860$ for

 Tim Foster 

WOAH!!!  RT OMG, the EOH Pendant just sold for $2,551 to benefit the  from


Wait...What?! My gay friends & I can be fired in 29 states ? Learn more:   plz RT

This is one of the many reasons kids are being bullied: parents r setting examples of discrimination and inequality. Starts w the grown ups

 The Real Paula Abdul 
 by adamlambert
Wait...What?! In 32 states laws don't protect kids from bullying  (it's sad but true!)   

and in Cameroon, you go to jail!


Pls sign this petition! (more info below)


 U H H 
 by adamlambert
Our New record "NOCTURNES" OFFICIALLY COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!! Go to iTunes or  to grab a copy! XO


June 23
@OLIGEE1 Going kookoo in the stu stu with @adamlambert @Josh_Abraham @BonnieMcKeee @U_TERN @PulseRecording

Sept 17

@BonnieMcKeee Stopped by to hear @Oligee1 and @adamlambert putting the finishing touches on the songs we wrote together! So Excited for this album! 

in reply to @BonnieMcKeee
@adamlambert @BonnieMcKeee @oligee1 hell yeah!!!

Oct 10
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@OLIGEE1 It's a hit!

OLIGEE1 Oliver Goldstein

@adamlambert :-)


Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010 thanks to @Dibaby

Adam Lambert Fan club Facebook Page

The Internet is alive with articles about ADAM LAMBERTs upcoming album! Here are just a few of the links!

HoustonMIX965 - New Adam Lambert Coming Soon http://khmx.radio.com/2011/10/10/new-adam-lambert-coming-soon/

Press Party: Adam Lambert reveals "creative set backs" are affecting his new musichttp://bit.ly/mS1JV7

ryanseacrest - Adam Lambert Uses Twitter To Announce New Album Detailshttp://shar.es/bbK5Y

American Idol Net: Adam Lambert Reveals Second Album Detailshttp://bit.ly/qbRQR3

Flecking Records: Adam Lambert talks “creative setbacks” http://bit.ly/rryT8r

Idolator: Adam Lambert Tweets New Single, Album Details http://bit.ly/q0Bkd3

The Music Messiah Blog: Adam Lambert's Sophomore Album Gets 2012 Release Date http://bit.ly/nyQ2o5

Apelzin.ru: Article about new @adamlambert's album in russian musical magazinehttp://www.apelzin.ru/news/adam-lambert-album-single-2012.html

Digital Spy UK: Adam Lambert's second album for February release?http://bit.ly/o6Gb5N

Renee Snyder: Adam Lambert updates fans about future single and album!http://t.co/zn6padnw

Matt Carter: Adam Lambert's new single likely coming in Novemberhttp://p.ost.im/p/e6xeHP

Hollywood Reporter (Shirley Halperin): Adam Lambert’s New CD Slated for March Release? http://t.co/8dEGqi3R

Wet Paint: Adam Lambert’s New Album Will Debut in Spring 2012http://bit.ly/qoJnbv

Unreality TV USA Edition: American Idol's Adam Lambert 's Second Album is Ready.. Well Almost! http://t.co/q08VYJ3S

Hypable: Adam Lambert tweets details about new single, album http://bit.ly/nepjTj

Thanks to Zsanelia and UhHuhHerMusic



Please take a minute and sign this petition.  It could make a difference!

Alice N'Kom is one of the only attorneys in Cameroon who 

defends people who've been jailed for the "crime" of being gay. 


Cameroon homosexuality trial condemned - The Guardian, 17 August 2011
Cameroon to toughen laws against gays - Agence France-Presse, 20 August 2011
Cameroon charges four more with homosexuality - Agence France-Presse, 27 August 2011
                          Adam Lambert at Burning Man Via @riley1877
(Sauli in the background)

 Terrance D. Spencer 

still waiting on the bday photos from the photographer. he 

needs to hurry! :)


Bonnie McKee praises Adam!


Adam Lambert Glams up AI




@adamlambert Have you seen this??? Might likey.


After being encouraged to do so by most people who 

commented, I 

put together a page to update information on the Unauthorized 


Please share this link with anyone who needs to see it!

Some updates last night


Interesting Article about RCA


Adam Lambert performs in Wilkes-Barre thanks

to Newland21

Looking Back!

My Account of Wilkes-Barre!  

The First GlamNation concert


Adam Lambert performs in Wilkes-Barre thanks to Newland21


 Tommy Joe Ratliff

Tweets from last night

@TommyJoeRatliffIf you could play guitar/bass 

for/with anyone for a day, who would it be?

in reply to ↑

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff

@MistyglmbrtjailI'm already doin' it : ) couldn't 

really ask for more!

Prodigy900 Celeste Caster

@TommyJoeRatliffDo u enjoy playin for the best 

fuckin singer?

in reply to ↑

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff

@Prodigy900Hell ya, I do! ; )

Glittergirl0404 P.G.

@TommyJoeRatliff Are u excited about Adams new 

album as well ?

in reply to ↑

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff

@Glittergirl0404 VERY excited... You guys are gonna 

love it!

 Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @Glamtravler



Adam Lambert signing in Toronto June 2010

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  1. TY for always having ALL of the daily news! I use your site to catch up on what I missed in the Adam fan world. Thanks so much!

    -- RadarEcho

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...... I'm all over Tommy today - JUST LOVE HIS COMMENT about playing bass for Adam !!! He's such a sweetheart- that sure made me smile today !! Thanks Gloria for a great blog everyday!! Light & Love - Andrea @Powderpuffnails ;)

  3. Loving all the buzz about the Album - the more, the merrier (me, too).
    Signed the Petition - brave people.
    On a happier note, I really like the "Dreamer" song - beautiful melody - can hear Adam singing it - heaven.
    And loved that tweet from Matt about the Campbell/Horus estate - the money involved must be incredible.
    Interesting stuff here today, Gloria - thanks so much - Luv, Lee

  4. Great post as always Gloria!!!

  5. Gorgeous Pic of Adam in the headline up there! Thanks, feasted my eyes!

  6. Love that gorgeous pic of Adam headlining the page!!! Thanks! Eye candy!!!

  7. Great stuff, as always. Love the "Jack Sparrow" photo...our boy does like to play dress-up and he does it with such style. Very interesting article about RCA. Lots of things changing in the music business and more to come in the digital age.


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