Saturday, 15 October 2011

Musical Interlude 15/10/2011

Adam Lambert performing in Amsterdam GlamNation 2010.  Click for Gif.  (Similar state as last night)

Adam's musical journey early this morning:

Adam Lambert 

  im a dog. Why no invite???

Adam Lambert 

adamlambert Adam Lambert

Btw listening to "titanium" by @siamusic (n guetta)


sia furler
@adamlambert aw yer nice

Adam Lambert 
 bow listening to ur track  cuz I'm Sooooo stoned. Lol California greening.

Adam Lambert 
Now listening to  by FUNKADELIC. perfection.

Adam Lambert 
 BY n.e.r.d. Sexiest shit I heard the past 5 years. Sorry bout it #

Adam Lambert 
 new divide... So rich.

Adam Lambert 
Now PRINCE: 'controversy' yes King of funk

@nilerodgers @adamlambert @sam_sparro I got your DM's-You've got my contacts-Currently in NY then LA on Tues & Wed-I'm off 4 my morning walk


If you missed all the additions from last night including more from Nile Rogers, go here:

Yes! We did it again!

followfriday_us FollowFriday Ranking

@adamlambert was #1 Most Recommended Celebrity this week on Twitter


Unauthorized Albums

LOL!  If you listen to one of the clips, this is the picture it ends with thanks to @susiefierce

You can ignore the writing and just get the picture!

Check out the updates from yesterday at the bottom of the page at this link:


Four gorgeous closeups from Atlanta thanks to @Glamazontoronto

 Adam Lambert performs in Altanta during GlamNation 2010
  Adam Lambert performs in Altanta during GlamNation 2010
  Adam Lambert performs in Altanta during GlamNation 2010
 Adam Lambert performs in Altanta during GlamNation 2010

Adam Lambert performs at The Early Show? via @merrie_liny


Tommy Joe Ratliff!

Do Something cause we need new pictures!  
Lol! Asked and received!

@ and @ at Cheetah's 10.14.11 by 


Photo thanks to @ntomomi

Still a few days left to pre-order the 2012 Tommy Calendar  pre-order price 25$ worldwide shipping incl (reg price 30$)

Thanks to @esselsari

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1 comment:

  1. Darn, Gloria - you get all the good stuff. And putting up all the tracks that Adam tweeted last night - what a great help - going through them and getting a feel for the way the album is going. He's just so versatile - he could do all that music - especially N.E.R.D shower scene - that'd set the fandom crazy wild - lol.

    Very appropriate gif on top considering his tweets last night - boy loves a good time.

    Thanks again! Love, Lee


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